Albany, NY – NY Attorney General: Lack Of Fire Safety At Indian Point Nuke Plant


    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, right, accompanied by Peter Washburn, policy analyst for the attorney general's  Environmental Protection Bureau, arrives for a news conference in his New York City office,  Friday, March 18, 2011. The New York attorney general says the earthquake resistance of the Indian Point nuclear power plants should be considered in the plants' application for new 20-year licenses. Attorney General Schneiderman says federal regulators have ignored the plants' quake safety in the relicensing process. He said Friday that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission should amend its regulations to require a seismic analysis. (AP Photo)Albany, NY – The state attorney general says federal regulators should take action against nuclear plants in the New York suburbs for what he called failure to comply with fire safety regulations.

    Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which has granted Indian Point several exemptions involving fire safety.

    He said Monday that compliance is essential for the plant’s emergency systems.

    NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan says Indian Point is operating safely, including in terms of fire safety.

    He pointed out that a federal judge recently upheld the exemptions.

    Also on Monday, Westchester County lawmakers heard scientists say that although the possibility of a large earthquake can’t be dismissed, a tsunami like the one that damaged nuclear plants in Japan is highly unlikely at Indian Point.

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    1. This sounds scary. Maybe it really is time to drop nuclear power. If only these goyim would realise that Hashem is sending a message to everyone. Obviously ‘WE’ must learn different things from this whole story in Japan. Cant say myself what, gotta ask a gadol hador.

    2. Hundred upon hundred upon hundreds of trillions of dollars will be lost in the event of any sort of failure…. Imagine an abandoned NYC….

      The risk is simply too great. It needs to be shut down

      • Shutting down NYC is NOT an option; we need to complete the transition to renewable energy as President Obama has mandated but it will take a long time. In the interim, NYC will need nuclear power to “stay open”>

    3. If Schneiderman is refering to NFPA 70, he should be advised that power plants (all power plants, not just nukes) are specifically exempt from many of it’s provisions. Also, nuke plants are paticularly fire resistant as their fuel is non-combustible. There are, of course, nuclear safety issues. It’s just that they are not addressed by any national, state or local fire code.

    4. Re: your electric bills. Nuclear fuel is the cheapest fuel there is. It is cheaper than oil or natural gas, even cheaper than coal per BTU. The cost per kw to generate at Indian point is one tenth as cheap as the next cheapest thermal power plant in New York ISO.


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