Jerusalem – Thousands Rallied in Ashdod Against Missionaries


    Jerusalem – Thousands assembled in front of a missionary center in the Ashdod industrial zone this past Monday evening to participate in a tefillah rally/protest organized by Yad L’Achim.

    Rabbi Yechezkel Gubner opened the rally, which was graced by the presence of the city’s Rabbanim and Admorim, with a moving cry: “Gevalt! We are standing opposite a building in which they convert Jews from their faith every day! From a small congregation of 10 people some two years ago, it has grown through limitless funding to some150 Jews — 150 pure souls, sons of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, some of whom were kippah-wearers, converted out of their religion!”

    The Chief Rabbi of Ashdod, Harav Yosef Sheinin, who defied an order from the High Court and refused to grant a kashrus certificate to a missionary eatery in the city, compared the missionaries to Haman.

    “They are from the seed of Haman who wanted to destroy and kill and wipe out Am Yisrael! They want to destroy us like back then, but through different means. They are seeking to destroy Jewish souls. Woe is to us that the plague of impurity has spread to our city of Ashdod.”

    In his remarks, Rav Sheinin recalled that he himself had participated in 1948 in Yad L’Achim demonstrations held against missionaries in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa.

    “Dear brothers,” he called out. “We must pour out our hearts before Hakadosh Baruch Hu that He should cleanse the tumah from our city and from our land.”

    The huge crowd strained to hear the message of Yad L’Achim chairman Rabbi Sholom Dov Lipshitz, which was transmitted live via satellite.

    Rabbi Lipshitz revealed that the missionaries, in the literature they distribute among themselves, claim that 20,000 Jews have been converted to Christianity in recent years.

    “Who doesn’t tremble to hear such figures,” he cried out. “We must not ignore them. We must not remain indifferent. We must call on the government to pass effective legislation against missionaries.

    “Like our fathers in those days of Haman, who gave their lives to remain faithful to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, we must cry out and prevent this terrible shmad.”

    The Admor of Melitz proclaimed, “This is the time to act with mesirus nefesh. Davka now that the tumah and the sitra achra rule over the world, he who fights them and becomes stronger in the ways of Hashem and increasing kedushah, will merit success in all his matters.”

    The Pittsburgher Rebbe referred to the passuk forbidding Am Yisrael from making a pact with the residents of Eretz Canaan, saying, “Hakadosh Baruch Hu pleads with us: I gave you this holy land so that you will act in it like the sons of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov.”

    As he clarified the obligation to stand up to the missionaries, he addressed them, saying, “Is there no limit to your chutzpah? How do you dare to come to the holy land and act to convert innocent Jews?”

    The speeches were wrapped up by Harav Shmuel David Gross, the Rav of Kehillas Chassidei Gur in the city.

    “How can we sit peacefully when in our city there are large centers of avodah zarah? We have here spiritual terrorists who are every day throwing hundreds of missiles on the city and trying to injure and kill, chalilah, as many Jews as possible. From here we issue the cry: Leave our city!”

    At the conclusion of the evening Harav Guvner announced that Yad L’Achim would be maintaining a regular presence at the site every Monday, and that such moves have proven effective around the country in shutting down missionary centers.

    The atzeres concluded with kabbalos ol malchus Shamayim, Shema Yisrael and Hashem Hu Ha’elokim, seven times with shofar-blowing.

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    1. very nice to read, this is a GOOD demonstration and I would say weekly demonstration on the sites should be established until it shuts down and huge posters condeming it should be placed all over ashdod.

      this is another reason to contribute to Yad L’achim

      keep up the kiddush shem shomayim b’rabim

    2. They dont get it. You dont fight missionaries with demonstrations. You dont fight them with laws. You dont fight them with cries of “Gevalt!…”. You fight them by widening your circle of Chesed. I’ve said this before. Many of us frum types make the mistake of thinking that the missionaries are evil people, lurking like child predators wating to nab our precious youth. They are *not*. They are genuinely nice people. They really dont want that young person to be on drugs. They really dont want them to be into immoral activities. Really. There religion is sheker. No question, but they are genuinely nice, decent people. Thats the way the Yetzer Harah works. So how do you combat this? You combat it by widening your chesed. By inviting at risk people over for Shabbat. By being easy to talk to and sympathetic. You do not do *this*.
      If these kids only see our anger — which this radiates — what do you think they will do?

      • they be nice but then why don’t they just come out and say “we’re christians and we want you to believe in j?” the bottom line is that they are neshama chappers and while we deffininitly need to increase our chesed and outreach we also need to make unsuspecting jews know who and what these missionaries really are.

      • I find it difficult to use the phrase “genuinely nice” about people who knowingly use deceptive means to entice vulnerable people away from their heritage, and I say this as a gentile. Many Christians do believe that it is their duty to save others by bringing them to the Christian faith and they do this out of genuine concern for people’s salvation. But what many of these “missionaries” do is to attempt to fool Jews into believing that Christianity is compatible with Judaism. They actively deceive Jews, many of whom do not know better. In addition they target poor Jews, offering them enticements to attend their Churches. They wrap their doctrines in Hebrew and make a show of observing halachah to present an image of pious Jewish life. Their actions are opposed by many Christian denominations and indeed make a mockery of their own religion, because after all, if Christianity is true, why the need for deception in winning converts? However I do hope that any protests and actions against these “missionaries” be conducted peacefully, and that the Jewish community not blame Christianity as a whole for the wrongdoing of these deceivers.

    3. their groups is called “Beit Hallel Messianic Congregation.” the cafe that they have used for their missionary activities is called Penina’s Pie, run by an Israeli born woman of Yemini descent who tries to keep from being noticed. apparently their collaborators come in all shapes and sizes. they are also trying to set up and buy space for theater troops to do missionizing plays centered on the shoah or biblical themes. they are very deceptive people.

    4. Fred, this has nothing to do with getting people off of drugs. There are non-Yoshke ways to do that, including Torah-Judaism. This has everything to do with arrogant and ignorant idolaters working to seduce Jews to the ways of sheol.

      • You missed my point, sir. I wasn’t saying that Christianity is the only way to fight drugs, C’V. . What I meant was, that, as a matter of strategy, angry public demonstrations are not what you want to do. These missionaries attract people with (their version of) chesed. Thats what we have to do as well, if we want to have any success. Public spectacles of anger will not get you there.

        I hear #7s point. That deception is not the hallmark of decent people. Good point. But I still think that, if you want to make real progress here, we have to find a way to have positive strategies to reach out to at risk populations, without anger. I would think this would be obvious, but maybe not…


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