Brooklyn, NY – 66th Precinct Community Alert: Illegally Parked Cars To Be Relocated


    Brooklyn, NY – Officials at Brooklyn’s 66th precinct have informed Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s office that they will be towing any illegally parked cars on Ocean Parkway, and other locations in Brooklyn.

    Faced with the dearth of parking places in Brooklyn due to the snow, the median strip of Ocean Parkway has been turned into a veritable parking lot from Avenue L all the way up to Ditmas Avenue as Brooklyn residents struggle to find parking places for their vehicles.

    Cars that are towed from Ocean Parkway, and various other locations, will be relocated to a more suitable location and the precinct will be keeping a log of each vehicle so that all cars can be found by their owners. The 66th precinct has announced that cars that are removed from Ocean Parkway will NOT be impounded, and no files will be issued.

    To find the whereabouts of any vehicle that had been parked on Ocean Parkway call the 66th precinct at 718-851-5611.

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    1. first of all the towing started around 6 AM this morning the illegal; parking started lower down and it also included parking on the roadway on both sides as well narrowing the parkway they deserve being towed

    2. Instead of threatening towing, how about saying something more sensible, like explicitly requesting that people DO NOT DIG YOUR CAR OUT because after you dig it out, all your labor is futile because you will have no place where to park it.

      The best parking place is to keep your car where it was before the storm and don’t move it.

      It will take about another 2 or 3 weeks for all the snow to be removed by the city and therefore Alternate Side of the Street Parking rules can’t go in to affect until then.

      If you dig your car out you will get a ticket after you have no place where to park it.

      If you don’t dig your car out, it is safe from tickets for the next 2 or 3 weeks, till the city finishes cleaning up all the snow (by the end of Jan.) or till it all melts in June.

      • You are hilarious. Most of the snow will be gone by next week. It is going to be 45 degrees and sunny over the weekend. In my realistic world sun melts snow.

    3. Why did they wait so long?? These illlegally parked cars are blocking the snowplows. Either park in your garage or driveway or pay to park in a parking lot or garage. They finally cleared several streets in my neighborhood this AM and towed away over a dozen cars. Within a few minutes, two plows came through and cleared most of the street. When the car owners came by screaming, the rest of us were laughing and giving “high fives” to the tow trucks.

    4. The reason people are parked on Ocean Parkway in that area is because the police (from the percent on Lawrance Ave) started parking there. The same thing happened on Empire Blvd next to the percent on New York Avenue.
      Thank you NYPD….

    5. I was driving down ocean prkwy yesterday it was pretty funny seeing rows of cars parked in middle the intersection were talking about 5 blocks. Where r they supposed to park


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