Tel Aviv – ‘World’ is to Blame for Shalit, Says Rav Lau


    Rabbi Lau with Noam Shalit. Giving hope  Photo: Guy AssayagTel Aviv – Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, said Monday that the world community, the United Nations and the International Red Cross are to blame for the situation of Staff Sgt. Gilad Shalit.

    Speaking on Kol Chai Radio, the rabbi said: “When those who hold Gilad Shalit against all the Geneva Covenants and all the other human rights law walk freely and even appear at the halls of presidents, kings and prime ministers [of countries that are members of] the United Nations – how can you call them united when you see something like this?”

    “I think they head the list of the guilty parties and they are the ones at whom the arrows [of blame] should be aimed, because I do not doubt that the government of Israel and those who are in charge of the security branches are doing what they can to free the young man.”

    Rav Lau said that he met Sunday with the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Israel, Juan-Pedro Schaerer, who is in charge of contacts with Hamas. He gave Schaerer a package with a Passover Haggadah, grape juice and matzot, in the hopes he could pass the package on to Shalit.

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    1. wow thats exactly i was thinking all the time, how in the world no one from all the countries says one word about this evil injustice that is being done to shalit but when it comes to defend this monster terrorist hamas then they all open thier mouth to defend them saying their innocent civilians are being slaughterd, but not one word to get shalit out of that hell that he is in how evil can countires get, its beyond beleive rabbi meir lau hit the nail on its head shame on humanity too keep quiete all theese years .

    2. How right he is! Had this been a prisoner of any other country outside of Israel, the pressure to have him freed would be unrelenting. Don’t bet on the poor boy receiving that package, Hamas be damned!!!!

    3. Lau blames everyone in the world for Shalit’s continued captivity but refuses to consider the role of the political stalemate within EY itself as the real reason nothing is happening.

    4. The fact that Gilad’s cause has not reached the hearts of non-Jewish nations and their various groups who advocate for human rights is both disheartening and a powerful reminder of who stands beside the Jewish people. We cannot be duped into believing that the US stands beside us. No-one befriends the Jewish people but Am Yisrael and G-d Almighty Himself. May G-d have mercy upon us and release this innocent son of Israel. Dayenu. The release of captives is one of the most important of Mitzvot that exist. We must organize a world wide demonstration on Gilad’s behalf. May G-d help us to organize a world wide protest so that all nations will hear our petition and demand for his release. May G-d help us.

    5. Gilad Shalit needs to come home. We need to find a way to get him home. How can I properly enjoy my seder when I know the Shalits are waiting for their son? Those who deny him freedom will be cursed in this world and the next……

    6. just how is this different from the boys of the 60’s and 70’s held against their will by their captors of the north? McCain was one of them. he spent 5 years in captivity..Shalit is a POW. better to be a POW than missing in action.

      the condition of shalit and the fact that he is allowed no visitors is purely psycological warefare against their perceived enemy.

      the solution, IMO, is to go in and take out everyone…

      no guts, no glory….

      btw upon returning from overseas, first hand i know of being spit on. varied opinions=varied results

      wish shalit health and peace of mind..
      his release will come very shortly.

    7. That is the problem Israel suffers by being humane. We try to avoid civilian casualties, but Goldstone and the barbarians who advised him made a decision to fabricate guilt. But no one dares to call these Hamas, cursed, wretched animals what they are. One would not negotiate with a hungry lion in the jungle. The only thing we can do (besides tefiloh) is to punish Hamas severely. Try erasing one of their cities, or take them hostage. Something, but don’t waste time on politics or talk. They are non-verbal. They understand the sword only, and we must relate to them in their own language. Rabbi Lau is correct. When anyone allows the world leaders the dignity as a human when they are part of the inhuman problem of holding Shlait, we are all at fault.

    8. what’s the big deal for a soldier held captive? Shalit is a prisoner of war. that’s what the “enemy” does…. the only thing being done is no person is allowed to visually check on him. that’s the psycology of the enemy.
      what’s stopping israel from going in and removing ALL THE ENEMY by force? no pain-no gain, no guts-no glory

      just remove everyone in one swoop. that’s what the intifada is calling for on Israel.


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