Jerusalem – Israeli Aircraft Strike Gaza


    A Palestinian Hamas security stands guard at a  Hamas compound after ian air strike by Israeli war plane overnight in Beit Lahiya town in the northern Gaza Strip on, 22 March 2011. 17 Palestinians were wounded,according to  Palestinian medics  EPA/MOHAMMED SABER WARJerusalem – The Israeli military struck a series of Palestinian militant targets in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, damaging smuggling tunnels and suspected weapons sites. Palestinian officials said 19 people were wounded.

    Israel’s volatile border with Gaza has been largely quiet since an overwhelming Israeli military offensive two years ago. But Israeli officials say Gaza’s ruling Hamas militant group has recovered from the fighting, and the area has begun to heat up in recent weeks.

    Palestinian health official Adham Abu Salmia said one man was critically wounded in a border clash Tuesday.

    The Israeli army confirmed the incident, saying it opened fire at a group of militants who were about to fire a missile at a tank.

    The military also said it struck two smuggling tunnels, two weapons manufacturing and storage facilities, and two other militant sites across the Gaza Strip in overnight airstrikes.

    The attacks were in response to a barrage of 56 mortar shells and rockets fired by Gaza militants over the past week, the military said. The tunnels, it added, were meant for militants to infiltrate Israeli territory to attack civilians and soldiers.

    A military statement vowed to “respond with determination” to any attempt to attack Israelis.
    Palestinian Hamas security stand amidst the rubble  of a destroyed Hamas compound after its strike by an Israeli war plane overnight in Beit Lahiya town in the northern Gaza Strip on, 22 March 2011. According to Palestinian medics 17 Palestinians were wounded.  EPA
    Abu Obeida, a spokesman for Hamas’ militant wing, said Hamas had carried out the recent attacks in response to Israeli “aggression.”

    But he said the group remains committed to an informal cease-fire if Israel keeps things quiet.

    “The enemy will pay the price if it continues its aggression and its crimes against our people in the Gaza Strip,” he said, adding: “The Palestinian factions will adhere to halting resistance actions if the Zionist enemy stops its aggression.”

    Palestinians inspect a destroyed workshop following an overnight Israeli strike  in al Zaitun area in the east of Gaza City on, 22 March 2011. According to Palestinian medics, 17 Palestinians suffered injuries.  EPA/MOHAMMED SABER WAR

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    1. If these tunnels were known to be there and the weapons sites were also, why weren’t they taken out sooner? Must Israel wait for rocket attacks to go on the offensive? Neutralize the poison before it spreads.

    2. Keep on pounding them! It’s the only language they understand. And don’t believe a word they say. They have no intentions of ever halting their assault of Israelis in any which way they can get away with…

    3. perfect time, while the world is focusing on Yemen, Egypt, and Libya, Israel should go full out war with Hamas, this to prevent harsh critism from the other countries and Israel can focus on the real threat to there state and people.


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