Jerusalem – Barak’s Wife Indicted Over Foreign Maid


    FILE - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, right, and his wife Nili Priel Sept. 21, 2010, in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)Jerusalem – The wife of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has been indicted on charges of illegally employing a foreign worker.

    Sunday’s indictment in a Tel Aviv court accuses Nili Priel of violating Israeli labor laws by employing a Filipino maid named Virginia without proper documentation. The indictment says Priel employed her for 7 months in 2009 without a contract and without providing medical insurance.

    The woman provided housecleaning and other services at Barak and Priel’s multimillion dollar high-rise apartment in Tel Aviv.

    The indictment does not put the defense minister in any legal jeopardy. But it delivers another blow to his public standing after he defected from the Labor party earlier this year. Barak has also come under fire for his lavish lifestyle.

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    1. Barak has been living too well to care about his fellow Jews. He has favored the Arabs against the settlers for too long. As PM he was willing to give the Arabs everything. He is a selfish man who would do everyone a favor by leaving politics. He has nothing to offer the Israeli people other than his need for power and wealth. Barak is a detrement to Israel and should leave office now!

    2. This is a ridiculous percecution. Who of us didn’t employ foreigners not asking them for documents? Do you ask for documents of women working in your house? Men working in your garden? On your roof? Adding on to your house?

      • It’s not often that I agree whole-heartedly with ShmuelG, but today he is right on the money.

        The Brits have a wonderfully apt proverb: people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

        Put more bluntly: stop being such pious hypocrites.

      • To # 3 & # 6-

        I and all of my neighbors (that I know of) obey the laws of the land and hire only legals.
        # 5 is perfectly correct.

        If YOU hire illegals than you DO belong in jail.

        • Either you live in some truly weird neighborhood, or you are making up the whole thing. My guess is the latter: the neighborhoods where “all of one’s neighbors” behave like you describe don’t exist.

    3. Reply to #3
      Political leaders must follow the laws of the goverment as an example for the rest of people to demonstrate that all laws must be respected. If Barak’s wife has violated a minor law like this what other laws that are more serious has she violated that we don’t know about? It is this attitude of ignoring the law that is all too prevasive in Israeli politics today. No, she is not above the law because of her husband’s position. Political leaders must be held accountable to a higher standard not a lesser standard. Look at Charlie Rangel he violated serious laws and nothing happened to him because of his political position. So I strongly disagree with you.

      • You are arguing as a typical liberal – attribute to me the point that I never made and then disagreeing with it. Never did I contend that she “is above the law because of her husband’s position.” On the contrary – I stated that we all, regardless of our positions, commit the same “crimes” and there is no reason, other than to destroy her husband’s career, to single her out for it. So find somebody else to strongly disagree with.


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