Brooklyn, NY – Orthodox Jews’ Bible Books Sell Like Latkes


    Brooklyn, NY – A one-time Brooklyn lawyer who happens to be an Orthodox Jew has discovered a new publishing niche: creating religious-themed children’s books and bible trading cards—which sell like hotcakes in Christian bookstores.

    “There was nothing out there that I wanted my daughters to see,” said Steven Kaye, explaining why he founded Creation by Design two years ago to bring out Biblical “edu-tainment” for kids aged 6 to 13. So far, his product line includes trading cards with 3-D graphics and a book series about a 9-year-old explorer who has Biblical adventures.

    Launched in December, the Xander Nash series is now sold in more than 700 Christian bookstores, Mr. Kaye said. “When I explain [to the booksellers] that my kids need the same values taught to them as theirs do,” Mr. Kaye said, “they understand it very quickly.”

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    1. Mamlechet Cohanim.

      Cohain comes from Co (chaf) which means “like”
      Hain (heh nun) means “this”
      Cohain mean “(be) like this” – setting the example for others.

      • mmmmmmmm…………………………
        If orthodoxy means preventing recognition of G-d to spread throughout the world, then i guess your correct. great observation.


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