Damavand, Iran – Jewish Graves Desecrated in Iran


    Damavan, Iran – A video that was uploaded to YouTube shows the broken tombstones and desecrated graves. The Jewish cemeteries that were desecrated are located in the Damavand region of Iran. There are two Jewish cemeteries in the area, one in the village of Maranak and the other in the village of Giliard.

    As of last December, 25,000 Jews remained in Iran. While Jews in Iran are free to practice Judaism, there is an undercurrent of fear. After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, an official distinction was made in favor of Jews as opposed to “Zionists,” but in 2000, ten Iranian Jews, including a minor, were sentenced to prison for allegedly spying for the United States and Israel.

    srael’s Immigration Ministry officials and the Knesset committee for immigration recently announced that they are trying to find ways to encourage the remaining Iranian Jews to make aliyah and move to the Jewish State.

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    1. When the Neterei Karta meets will Achmadinejad, they always hug him and kiss him. Why don’t they mention to him, about the desecration of the Jewish cemeteries in Iran?

    2. They are probably just old and unkempt. considering how many jewish relics are still maintained by iranian antiquities, i would imagine that this is just a case of being old. also in many arab countries cemeteries are where vagrants and addicts hang out. This is not a case of “anti-judaism” this is a case of a cemetery that might have been forgotten and left at the hands of street folk. instead of wanting to bomb them, lets send some bochorim over to tidy the place up.


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