Tehran – French Holocaust Documentary to be Shown on Iranian TV


    Iran – An epic French documentary about the Holocaust, dubbed into Farsi, is to be broadcast on a satellite channel in Iran as part of an awareness campaign.

    Filmmaker Claude Lanzmann’s 9-hour film “Shoah” includes testimony from concentration camp survivors and employees around Europe about the slaughter of millions of Jews during World War II.

    The Paris-based Aladdin Project, a group promoting understanding between Jews and Muslims and fighting negation of the Holocaust, says the film will be shown starting Monday over the next several days on the satellite channel Pars.

    The group also has dubbed the film into Arabic and Turkish and wants to broadcast it to Arabic and Turkish-speaking audiences.

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    1. As a survivor of the destruction , 7 years under Hitler of which 3 1/2 in Vienna and the remainder in various concentration camps I must compliment that Shoah will be shown. It is the most penetrating and horror conveying video ever made. The director Claude Lanzman had the insight to let the Ukrainians speak and they divulge after the war their implacable hatred. No concentration camps and no survivors just the stark scenery of Poland and Treblinka the death factory. I wish the NK would be forced to view it.

      • Yes, as a person who was saved literally from the kivshon h’eish every higher institute of talmudic learning should show it and all BY branches too but they won’t

      • I thought the same thing. This story doesn’t make any sense. At the very least it is incomplete. Maybe they are showing it on the France-originated satellite channel. But almost nobody in Iran owns a satellite antenna and will be able to receive this program. Especially considering that such antennas must be installed on the outside of the houses and can’t be concealed. And I can’t believe that the regime allows even few people of means to obtains satellite antennas capable of receiving foreign programming.

        If anybody knows more about this, please feel free to post.

    2. abdul saadari is the name of the france based iranian diplomat who saved thousands of years by issuing passports to french and iranian jews. this is not the first holocaust show on iranian tv. the iranians made their own.


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