Jerusalem – Young Students of Lifesaving Course Restore Man’s Heartbeat


    Jerusalem – Two young residents of Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood saved the life of a 45- year-old man last week after his heart stopped beating.

    Moishe and Pesach Bagaad, aged 14 and 12, respectively, were being driven to school by their father when they noticed a figure lying on the street surrounded by a crowd of passersby. It turned out that the man had suddenly suffered arrythmia, and his heart had stopped due to electrical failure.

    The boys told their father – who had not been taught first aid – to stop the car.

    They rushed to the scene and called for an ambulance while giving chest compressions.

    One of them grabbed his father’s cellphone and gave a concise and accurate account of the incident to the dispatcher.

    The two were doing exactly as they had been taught by United Hatzalah paramedic Ya’acov Ehrlich, a respected volunteer in the neighborhood.

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      • The parents should be proud of themselves for sending these boys to a class/course to train them for such an incident. while other people just stood there looking they knew what to do.
        My father sent me for a CPR course when I was 11 years old. B’H it never came to use but I remember it still now (20 years later) it is very easy to learn, doesn’t take more than a few hours. TEACH YOURSELF AND YOUR KIDS. HEY! YOU NEVER KNOW….

    1. I’ve read that Hatzolah was founded by someone who stood by helplessly after a man had a massive heart attack, as he did not not know what to do. I suggest that all of our schools offer CPR and basic first-aid classes in the senior year of high school. I took my first courses in high school and college.

      As for the notion that one can recall skills learned 20 years later, it is best to take a refresher course–but in general a lot can be remembered.


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