Miami, FL – Obama: Israel Shouldn’t be Afraid of Changes in Mideast


    FILE - An injured anti-government protester stands behind a make-shift barricade, near Tahrir, or Liberation Square, Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011. US President Barack Obama said Egypt's Hosni Mubarak should do the statesmanlike thing and make a quick handoff to a more representative government. The Arabic on the bandage says "For You Egypt". (AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill)Miami, FL – President Barack Obama told Jewish donors in Miami on Friday that Israel and the United States should not be afraid of changes taking place in the Middle East.

    Acknowledging that the changes occurring could be construed as dangerous and worrisome, Obama recalled a meeting earlier in the week with Jewish leaders in the White House, saying, “I told them we have to be sober, we can’t be naive about the changes that are taking place.”

    However, he described the changes as “a huge opportunity for us.”

    “All the forces that we see building in Egypt are the forces that should be naturally aligned with the US, [and] should be aligned with Israel,” he told attendees of the Florida fundraising event.

    “I’m actually confident that 10 years from now we’re going to be able to look back and say that this was the dawning of an entirely new and better era,” he added. The US president expressed his hope that the new era would be one in which “people are striving not to be against something but to be for something.”

    Read more in Jerusalem Post

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    1. We should trust the President and his team. They have studied the changes and have concluded that they don’t threaten EY. We should rely on America as our only real friend and supporter in the international community.

    2. Yeah, like we shouldn’t worry that he didn’t do anything about Iranian warships that Egypt now allowed to cross the Suez canal which never happened before since Camp David. Right!

    3. many people Jews non Jews Israel’s feel like Obama.

      So his statement in no way means he is anti Israel he is just following a logic that if (and I say If) these countries become democratic it would be beneficial to Israel since rarely do democratic nation go to war with other democracies.

      Would you rather have millions of mad, angry Arabs living around you and their leaders using the Israel and the USA as a a easy target to deflect the people anger at the USA or Israel instead of where the anger really is with their own leaders.

      What we have not seen in all the demonstration is many anti west or anti Israel signs. I think the masses have finally figured out their problem that they are having is not Israel or the west fault but the fault of the totalitarian leaders


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