New York, NY – Only in New York: Rabbi Mintz Sells Kosher Rabbi Mints


    New York, NY – In New York, even rabbis get endorsement deals.

    When he’s not leading Kehilat Rayin Ahuvim, a modern orthodox congregation on the Upper West Side, Rabbi Adam Mintz lends his name and likeness to “Rabbi Mints,” the world’s first classic kosher mint.

    “It’s a mitzvah for your mouth,” the rabbi said, of the Altoid-style confections now being sold for $2.50 in tins bearing his image at Barney Greengrass, Carnegie Deli, or by calling 540-46-MINTS.

    There’s nothing in bad taste about a rabbi endorsing a product that ends bad breath, Mintz said.

    “Part of my job as a rabbi is to provide service to the community – and helping to provide a kosher product that does not exist is such a service,” he said, noting that a portion of the profits go to charity.

    “It’s also part of my role to bring a smile to people’s faces. I think that is an important part of the Jewish and kosher experience.”

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    1. Some people have nebach skewed views of what a “Kiddish HaShem” is. This, my dear friends, IS NOT a kiddish HaShem. It may be “cute” but a Kiddish HaShem? NO WAY!!

    2. Are you personal friends with the rabbi? If not, do you really consider it appropriate to call him by his first name and tell him “you’re a good guy?”


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