Brooklyn, NY – Grow-and-Behold Announces 5% of Their Gross Revenue Till Purim To Go To Masbia‏


    Brooklyn NY – Grow and Behold, a high-end, local meat vendor with an emphasis on animal welfare, will donate 5% of their gross revenue over the next few weeks in the lead-up to the Jewish holiday Purim. Purim, which this year falls on Sunday, March 20, is the most charity focused holiday in the Jewish calendar, when according to Jewish teaching everyone needs to give charity. Grow & Behold hopes that people will stock up on pasture-raised poultry for the holiday, and thereby also help out the Masbia soup kitchen.

    In addition, for the next few weeks the take-home packages at the MASBIA soup kitchens will include a special ingredient for chicken soup. Grow & Behold will donate surplus, family-pack chicken bones for the soup kitchen.

    On Sunday, March 6, at 11AM, Grow & Behold staff together with Masbia launched the campaign in the backyard egg farm of Naftali and Anna Hanau, owners of Grow & Behold, at 668 Sterling Pl. in Brooklyn.

    Masbia soup kitchen network, with the help of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, runs 4 soup kitchens throughout New York City, serving 500 hot, nutritious meals every evening to hungry men, women and children. Masbia is open five days a week, and provides weekend packages that include prepared, and raw foods for people to take home for the weekend. ” We call this double dipping, when someone donates both money and food,” said Alexander Rapaport, executive director of Masbia. “The packs of chicken bones will make the perfect Sabbath chicken soup and the monetary donation will help us keep our doors open so we can continue feeding hungry New Yorkers five days a week.”

    Grow & Behold offers pastured meats raised on small family farms, mostly run by the Amish in Pennsylvania, that are produced in limited quantities to ensure the strictest Kosher standards, animal welfare, worker treatment, and sustainable agriculture.

    “We are all about ethical food, and there is no better way to express this than by sharing with the needy,” said Naftali Hanau, CEO and founder of Grow & Behold. “We love feeding people good food. On Purim, and all the time. It’s an honor to partner with a great charity like Masbia to connect us to people we can help.”

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    1. Masbia is a wonderful org. Hashem should help them in all aspects. Many poor and hungry families take advantage of this kitchen. They serve each “client” like a king. It’s unbelievable what goes on there each day. I suggest you take a few minutes of your busy day and go visit them. You will see where your donation goes.

      • very nice, mommy!

        VIN writes an article about a small, extremely social-conscious strictly kosher mom-and-pop operation donating a portion of their profits to Masbia and you give the huge shout-out to Masbia for their great work.

        Not that Masbia doesn’t deserve it, they are an incredible organization doing Gd’s work, but this article was about someone else doing a huge mitzvah at personal expense, and you had to try to steal their thunder.

        Let them have their 15 minutes of fame – don’t they deserve it? If only other Jews had similar social consciences as well as Torah lives we would be way, WAY better off.


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