Washington – Obama Praises Jewish Values of Freedom, Democracy


    Barack Obama and Conference of Presidents - White House - 1.3.2011 U.S. President Barack Obama meeting the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations at the White House, March 1, 2011. (White House)Washington – US President Barack Obama on Tuesday met with members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Washington and reiterated America’s “unshakeable support” for Israel’s security, opposition to any effort to de-legitimize it, and “commitment to achieve a peace that will secure the future for Arabs and Israelis alike.”  

    According to an official statement, Obama “praised the core Jewish values of freedom and democracy, human rights, and tikkun olam (to repair the world).  He also acknowledged that those values extend not only to events in the Middle East, but to the challenges here at home, thanking the Jewish community leaders for their support to ensure that America continues to out-educate, out-innovate, and out-build the competition in order to win the future.”

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    1. The panderer in chief is winding up for the only thing he does well, campaign. But like the man who grabs the tiger by the tail, once he has got a hold on it he doesn’t know what to do and that’s judging him favorably. Also, don’t let anyone forget his past and current efforts, overt as well as covert, to suppress the only democracy in the middle east.

      • obviously sir, you are not farmiliar with kabbalah, where tikkun olam is expressed. though you are right, tikkun olamdoes no means recycling and whatnot, as the liberals tend to think. its a very complicated, metaphysical idea, having very little to do with the actal physical “olam”, rather it deals mostly with the spiritual state of the velt in general

      • Either you are an ignoramus who doesn’t know that it appears in the Mishnah and Talmud in Tractate Gittin, or you are an apikoros who has decided that Gittin is no longer part of Judaism. Which is it? In any case, this is a frum site and you should not comment here.

        • He is referring to Tikun olam used in a context of tree hugging, wealth distribution and acceptance of moral degradation and feminism not the Tikun olam mentioned in regards to gittin.

        • “Tikun olam” is indeed mentioned in the Talmud. However, the “tikun olam” in its current incarnation is being used as a surrogate and substitute to the Torah and its 613 mitzvos.


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