Israel – Toddler Survives Five Story Fall Down Staircase


    Israel – An 18-month-old infant late Sunday plummeted down a staircase in Nachlas Har Chabad, surviving unscathed in what Israeli media has described as a “true miracle.”

    The infant fell from an apartment building’s fifth floor when she started fidgeting in her father’s arms. The man lost grasp of the child, looking on terrified as she hit bottom, local media reported.

    Magen David Adom emergency services rushed to the scene as neighbors comforted the infant’s father. They said the man was unable to bring himself to go down and check on his daughter, certain that she was dead.

    Paramedics found the infant crying with only a small cut wound above her eyebrow. Her survival is attributed to the thick parka and hat she was wearing, which absorbed the blow.

    “It was a miracle. The man would never have dropped her on purpose. He is a loving and devoted father,” neighbors said.

    “The situation was very stressful. My wife and I received a gift from God,” the infant’s father told daily Yedioth Aharonot.

    The infant is currently hospitalized and is listed in stable condition. Doctors said they expect that she would be released home on Monday afternoon.

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      • If he was holding her over the rail of the staircase, then the baby dropped in the hole that the staircase circles around, and dropped straight down five flights, without touching a single step.

      • I am a relative…and there is an error in the report, it happened Shabbos morning as they were walking down the stairs since they don’t use elevators on Shabbos…and

        1- Baruch Hashem, it was a true Ness, she had no bruises on her body only a bruised eye with stitches above the eyebrow…
        2- Yes it was a stairwell that goes round
        3- Yes they are chareidi
        4- Yes the child fell down the hole in the middle of the stairwell
        5- She did bang against the banisters on the way down
        6- Yes the media tried to speculate and cause trouble (as they do with chareidim, assuming we are all ignorant)
        Again it was a true ness, and only after 4 days is home and functioning as a normal child Baruch Hashem!!! It’s just pashut a ness!!!

      • Huh>>> where do you come from? I would assume officials would make sure this isnt an abuse case, just like hospitals do it when the same kid comes in with broken bones and bruises over and over without a solid explanation? Based on the neighborhood odds are they are frum!

    1. 1) First and foremost boruch hashem
      2) the child could have fallen through the stairwell
      3) Number 6, give it a rest – thank Hashem, and try not to let your hatred destroy you


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