New York – Alan Dershowitz: Goldstone Needs To Do Teshuvah


    New York – Judge Richard Goldstone’s recent acknowledgement that “civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy” by Israel during Operation Cast Lead could be a game changer — if Goldstone continues to do the right thing.

    Goldstone’s reassessment of the conclusions reached in the Goldstone Report pulls the rug out from under those who are currently using the Goldstone Report as a centerpiece of their efforts to accuse Israel of war crimes, to delegitimize the Jewish state in the court of public opinion, to impose boycotts and to suggest a moral equivalence between the democratic nation of Israel and the terrorist-group-cum-“government” of Hamas.

    Citing new evidence and reports, the carefully selected chairman of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict — picked by the U.N. precisely because he was a Jewish international lawyer of some repute who would lend credibility to the widely discredited U.N. Human Rights Council — has now declared in a Washington Post opinion article that “if I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone report would have been a different document.”

    Based on what we know today — as a result of numerous credible investigations by NGOs, individual experts, the media, the Israeli military, even a United Nations task force — there is absolutely no justification for the International Criminal Court or any other organization opening an investigation against Israel or imposing sanctions on the Jewish state. Indeed, it has now become clear that Col. Richard Kemp, the former commander of British forces in Afghanistan and a recognized military expert on terrorists who hide among civilians, was correct when he offered the following testimony, which the Goldstone commission refused to accept:

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      • You have about as much right to decide what he does or doesn’t have to do as Dershowitz does. Dershowitz is at least an incredibly smart and skilled attorney. But he knows nothing of halacha, just civil law. And what are you? I mean, besides obviously illiterate? you can’t spell in TWO languages.

        Because when it comes to deciding who is mechuyav to do what, you and the non-frum lawyer are both am oratzim on that subject.

    1. One has to wonder why Israel did not participate in any way in the initial investigation, which might have resulted in a more balanced report.

    2. Maybe, instead of judging this mamzer, we should all try to work on ourselves, our friends and families by studying a little shmiras halashon every day. What happens to Goldstone is between him and God, no matter how angry you get at him. Maybe just maybe by focusing on ourselves we can reverse the damage inflicted on us by our own brother in a very real way. Please pass this message on so we may all see the yeshua ASAP

      • “Maybe, instead of judging this mamzer,” So you judge him by calling him a mamzer and then you go on with your oh so beautiful speech. Hey buddy. Introspection and Tshuva is always part of our required behavior especially in times of Tzara. But know thy enemy. Why is Shmiras Haloshon your desired topic here as this plays no part at all in the discussion here. Perhaps you would suggest Sinas Chinom here as well?

        • you’re right, I should never have said that. I don’t know much about sinas chinam but I think it’s more of a one-on-one thing, don’t you think? Why is shmiras halashon not relevant here?

      • What an ignorant comment this is. Do you know anything about anything? Alan Dershowitz is a tremendous friend of the Jewish People and of Israel. Just because he isn’t Frum and get’s involved in controversial court cases does not take away from his personal beliefs.

    3. What kind of Teshuva–Sure he’s sorry. He thought he would get some honorable position in tne U.N. for being their lackey and publishing his garbage report. He got nothing. And his social circle in England have nothing to do with him or his wife. They are shunned like lepers. He should move to Gaza. There he’ll have friends.

    4. #5: Mark Levin, or whatever your name is, you ignorance is truly overshadowed only by your arrogance. Could you try flicking the switch on your brain from “off” to “on?” It might help….

    5. Dershowitz may not be frum, but he comes from a frum family and went to BTA for high scholl where, presumably, a smart Jewish boy did learn plenty of halacha.

      • No, he did NOT go to BTA for high school. His cousin did, and later went to work for him. I know, because I DID go to BTA then, knew his cousin, and heard about him even then.


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