Geneva – Shimon Peres: Arab Uprising Could Benefit Israel


    Swiss Federal President Micheline Calmy-Rey, right, and Israel's President Shimon Peres, left, talk to the press after their meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday, March 28, 2011. Their talks will focused on bilateral issues, developments in north Africa and the Middle East peace process. (AP Photo / Keystone, Sandro Campardo)Geneva – Israeli President Shimon Peres expressed hope Monday that popular revolutions in the Middle East could improve relations between his country and its Arab neighbors, if they end up becoming more democratic and prosperous.

    Changes in government would need to be accompanied by greater economic freedom and development, he said, as poverty and oppression in the region had fed resentment against Israel.

    “We hope the better our neighbors will have it, we shall have better neighbors,” Peres told reporters in Geneva after a meeting with Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey.

    Israel was watching protests in Syria particularly closely. “Clearly this changes the status quo in Syria,” he said, without elaborating.

    A weeklong series of anti-government demonstrations has rocked Syria, considered one of Israel’s biggest enemies in the region.

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    1. Peres is a fool.
      Those kleptocratic leaders were successful at keeping the animals under control. Now in Egypt and Tunisia conditions are much worse and heading downward- anarchy is ruling. This is bad. Period.

    2. Oh, come on Shimon Peres, you of all people know that’ll never happen. You’ve been around the Israeli government in some form or shape for over 50 years now and it’s about time you stop your wishful thinking.

    3. You will see that the muslim brotherhood etc will take over in ALL these countries eventually as they did in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and they will all become extremist countries.

      You would think that a 70+ year old who has seen what’s flying for so long, would not be so naive.

    4. He is trying to put a positive spin. It does not help to say a democratic state of terorrists will elect terrorists as seen in Gaza. Israel is going to need every inch of buffer zone land. hasem yishmore.


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