New York, NY – Holocaust Survivors to Receive $564 Million in Reparations


    New York, NY – The Claims Conference convened Monday in New York to reevaluate reparations for Holocaust survivors, reaching a landmark decision to increase survivor homecare funding over the next three years by a total of 564 million dollars.

    German and Israeli representatives flew in for the conference, chaired by Julius Berman, that addressed the growing social welfare needs of Holocaust survivors throughout the world.

    Under the new agreement, in 2012 the German government will provide €126.7 million (approximately $177 million) for homecare funding; in 2013, €136.7 million (approximately $191 million); and in 2014, €140 million (approximately $196 million). This totals €403 million (approximately $564 million).

    The 2012 figure is a 15-percent increase over the amount negotiated for 2011. The money will be distributed to various agencies worldwide to provide survivors with in-home nursing and assistance in day-to-day activities. The hope is that through providing at-home care, Holocaust victims will be able to remain living at home in spite of difficulties associated with old age.

    The conference negotiated an increase in pension payments to survivors. It was also decided that while previously a minimum of 18 months incarceration in a Nazi-era ghetto was the criteria for receiving payments, the German government will now review individual cases and determine based on hardship and persecution if those who spent less time in the ghetto are eligible for funding as well.

    Read full article at Haaretz

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    1. This has got to be both the biggest scam ther Jewish world has ever seen and the biggest pity.
      The scan is, as the above commentor correctly states that none of these hundreds of millions of dollars (!!) Ever reach any survivor, they merely enrich these obscure, official sounding organizations and its heads who, while giving good soundbites, never seem to do anything positive for the people.
      Witness that whole Brofman, singer group did anyone reading this ever hear of any survivor, of whonm there are/were thousands among us, get any help.
      Remember these were supposed to be reparations not merely support.
      And the biggest pity is, that whatever aid did come goes to assimilated, jews in the FSU and ukraine, families where intermarriage is rampant most weren’t holocaust survivors at all only victims of communist regimes who have lost their jewish identity decades ago and never even heard of the holocaust.
      I have visited communities in eastern europe where there are maybe a few jews, all intermarried, children are goyim, nothing even remotely jewish about them. These will be the beneficiaries of the few pennies the bigwig ganovim sprinkle out.

    2. how much will these people who are quite old by now actually see in assistance?
      the ones working for the programs dolling out the services are the ones who benefit.
      not the people with their arm tattoed.
      its a shame!

    3. its a farce and outrage. its nice that there is some funding for the senior centers , but they want to cut back on that too in boro park!! not all seniors can get out of the house even anymore or fly down to florida.they are withering away in the homes too. nebach

    4. The true effect of these funds came out when the Claims Conference Office n New York was charged with defrauding 2.5 million dollar which was disbursed to people who never were in a concentration camp. The moment these funds leave German they are hefker and subject to the whims and preference of the Claim Conference personnel.

    5. Why are you all crying and screaming, my boby and uncle are getting every 3 months a few thousand dollars, it depends how long they were in the laager, they also get money for vacation and for the dentist every 3-4 years they get a few thousand dollar bonus

    6. Yeah, you’re right, #10. What’s a few million Jewish lives worth anyway? So what if the survivors have nightmares and wake up screaming every night at three a.m. (like my parents) and sit and cry for hours remembering murdered brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, neighbors, friends, villages, cities………So what if their bodies still bear the scars and injuries and damage of long-ago beatings and starvation and torture…. Whoever thought that qualifies as pain and suffering and deserving of compensation all these years later was prone to exaggeration, right, #10?


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