Albany, NY – Soda Lobbyists Spent 12.9 Million on Lawmakers


    Albany, NY – Beverage makers and health care unions spent millions of dollars in a battle over efforts to tax soda in New York, contributing to a record $211 million in lobbying expenditures in 2010.

    The New York Post says the American Beverage Association led lobbying in the state with nearly $13 million. The group helped defeat former Gov. David Paterson’s effort to put a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks.

    The tax was supposed to fund health-care programs. The Alliance for a Healthier New York, which was backed by labor unions, spent $2.9 million to support the tax.

    The grocery store chain Wegmans Food Markets spent $1.3 million in an unsuccessful campaign to expand wine sales to food stores.

    The lobbying numbers were compiled by the New York Public Interest Research Group.

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    1. the reason it was necessary to spend these dollars is the STATE GOVERNMENT!! these “nannies,” who know better than the public what is good or bad DECIDED to push their agenda on us to inhibit the purchase of sodas!!!! if they would do only the things they were elected to do AND mind their own business the entire topic never would have been an issue! they want to regulate our lives AND stick their greedy hands in our pockets.

    2. Does anyone still wonder why the person who lobbied for taxes on soda MYSTERIOUSLY was found dead last week (reported here on VIN) with no know cause of death determined yet.


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