Israel – Mikves to Require Kosher Certification


    FILE - An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man performs a ritual bath in a spring near the northern Israeli city of Safed April 2, 2009.  REUTERS/Gil Cohen Magen Israel – Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger has initiated a plan to grant kosher certification to mikves that are halachically sound, Army Radio reported on Monday.

    Dozens of ritual baths, mostly in Israel’s periphery, were found to be unkosher. There are over 1,000 mikves in Israel, and local religious council are responsible to make sure that halacha is being followed.

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    1. Why shouldn’t they provide hashgacha for mikvahs…they already provide hashgacha for bottled water from springs so a mikvah deserves at least the same level of attention.

    2. Not just bottled water, I’ve seen a hashgacha on coins (pidyon haben) and toilet paper (I cant recall the part of shulchan aruch requiring it); Ive even seen a badatz glatt hashgacha on a dairy meal, it says explicitly, glatt kosher chalavi/dairy in both hebrew and english (I saved that one).

      • The Hashgacha on the toilet paper is that it was not produced on shabbos.
        Pidyon HaBen coins must contain a certain amount of Silver in order to be used to fulfill the Mitzvah.
        As for hashgocha on mikvaot, there are many problems that can occur when the cement or tiles deteriorate or if they were not built properly to begin with. The laws pertaining to Mokvaos are very complex both halachically and technically. One of the greatest experts in Mikvaot passed away recently Rav Chaim Hillel Holtzman ZT”L, he was a very modest man who preferred to remain out of the limelight and spent many a night inside newly built mikvaos waiting for the rain to fill it so that he could certify it as kosher. So this is NOT a topic to make light of. Many Mikvaos have been left to deteriorate due to the incompetency of the people who run the local religious council. Thank You Rav Metzger for correcting this problem


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