Canada – Burglars Unknowingly Steal Rat Poison Stored in Vodka Bottle


    Lake Cowichan, Canada – Burglars who robbed a home on the weekend unknowingly stole rat poison stored in vodka bottle.

    Lake Cowichan RCMP are worried the person or people who stole what they thought was vodka will drink it or give it to a third party.

    The break-in happened at a home in the Hundred Houses area sometime between Friday night and Sunday while the residents were away for the weekend, RCMP Cpl. Krista Hobday said. The homeowners reported it upon their return Monday.

    They alerted police that the rat poison — stored in a Smirnoff Vodka Red Label bottle in a kitchen cabinet next to other bottles of liquor — was taken along with other items.

    The bottle containing the clear liquor was third-quarters full.

    “It would appear to anyone looking at it that it was a regular bottle of vodka,” Hobday said.

    Ingesting rat poison can cause vomiting, nausea, dizziness, weakness or even death.

    RCMP arrested three teenagers after a break-in Saturday night on the same block. They suspect the youth are responsible for both break-ins but the group has refused to co-operate with police in locating the bottle of poison.

    Police have notified the parents of the teens that the bottle contains a dangerous substance.

    “They may have given it to someone else, who may be drinking what they think is pure vodka,” Hobday said.

    Lake Cowichan RCMP are asking that the bottle be returned anonymously to the RCMP headquarters at 70 Stanley St. so they can dispose of the poison safely.

    Hobday said it’s important for homeowners to store hazardous material in clearly marked bottles, possibly in a locked cabinet.

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    1. And that’s why it is illegal to store poisonous substances in food containers. Try getting a petrol station to fill a drink container when you run out of petrol.

      • In this country, they would sue and they would win. Believe it or not, you as a homeowner have a reasonable duty of care to everyone on your property, even burglars.

    2. To all the stupid comments. I once knew a frum family that stored bleach in a clear bottle. Their small daughter drank some of it and had emergency surgery. She suffered quite a bit because of it. You don’t store dangerous chemicals in clear bottles. Use the story to learn something important. It could happen to anyone of us or our precious children.

    3. Everyone knows that Rat Poison is colored in a way to make it impossible to accidentally or purposefully blend it in to food. Even to mix it with solid food would leave tell tale signs of it’s color.

      Anyone who knows what rat Poison is, knows that it’s 100% impossible to even THEORETICALLY ever try to conceal it in such a way to make it both colorless and tasteless that anyone could ever think he is drinking pure Vodka based on 1) Color 2) Tatste and 3) General looks

      Certainly no food if he did this would put it in to his liquors closet unless he specifically intended premeditated murder of his spouse or children.

      The entire story does not sound plausible or believable and certainly those burglarized should be arrested for this story, not matter how you spin it. They should be arrested for false statements to police of for attempted murder.

    4. I hold whoever reported this story should have sat on it for a long time, to give the ganovim a chance to partake of this ‘vodka’ before they heard/read this story in the media.


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