Tunisia – Tunisia Decries Israeli Call For Jews To Emigrate


    FILETunisia – Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry is condemning a call by Israeli officials for Tunisian Jews to emigrate to Israel over concerns about possible economic hardship ahead in the North African country.

    The ministry says the “ill-disposed” call amounts to meddling in Tunisia’s domestic affairs and “an attempt by Israel to tarnish the post-revolutionary image of Tunisia.”

    Monday’s statement via state news agency TAP comes a day after Israel’s Cabinet said Prime Benjamin Netanyahu cited “real distress” among Tunisia’s Jews and pledged extra money and aid to help them immigrate.

    Tunisia’s tourism industry has suffered after a popular uprising drove President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to flee in January. Two-thirds of Tunisia’s estimated 1,500 Jews live on the island of Djerba — a popular vacation spot.

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    1. So let them condemn me too (they wouldn’t care to, I know.) If there are any yidn still left in Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, if at all possible, and I know it is not always is, for family and other reasons – please leave!

    2. by making such calls, Israel is creating more enemies around the world, and make jews feel uncomfortable in other countries.
      there are millions of jews living around the world who have no interest in moving to Israel and in no way do they want the Israely government to pretend as if they represent them. we need to unequivocally demand that Israel stop with this nonsense

      • “unequivocally demand that Israel stop with this nonsense ”, Reb Yona, did someone die and left you in charge. Who are you to speak for Tunisian Jewry or for any other Jewry for that matter. Of course, from your armchair in Brooklyn or wherever you are, it’s easy to talk, but talk is cheap. Israel was created as a state for Jews, like it or not, and thus has a right to suggest that Jews leave their diaspora especially from countries like Tunisia where Jews aren’t too welcome to begin with and certainly so when they’re willing to pledge extra money and aid to help them immigrate.

        • 1) who said “Jews aren’t too welcome to begin with?”
          2) These Jews are citizens of Tunisia; Israel is insulting Tunisia’s ability to take care of its citizens, thus making an enemy.

    3. So let’s get this straight. Tunisia sits back and watches extremist Muslims burn down Shuls and chant ‘death to the jews’ and can’t even spare the firefighting equipment to help extingish the fires, but they have a problem when Israel call for those Jews (who are in obvious danger) to emigrate.
      Israel is ‘making enemies’? Was Tunisia ever a friend?

      • And what exactly does israel do when shuls are vandilized or when frum jews are targeted in israel?
        Furthermore, what does israel do when rockets are flying into jewish towns? The answer is there’s nothing they can do. So don’t blame others when you’re no better.


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