Brooklyn, NY – Leaders in Jewish Singing Star Competition Announced


    Brooklyn, NY – Voting for contestants for Season Two of A Jewish Star singing competition, the popular music talent competition, is set to end at 12:00 PM EST Friday, with the ten adult finalists and three child finalists to be named on Sunday by the judges who will selection the finalists from the top twenty vote getters in each category.

    As of today, VIN News got the exclusive who are the top vote getters with the best chances of ending up as the finalists.

    Zalman Attal – Brunoy, France
    Moishe Borenstein – Brooklyn, New York
    Hillel Braun – Lakewood, New Jersey
    Ezzy Duchman – Miami Beach, Florida
    Shmouel Halimi – Beit Shemesh, Israel
    Mordechai Hershkowitz – Brooklyn, New York
    Aaron Holder – Miami Beach, Florida
    Yitzy Goldsmith – Monsey, New York
    Yoel Goldstein – Brooklyn, New York
    Mendy Jacobson – Brooklyn, New York
    Zalman Levy – Johannesburg, S. Africa
    Yossi Loloyan – Encino, California
    Shlomo Menkes – Santa Monica, California
    Mendy Piamenta – Kfar Chabad, Israel
    Gershon Shapiro – Brooklyn, New York
    Yechiel Schnitzler – Lakewood, New Jersey
    Shevach Tamir – Brooklyn, New York
    Beryl Teitelbaum – Brooklyn, New York
    Menachem Weinstein – London, England
    Moishe Wilschanski – Brooklyn, New York

    The top six vote getters, listed in alphabetical order, in the junior category are currently:

    Yisroel Amar – Golden Beach, Florida
    Shmuly Brafman – Morristown, New Jersey
    Sruli Milstein – Brooklyn, New York
    Ari Raskin – Brooklyn, New York
    Chneor Orel Sadon – Paris, France
    Akiva Schechter – Miami Beach, Florida

    All ten finalists will all perform at the annual Soul II Soul Foundation concert to be held at the Brooklyn School for Music and Theater on February 20, with the winner declared by judges Avraham Fried, Mendy Pellin and Eli Gerstner. The concert, starring Benny Friedman, will benefit the Chasdei Soul II Soul Foundation, an organization that supports the education of special needs children. Other musical talent involved in the show include Yochi Briskman and Country Yossi who will be master of ceremonies for the evening.

    A Jewish Star is an annual competition designed to give talented unknowns a shot at stardom by giving them the opportunity to be heard by both the public and insiders in the Jewish music business. Both the adult and junior winner of this year’s competition will receive $1000 cash and career promotion from Aderet/Mostly Music. Additionally, the adult winner will also receive a two year lease on a 2011 Honda Accord, coaching from superstar Avraham Fried, and the opportunity to record a song with Ruli Ezrachi. The junior winner of A Jewish Star will also receive a spot in Yeshiva Boys Choir and tickets and hotel accommodations for a trip to Israel.

    Last year’s competition attraction over fifty auditions and 61,893 votes were cast online. The winner was Binyamin Moshe, a Brooklyn yeshiva student who recently released his first single.

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    1. the whole system doesnt make sence. If one guy has more friends online, than he gets more votes….. btw zalman attal only has a nice video but the singing is not the best….

    2. so the people with musical knowledge judge on the top 20 of 150 auditions? the public voting on top 20 is just popularity contest. if the judges would be the ones to take it down to top 20, it would still be a popularity contest, but at least it would be a popularity contest of 20 people the judges thought had talent … can’t wait till shiya mendlowitz’s, that will be incredible im sure

    3. No, no, I was just being facetious. Sorry it came off that way. I most definitely hope that the top talents get voted up to the top. I still think it’s moronic to have the public choose. On American Idol the public votes BUT that’s only after the judges give them tickets to Hollywood and weed out the bottom contestants.

    4. Yeah I think maybe the judges should ‘ve chosen the top 20 / top 6 and we vote the top 10/ top 3 from there … but that’s not perfect either… so oh well at least the judges have the final say

    5. In the jr. category there are too many “kids” that are more adult sounding than kid sounding & if they won would not be able to be in the yeshiva boys choir. Same for those kids who don’t live in the tri-state area. Finally, alot of the kids had professionall done videos so they were mastered & had overdubs done (not very good ones) so you really can’t tell how their singing really is. I will feel bad for those kids when the get onstage & won’t be able to perform.

    6. I just realized that this is just the leaders and not the official top 20/6! I hope my guys really win it…
      I agree about the kids. You cannot compare a 15 year old with a man’s voice to an 8 year old. Who is better cannot be said because it’s like comparing a drummer with a guitarist. It’s also not really fair for an 8 year old to compete against a 15 year old even if he sounds like a kid . If they sound like men and they join YBC it’d sound weird. Maybe the category is too broad and should’ve been like 10-13 or something, but maybe this is the age for YBC.
      As far as not being in the tri-state area, being in YBC is just one of the prizes. It’s also not fair to leave out every kid that’s not from the tri-state area.
      As far as the professional videos, it’s a good point. They say the video doesn’t affect the vote…how can it not? Some of the kids with pro videos are great too, but when you see , for example, Akiva Schechter standing in front of a piano singing and it sounds beauitful, you know it’s pure talent. I saw some kids who had great videos and mediocre voices–> high rating. The general public is NOT full of music experts. Just people who want to be entertained.

      • “As far as not being in the tri-state area, being in YBC is just one of the prizes. It’s also not fair to leave out every kid that’s not from the tri-state area.” If that is the case, then it’s not fair to put it out as a prize. The kids are putting their hope on that. Shmuely Brafman, although he’s within the age range for the junior catagory, clearly can’t be compared to a little kid. True, he has an unbelieveble voice, but not the type that YBC is known for. And that kid who is in the snow in his video-you can’t really tell how his voice is bec. the video centers more on the video & the actions rather than the voice, which was very poorly over-dubbed


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