Lakewood, NJ – Rabbinical Student Running for Board of ED Escorted from School Property


    Lakewood, NJ – Baruch Blaustein, a candidate for the township Board of Education, was escorted off school property twice, he said.

    Blaustein arrived without appointments and was escorted by police off the property of the Clifton Avenue School, and then the Ella G. Clarke School.

    “I am trying to gain access to the public schools, legally, and I don’t need their approval” or permission to tour the school, Blaustein said. “The principal denied me access.”

    Blaustein, 28, of Seventh Street, said he was told that he has no children in the school and therefore would not be allowed inside, according to the police report.

    Blaustein said he is married and has two children who do not attend public school. He is a full-time student at Beth Medrash Govoha rabbinical school, here.

    In police reports that Blaustein forwarded to the Asbury Park Press, Blaustein was told by Officer Gary Przewoznik that he had to leave the school or he would be arrested for trespassing, by orders passed down through police Chief Robert C. Lawson.

    Blaustein said he has attended Board of Education meetings for the past two months and many people have complained about the overcrowding in the classrooms. As a Lakewood resident running for the school board, “I should be able to see this,” Blaustein said.

    “I want to see all the elementary schools,” he said. “Teachers are saying it is overcrowded, there is a roof problem, outdated technology and a (poorly equipped) library, and that there is not enough educational material.”

    The school board election is April 27.

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    1. He is lucky he was simply “escorted” off the school property. In today’s school security environment, virtually all public and private schools (including yeshivot) limit access to parents and teachers only and restrict strangers from wandering around the buildings. I don’t live in Lakewood but it appears this jerk from BMG has no business in the schools. The schools personnel don’t know if he is a pervert or someone who might have some “issues”. In any event, if he wants to “inspect” the facilities, let him make an appointment.

    2. “Teachers are saying it is overcrowded, there is a roof problem, outdated technology and a (poorly equipped) library, and that there is not enough educational material.”

      With his run on sentences and no education he should be a great candidate to get elected to the school board. This is what Lakewood has become.

    3. although he is clearly in the right, he must understand that the gentile do not appreciate his “gotcha” style. He must learn that the outside velt is not a beis midrash and he is creating a massive chillul hashem and sinas yisroel.
      There are ways to deal with goyim in golus, this is wrong!

    4. I think it’s a travesty that Mr. Blaustein was not allowed the access to which he is entitled as a citizen of the county. The Board needs dedicated people like Mr. Blaustein. If you are an eligible voter, get out and vote. Go Baruch Go !!

      • After this behavior, no parent would want this guy Blaustein going near their children, whether in a school or anywhere else. To be direct, if some afro-American politician demanded to enter a Lakewood Yeshiva or beis yaailov to be sure that all the students in Kollel who are getting any sort of government assistance for school lunches or transportation are actually attedning school, they would also call the police. I suspect Blaustein has some real problems that warrant keeping him away from ANYONE’s children.

    5. If you want to see it make an appointment like everyone else. What a HUGE Chilul Hashem!

      Even if you believe you have the right to walk around unescorted, whenever you want, that is clearly not the impression of the Principals. You should have left when the told you to and THEN contacted the lawyer to clarify your rights to visit the school.

      But, you HAD to make a Chilul Hashem and force the school to call the Police to have you removed, AND THEN decide to argue with the Police in front of the children!


    6. Reality check time: given the number of crazies out there, why should he expect any school to allow strangers to wander the halls? If he wants to check class size or roof leaks, why can’t he make an appointment to see the school?

    7. He is in fact NOT a stranger he is running for school board how strang can he be?

      There was no HUGE Chilul Hashem as you commenters put it, don’t make everything as a “Chilul Hashem” when these people just didn’t want him on sight.

    8. Personally, my children would have enjoyed a surprise visit from Carrot Top, however citizens do not have the right to roam freely through public schools. He is completely in the wrong and once again paints the orthodox people in a very poor light. Shame on you sir, shame!

    9. There is no record of him owning property in Lakewood Township so he doesn’t pay a penny in real estate taxes. He sits in kollel full time so he doesn’t earn a parnassah and doesn’t pay any income taxes either. His kids don’t go to public schools. Why would any voter want this dreche on the school board when he has not background in educational policy or administration??

    10. Of course all the commenters here have not bothered to actually look into the facts before making their typical brain dead comments.

      Mr. Blaustien had a visitors pass.

      Mr. Blausitien cleared this with the school board attorney before trying to gain admittance.

      According to the law he was clearly in the right.
      He was kept out just becaise he was a jew.

      Subsequently, it appears that the police dept tried to cover up what they did by nat providing him copies of the tapes that e requested and had the fee in hand to access.

      As usuall, the self hating commenters on this site align the themselves with the anti semites posting on APP.

      It is totally legitimate for a school board candidate to visit the schools to get better understanding of the issues.

      • Its not a question of whether his behavior was legally correct. The question is how he’s perceived. He’s a frum guy with a beard a payos who is not part of the secular Lakewood community. Yet he is puporting to represent a community segment he has nothing to do with.

        • The school budget comes from public funding. He is a member of the public in Lakewood. How does he not represent the constituency?
          School tx is not charged solely to those using the public school system services, is it?
          In addition7, there are services that non public schools are entitled to receive, thus, this person is very much entitled to become a board member.
          There are complaints that the frum members do not care about the public schools, yet when a person running for the board tries to study the situation first hand, he is denied the opportunity. Even after doing exactly what he is supposed to to gain admittance. (I don’t think he was asking to enter classes and stop lessons, just to walk through and look in at the class size). Th denial is worse than ironic. It absolutely based in a bias against his candidacy. Is there not a law against the police and school officials involving themselves as part of their job in partisan political activity? No different then a charity?
          The APP would of course mis-characterize this story as something done wrong by the candidate, while in fact, this a watergate type transgression by th public school administrator, which APP chooses to ignore. Which is par for the course, as it appears is also for many knee Jerk (with an emphasis on JERK) commenters above.

      • Stop covering things up and treating us like morons. An actual visitor’s pass could only be distributed by the school after they allow admittance. If he had a building pass, then by definition he was allowed entry. What might be possible is that he received a pass to go to the office and speak to the principal about gaining a building pass. He might have decided on his own to pull some shtick to speed up the process. At which point, nervous staff alerted security that some rabbi looking guy was popping his head by the classroom windows.

        • And you just prove the point about knee JERK commenters assuming what they want without knowing the actual facts.

          Do just a “little” investigation.

          Why would the audio and video be held by internal affairs if not because of wrongdoing by the police officer?

          • Why would the audio and video be held by internal affairs if not because of wrongdoing by the police officer? ”

            you are assuming this form number 15 to prove that number 15 is correct. However who knows if 15 is telling the truth and if they are truly holding the tape.

            It always happens when someo9ne get arrested there is one person who comes up with some story the they know what really happened , but 90% of the time is was just nonsense

            • Do a bit of homework before commenting.
              Excerpted from the original APP story:

              “Przewoznik said that he could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

              Blaustein said he requested a copy of the video and audio captured during the exchange between himself and Przewoznik, but was denied because the matter is an Internal Affairs investigation.”

      • #15 pointed out that he had a visitor’s pass. Which means he requested and received permission.
        Sort of changes the whole perspective on this story, doesn’t it, everyone?

        • A visitor’s pass does NOT mean he has free reign to walk around the school. There is also a dispute IF he had a pass for the right day.

          In any event, when the Principals asked hm to leave, he should have done so. He could have clarified his rights later that day. Instead he had to have the Police remove him, and fought in front of the very school children he wants to represent on the Board.

          This is NOT the behavior of any normal, honest person.

    11. public school does not mean always open to the public at any time. it means anyone has the right to send their children there. obviously they need security because of sickos and perverts and criminals wandering the hallways for little children, has v’shalom. not that this man is of such a low character, he is probably well-meaning, but still, good for security for doing their job.

    12. Boruch dear, dont put yourself where you’re not wanted..I’m sure that you are very talented but i’m sure that there are more people who are better suited for this job then you…

    13. Be dan lichaf zichus. I’m sure he knew what he was doing and he has a good point. I think he would be a good candidate for the school board election! He has my vote!

      • More fool you.

        Baruch Blaustein does not pay any taxes to the township as he is unemployed. Moreover, he does not send a single one of his children to learn in the Lakewood public school system. He therefore has no ‘locus’, or standing, in the management of the Lakewood public school system.

        His “bull in a china store” methods have not, and will not in the future, endear himself to those voters who do fulfill the criteria mentioned above.

        Quite frankly, Reb Baruch Blaustein’s future political career is dead in the water – and all because of the negative publicity it has received. In fact, it was even featured on the BBC World News on television earlier today.

        As for what he has done for “improving”relations between yidden and goyim in Lakewood – oy gevalt!

        • Mr. A N Other,

          Do you enjoty making up stories? As was asked before, why is yur first response always the same as the anti-semites? Their response I understand, but yours? How do you explain it?

          Glad you brought up the BBC (This is apparently news even in Britain) because they are well known for their “unbiased” reporting.

          You self prove the point noted above again and again.


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