Washington – Palin Explains ‘Blood Libel’ Comment


    Washington – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, defending herself against criticism following the Tucson, Ariz., shootings, said Monday that she used the term “blood libel” to describe comments made by those who falsely tried to link conservatives to the assassination attempt against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

    Speaking out for the first time since she used the term in a video, Palin said on Fox’s Sean Hannity show that the term referred to those “falsely accused of having blood on their hands.”

    Some Jewish groups strongly protested her use of the term, which historically was used to accuse Jews of using blood of Christians in religious rituals.

    “I think the critics again were using anything that they could gather out of that statement,” she said. “You can spin up anything out of anybody’s statements that are released and use them against the person who is making the statement.”

    Palin, a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2012, said the criticism won’t stop her from speaking out and accusing Democrats of taking the country in the wrong direction.

    “They can’t make us sit down and shut up,” she said.

    Palin said her political action committee’s use of crosshairs to identify targeted congressional districts for Republican pickups was not original and has been used by Democrats. As she spoke, a Democratic map was shown on the screen with circular targets of districts Democrats wanted to win.

    The former governor said the crosshairs graphic was taken down by the PAC’s hired graphic artist after the criticism began. “I don’t think that was inappropriate,” she said

    The shooting on Jan. 8 killed six and wounded 13, including Giffords. Her district was among those in the Palin site’s crosshairs.

    Palin insisted that she has “repeated over and over my condemnation of violence.” She said she was frustrated that conservatives who responded to false accusations —blaming them for the shootings — have become part of the story.

    Asked why she was singled out for criticism, Palin, speaking from her hometown of Wasilla, said, “I know that a lot of those on the left hate my message and they will do all they can to stop me because they don’t like the message.”

    Palin added, “I receive a lot of death threats. My children do.”

    The former governor said she supported calls for civility in politics but added, “we should not use an event like that in Arizona to stifle debate.”

    Asked what she thought of Obama’s speech at a memorial for the victims, Palin said, “I thought there were parts of it that really hit home that all of us can hold onto and live out.”

    Palin received lower marks for her handling of the tragedy from more Americans than President Barack Obama did, a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday found.

    Nearly 8 in 10 of those surveyed gave Obama high marks for his response, and 71 percent of Republicans approved of Obama’s leadership after the shootings, the Post reported. About 30 percent of those polled approved of Palin’s response; among Republicans, her positive marks rose to 56 percent.

    More than half of those polled said the tone of the country’s political discourse didn’t contribute to the shootings.

    The poll of 1,053 adults, conducted by telephone Jan. 13-16, had a margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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    1. Mrs Palin , there is NO REASON for you to have to explain yourself. You called it as it was. There is no monopoly on the words you used. If anyone has a problem with it, TOO BAD!!

    2. Noone wants Mrs. Palin to “sit down and shut up”.. I would be content if she gabbed the rest of her life in a closed unaired room. Thanks Sarah, we are not interested.

    3. Those loony lefty loser liberals libeled Sarah Palin again when they accused her of misusing the “blood libel” term. Every linguistic expert, including, surprisingly, one from the NY TImes, agreed that her use of the term was correct and that is how it’s been used by many in the past.

      • your souurce of info in incorrect. there is a HUGE difference in the phrases “libel” and “blood libel”

        Too bad you know absolutely nothing about Jewish History.

    4. An interesting phenomena of the US culture seems to be that the evaluation of events are measured by a telephone survey. AP calls 1053 adults who appear to give a psak din on events. The real problem them is that others are actually influenced by this statististical nonsense.
      Palin was right in her comments. The words blood libel do not need a toisves and a lomdishe kvetch.

    5. I have no problem per se with Sarah Palin, but he made two major errors here:

      1) Americans recoil for self-pitying politicians — the line between decrying heavy-handed attacks and wallowing in victimhood is very narrow — especially for a nation that takes the view that if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

      2) she misread the moment — America’s most successful politicians — FDR, Reagan, Clinton etc. had, a bove all, an exquisite sense of timing and the ev er changing shifts in the national mood.

      If she’s going to have a future political career, and reach out beyond her core, she needs to figure these things out.

    6. I didn’t know that we Jews had a copyright or trademark on the term blood libel.
      As for the presidents speech, its more what he did not say that is the problem. Why didn’t he come out and immediately denounce the attack against Palin? Because he enjoyed every minute of it! so he is guilty in the hate rhetoric just as the other leftist hate mongers.
      Keep it up Palin, we’re behind you!

      • Are you kidding me? When Olbermann attacks Beck (or vice versa) should the President come out and speak against it? Commenting on this story is so far beneath the office the President, he’d be more inclined to comment on a little-league baseball game.

        Palin is NOBODY. The only people who care about this idiot are the same people who care about Al Sharpton. It encompasses 2 groups:
        1. Ignorant people who call themselves “conservative” but have no idea what the word means. You love her because she is one of you, and you believe every word she says because the voices on the radio tell you to.
        2. Far-left loonies. They love her because she is the first nation symbol of the first category. They love having being able to put a face on the know-nothing class of Americans.

        I can assure you that Obama could not care less about her. She is no threat to him (or any other Democrat). She proved that her endorsements during the campaign season were meaningless, she couldn’t win a nationwide election for anything more than dog-catcher, and she has an approval rating that is HALF of Obama’s.

        The sad part is that Palin is, has been, and always will be a joke… just like her followers.

        • So now that you said that Palin is a NOBODY, with capitalized letters, I guess she automatically becomes a nobody.
          The fact that she was a vice presidential candidate is of course not a factor because she is a conservative women. it is so interesting the watch how you, and the mind numb Marxists, become so, literally, wild when Palin says anything, or even when she doesn’t say anything, as was the case here when she was blamed for something she hasn’t done, and then you say that she is not a factor!
          And yes my friend, I am an ignorant person who tries to put food on the table for my family, and doesn’t want the government to take half of my check and spend it on some bird of the savannah, or the likes. unfortunately for me, my blood is red, and not blue, so I don’t have the millions of dollars that B. Hussein Obama has, so I’ll have to stick to conservatism.

          • She was a VP candidate? Wow. So she can go down in history with the likes of Geraldine Ferraro, and Ed Muskie, etc. Failed politicians who went to become worthless blow-hards in the media and nothing more.

            However, when you say “she was blamed for something she hasn’t done”, I’d ask “who blamed her”? Name names. I heard her babble on Hannity’s show about how “they” keep attacking her and how “they” just want to shut her up, and “they” want to take away peoples rights to peacefully protest their government.

            Who is the “they”? Who is it? How come there are never actual NAMES, just innocuous pronouns. Why? Because “they” is the name of a bogeyman that she, Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh made up. By having such a bogeyman, they never need to explain themselves or even speak in truths. They can lie about whatever they want and just tell you “that’s what THEY are really doing”, no matter how much overwhelming evidence there is to the contrary.

            Palin figured out the same thing that every other uneducated former disc-jockey figured out… hatred, anger, fear of the bogeyman, and propaganda will always sell more advertising and sell more tickets than the boring truth ever will.

    7. Why does anyone care about this woman? Who is she? A failed governor who stole $400MILLION of *OUR * money for her bridge to nowhere (which she never built), a failed VP candidate, and a touring ‘community organizer’. Why does ANYONE give a rats toe about this woman? She is the Al Sharpton of the stupid, and I really do believe her 15 minutes of fame are ALMOST up.

      As for the “blood libel” comment: I agree that she was not equating herself to the actual blood libel. Many have used the term as a metaphor in the past. However, this was no metaphor. No rational person could honestly think that this brainless conspiracy theorist could possibly have even known what the term meant. I really do believe that this was an innocent case of a stupid person using words they don’t understand.

    8. It’s amazing how willingly blind and deaf are those here who support Mrs. Palin. Why do you persist in not recalling her words, her language (“Take aim, reload, shoot!”) or her support of Teapartiers who call for “2ND Amendment remedies”? Why are you so proud of continuing to be ignorant? Can you not differ in your political views without hatred?

    9. Sarah Palin stands for common sense values that have made our nation great. If amateur intellectuals are able to spin that into something negative, I admire their talents but don’t take them seriously. There are many personalities out there, some people are tough, some people are jovial, some people are angry, some people dress well, are more eloquent, have Southern drawls, are hunters, are housewives, the list goes on. All that matters to people who care about the political direction of this country is a politicians politics. So when Sarah Palin is lambasted by a Left-leaning media and this nonsense is lapped up by PMOinFL, charliehall and others of their ilk (G-d bless their misguided souls), it surprises me.

      Any extreme is no good. But conservatives, talk radio, the tea party, etc. are not evil Nazis and enemies of Jews, minorities, noncombatant muslims, women and all other specific-interest groups who don’t have in their mandate the destruction of national security, the economy, liberty and family values. Why do some of you fail to get that? Especially reasonably intelligent folks?

      • How does this person get to spout on about “family values” and “common sense values that have made our nation great”? I don’t understand how she has mesmerized her followers into a parallel reality where she actually worked through her late teens and early twenties and earned a degree in four years at the first institution of higher learning in which she enrolled, prepared herself intellectually for a position to which she was nominated rather than embarrass the elder statesman who inexplicably offered her the position of running mate, finished the job to which she was elected, raised her daughter to respect herself enough to cherish her body and protect her future, raised that same daughter to not follow in her mother’s footsteps and actually apply herself to bettering herself and her part of the world rather than exploit herself for the easy buck, raised other offspring to show respect for those who are different from themselves and not speak in offensive terms for all to read,,promote programs that will benefit humanity rather than herself and pad her ample bank account…Honestly, she in no single way represents the values her followers claim to hold dear!

      • 1. Charlie and I are on complete opposite ends of the political spectrum. Why would you assume we have the same opinion?

        2. What common sense values does Ms. Palin stand for? I can’t find any.

        Is she honest? No… she lies all the time and even when she gets caught red-handed, her worshipers like Sean Hanity either blame the media or just never bring it up again.

        Does she inspire others to lead moral lives? As a beauty pageant queen who paraded around in what amounts to nothing more than skimpy underwear, I would not be looking to her for moral guidance. She couldn’t even inspire her own kid to lead a moral life.

        You claim she was “lambasted” by the left wing media. While I can find a couple of articles by some no-name journalists who express their crazy idea that Palin’s ridiculous rhetoric was partly to blame for the shooting, she and Hannity make it sound like everyone is attacking her. I say,”prove it”.

        CONSERVATIVES (I mean ACTUAL Conservatives like me who follow the philosophy of William F. Buckley) do not include the tea party, or talk radio, or Fox News. Those are REPUBLICANS who co-opted the term and use it as a shield to spread propaganda & lies.

    10. Shame on all those “jewish” organizations who criticized a well meaning fine lady for abosolutely no reason other than playing politics on her expense and at the expense of the real jews out there who know precisely what she meant and are proud of her for standing up for herself….

    11. Amazing! In 20th-century America, if an international politico said he was not a socialist or a communist, he got a free pass among conservatives, even though he oppressed his own people; we greased his palm anyway. In 21st-century America, if you are not a liberal or a progressive, you get a free pass among the conservatives, no matter your language of “Grab for your 2ND Amendment remedy: reload, take aim, shoot!” the Other. This if you are not with me, you are against me mind is an immoral trap. Conservatives lost their conservatism a long time ago. They now prefer radicalized prevaricating contumely. They refuse to examine life from more than one perspective before coming to a conclusion. They do not read. Reading and thinking give them headaches. They do not read in the home to their children. Their children grow up ignorant of the worlds around them. No sense of rational discourse. No analytical thinking. America’s schools are moribund, for the schools and the broken households have failed their children. AMAZING!

      • I arrived here in 1950 after a stint of 4 years of concentration camp. The mindset you describe allowed former members of Eastern European SS formations to enter the U.S. The McCarran law automatically gave preference to their alleged anti-communist activity although they committed war crimes, like Demyanuk. Survivors ,Jews, from concentration camps faced more scrutiny than members of Ukrainian, Latvian and Lithuanian SS divisions.

    12. Why are some of you hell bent on grouping conservatives, who are pro-Israel and pro-Jewish (I don’t care for the reason) with neo-Nazis and other fringe-groups? Are all liberals Helen Thomas, Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, etc.? I’m sorry but these shrill comments are not lending gravitas to your views and opinions.


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