Israel – Hamas: Didn’t Mean to Fire on Israeli School Bus


    Israeli soldiers at the scene of a missile atatck on an Israeli school bus several kilometers inside southern Israel from the border with the Gaza Strip near Moshav Nahal Oz, on 07 April 2011. EPAIsrael – Hamas said Saturday that militants did not intend to target an Israeli school bus that was hit two days ago by a Hamas-fired rocket. A 16-year-old boy was critically wounded in the attack and the bus driver was moderately wounded.

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the Islamic group Hamas, which rules Gaza, for crossing the line. Israeli officials said that because the bus was yellow, it should have been easily identifiable to anyone firing a rocket. They said they did not think it was likely that the bus would have been hit by accident.

    Since then, Israel has engaged in a series of retaliation strikes on various Hamas targets.

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    1. Well, from the looks of it the victim did not mean to have a life altering injury that day, he just happened to be in the way of a heat seeking missile.
      Perhaps there is a better explanation for what they fired the missile for! Do heat seeking missiles have peaceful uses?

    2. And whom did they target?
      When they fire a rocket they have no clue where it’s going to hit, as proven by the fact that most rockets don’ t cause any damage at all. Hence, when a rocket is sent they well know that it may hit anywhere and everywhere in range. So saying they did mean or didn’t mean is simple nonsense

      • You show your ignorance. This was an anti-tank weapon. They are fairly accurate at ranges of up to 3 miles. On target. This bus was targeted. That is a fact to anyone who has served in the IDF (or any military force). Talk to someone who knows or read up a little before you chatter.

    3. If my name were Goldstone, I’d take Hamas at their word. But since I don’t have the distinction of being a “respected jurist,” I’m feeling a little skeptical. Just a wee bit skeptical about Hamas’ motivations and intentions. I really want to believe them and trust them and put my faith in them, like that positive-thinking Goldstone guy. Why am I so negative? Maybe I should make an appointment with my therapist to resolve my trust issues….

    4. Guess what, if you want to avoid hitting a school bus by accident, try not firing rockets at Israelis at all. If they are really sorry, let’s see them do that.

    5. 1) The rocket has been identified as a “Kornet” anti-tank, laser-guided missile.
      You couldn’t “not intend” to hit the thing: you have to site your target (tricky Zionists: they now have tanks disguised as school buses that are manned by midget soldiers dressed as school kids. Very clever.)
      2) As per CNN (!): “After not claiming responsibility for the attack earlier in the day, Hamas on Thursday night sent a message to reporters saying the strike was in retaliation for the killing of three Hamas leaders last weekend.”
      So it was in retaliation but they didn’t mean it? OK. Good enough for me.
      I’m now going to hold my breath waiting for the UN and European countries to decry the use of this weapon against a school bus. The condemnation of Hamas should start any second now….


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