Harriman, NY – Police Investigate Anti-Semitic Lettering in Wal-Mart


    Harriman, NY – When Moishe Schwartz, a resident of Monroe walked through the crafts section of Wal-Mart in Harriman late Wednesday night, what he saw made him feel faint. He had just been released from the hospital the day before for his heart condition and when he walked down the aisle and saw wooden letters on a counter spelling out, “JewKill,” he couldn’t believe his eyes.

    Schwartz, 61, an Orthodox Jew, reported it to store security and the Monroe Barracks of the State Police. A trooper came over and took a report and Schwartz took a picture.

    Schwartz, a retired New York City EMS worker, was shaken by the incident.

    Read full article at Mid-Hudson News

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    1. mr schwartz. why are you so shocked? is this thing anything ourt of the ordinary? it happens every couple of months,or even weeks, nothing new here!
      it might not be paris,but it’s no metzia here. lots of jew haters here,too. they just havent come out of the closet yet.


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