London – Royal Couple to Receive Hebrew Scroll for Wedding


    London – A professional scribe will present Prince William and Kate Middleton with a specially-made scroll in Hebrew and English for their upcoming royal wedding on Thursday.

    Mike Horton will hand over the scroll he made himself to British Ambassador Matthew Gould at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv.

    “A friend came up with the idea of writing a scroll for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine,” he said on Sunday. “We went to a rabbi in Hod Hasharon to phrase the scroll and one refused, but another agreed. He took out the Jewish stuff, as I asked, and I’m going to present it on Thursday, after which it will be put in the diplomatic pouch and delivered to Common House next to Buckingham Palace.”

    While Horton is not a sofer stam, an ordained Jewish scribe, he has produced scrolls in the Jewish tradition for special occasions beginning with his own wedding in 1973.

    To the best of our knowledge, neither the bride nor the groom have any links to Judaism, which is why the 63-year-old British-born Jerusalem resident was careful to omit the religious language found in ketubot, the traditional Jewish marriage contracts.

    “I don’t think I would get an invitation to the wedding and if I did, I’m not sure I would go,” Horton said. “They’re not my crowd of people, plus it’s on a Friday morning and I have to get ready for Shabbat.

    Perhaps I could receive a note and I could use that for advertising.“

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    1. Maybe the Royal couple can repay his kindness by presenting him with a specially minted Million-dollar bill without all the “english stuff” that would make it cashable. I guess he could use it for advertising!

    2. The strangest thing about this story – which in NO way whatsoever reflects on VIN – is the fact that the “Royal Wedding” is not scheduled for Thursday at all!

      On the contrary: the chupa has long been planned for 29 April 2011. One hopes that the mesader kidushin will be happy with any royal minhagim there may be and that he will not get broigez or walk out.

      • stupid man. its true that the weddings gonna be on april 29th, which is a friday, but the article says so clearly!! and i quote: “…plus it’s on a Friday morning and I have to get ready for Shabbat.”

    3. This presents an interesting situation. Do you honor someone with a precious and dare I say, primarilly a Jewish relic to own in their honor? Is there a halacha about scribing a Torah scroll for a non jewish leader? Perhaps clearly it is given to the kingdom. I can say that I never expect any of the couple or others in the court to read the scroll, but does this mean that they must return the favor and arrange a public reading of the scroll at the least once? I say they may wish to consider a very such thing. But is this a foolish way to promote our Jewish position or is it a wise way to make a non jewish leader feel that he has our complete blessings in his future as we hope it to be intricately woven with the future of the Jewish people living in his kingdom. Very thought provoking.

      • No one – apart from you, Yaakov321 – has made any mention of giving the royal chosson and kallah a Torah scroll, so your strictures do not apply here.

        Lighten up, man! We are in chodesh Adar, and Purim is just around the corner.

    4. I think it’s nice. It’s just a gift, more unusual, & it’s not a Kosher Kesubah but I think it’s a positive gesture. What’s the harm? Nobody could say it’s for a chuppah!

    5. I am sure it’s going to be tossed in the pile of all the other presents these two will receive. They are not even going to know about it, let alone appreciate the time and effort that went in to making it. This article is just a fluff piece.

    6. This is just Mike Horton’s way to get free publicity. The royal couple will receive thousands of gifts that will only be seen and acknowledged by their staff.

    7. I read somewhere that services of a Mohel have been used for the English Royal family for many generations, every one of them has a Milah. I found it interesting that they would do this, and have it done by a Mohel. You never know, perhaps there is more to this family than meets the eye. Blessings for their upcoming Simha!

      • It is because hemophilia runs in the family and they know the doctors are not experts like mohelim. Although it is still interesting in the UK that they are circumsized – here in the US the majority of goyim are circumsized but in the UK I heard not

        • where do you people come up with these stupid, stupid rumors?

          Let’s say you were right – it would be the height of stupidity to have a medical procedure done by a mohel instead of a surgeon if the fear is a hemophiliac bleed-out. They would necessarily have a doctor who knew how to deal with the bleeding there, not an untrained mohel who only knows how to cut.

          Think before you write, you sound like an am oretz who was told a joke by an acquaintance and believed it and is now spreading this foolishness because you don’t know any better.

      • why would you make such a stupif remark for the frum community to read?

        Where did you hear this garbage, or are you just spreading loshon hora for the fun of it?


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