Jerusalem – Israel: Hamas Militant Killed in Gaza Strike Was ‘Physically’ Involved in Shalit Kidnapping


    Picture of Senior Hamas militant Tayser Abu Snima and the scene left from an Israeli air strike on Gaza on April 9, 2011. APJerusalem – The Hamas militant whom Israel killed in a retaliatory air strike overnight on Saturday had been involved in the kidnapping of Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit, an IDF spokesperson said on Saturday evening.

    Israel said that Tayser Abu Snima was “directly and physically involved” in the 2006 capture of Gilad Shalit, which occurred during a cross-border raid.

    The IDF spokesperson said that Shalit’s family was notified of the incident.

    Snima was also “in charge of executing a terror attack from Sinai, firing rockets at the city of Eilat,” the IDF spokesperson said


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      • You are a know-nothing pacifist. This type of military stike strikes fear in would-be terrorists, as it makes it very difficult for them to sleep at night. They don’t if they’re being targeted, when they’ll be targeted, who’ll be with them when they’re targeted, etc.
        Believe it or not, it’s very effective.

      • Yona, the only language these choleras understand is power and force.
        ‘Habo l’horgoch hashkem l’horgoi’.
        Your type of thinking has taken us down the road to hxxl and given us calamties like the Osla Accord’s etc.

    1. #3 and # 4 you both made valid points although I will go with #4’s thoughts that with targets painted on their backs life for them will be hell. The only problem I see is that life is cheap to these animals and Gilad Shalit’s life is important to us all. Where the hell is the worlds press to come to the aid of Shalit, where the hell is the Red Cross…they have been stopped from getting to him and the press says little to nothing. If the situation were reversed the media would be screaming how Israel mistreats their prisoners.


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