New York, NY – Homeland Security Meeting Turns Fiery As Arab American Says She Was Taught To Hate Jews


     Nonine Darwish, president of Former Muslims UnitedNew York, NY – A Manhattan hearing on homeland security exploded yesterday after an Arab-American activist testified that she was taught as a youngster to “hate Jews” and “hate America,” enraging a Brooklyn lawmaker who gripped a Koran and grandly accused her of spreading “hate and poison.”

    “Check what’s going on — it’s not a secret,” Nonine Darwish, president of Former Muslims United, said at a heavily policed state Senate hearing on homeland security at 250 Broadway.

    “You’re supposed to hate Jews, you’re supposed to hate America, you’re supposed to hate Western culture,” said Darwish, who grew up and was educated in Egypt and came to the United States in 1978.

    State Sen. Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) interrupted, holding up a copy of the Koran.

    “This is offending this hearing by having her here,” Adams declared. “This is not our enemy . . . You’re bringing hate, hate and poison into a diverse country.”

    Chairman Greg Ball (R-Putnam) instructed Adams to pipe down and suggested he was playing to the TV cameras.

    “I’m glad no one is between those TV cameras and you because that’s the most dangerous place in New York City right now,” Ball said.

    State Sen. Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn) tried to find middle ground.

    “This, obviously, is her assessment how she was brought up in her life,” he said. “It doesn’t have anything to do with the good Muslin Americans who live in this country.”

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      • You’re missing the point!! The name of her orginization is Former Muslims United. Which means she’s renouncing Islam!! She’s trying to highlight the negative nature of Islam and the hate which it espouses.You should be applauding her. Adams was upset that she was painting all Muslims in a negative light.

      • Butterfly pipe down! She is on ur side
        From wikipidea
        Darwish is a strong supporter of Israel, and has founded the group “Arabs for Israel”,[12] composed of ethnic Arabs and Muslims who respect and support the State of Israel, welcome a peaceful and diverse Middle East, reject suicide terrorism as a form of Jihad, and promote constructive self-criticism and reform in the Arab/Muslim world.

    1. To #1

      She apparently has moved beyond that or at least recognizes it amongst her coreligionists. It is obviously better to know with whom you are dealing than bury one’s head in the sand in denial. Or worse, obfuscate and confuse the issue by engaging in meaningless platitudes as mr. Adams did. Shame on him.

    2. She was obviously a set up by those who would like Americans to believe that ALL muslims are anti-jewish and anti-American when in reality, they are probably 99 percent apathetic about religion and politics. We have our “Kahane”” arab haters and they also have their own meshgaim. Fortunately, the large percentage of yidden and arabs simply want to lead a peaceful life and pursue the day to day struggle of survival, earning a parnassah and raising a family in peace and security.

      • that’s right. say kahane (who doesn’t kill harm etc.) with these murderers (who have killed, incited, maimed) in one sentence. looks like you are totally clueless! start reading how many wako muslims there are who believe jews don’t have a right to live and yell it out loud! look up david horowitz on youtube. start reading a word about stories that happened, interviews etc. or just state your muslim religion publicly.

        • Kahane himself didn’t kill because he was taken out first. He just incited others to do so. Goldstien was one of his followers and so are many other such.

      • Here’s one of the problems with your comparison between our radicals and theirs. Even if its the percentage of radicals amongst moslems is only 3%, as some estimate, that’s still 30,000,000 people.

      • Not true at all. In the middle east the ratio is about 2 to 1 of the Arabs who are seeking the destruction of Israel and agree to violence against Israelis. That means about 66% of Arabs living in the middle east are happy with violence against Israel.

      • I would say that 100% of Yidden want to live in peace. Whether that number is as high in the Arab world is a subject for debate. Rabbi Kahane may have had extreme views in his day, but time appears to be proving some of his ideas correct. Some of the Arab Israeli citizens have shown a willingness to side with their brethren. With few exceptions, when push comes to shove most times people tend to stick with their own (right or wrong). What has become of the idea of a JEWISH homeland? There is enough disagreement between Jews, then why are non Jews allowed in a Jewish state?

    3. You don’t get her point. It wasn’t clear in the article, but I’ve heard her interviewed. She now is talking AGAINST the hate she was taught as a child. She’d president of FORMER Muslims United.

    4. Is she not the same woman I saw on TV who has been targeted for death for her anti Muslim and pro Israel views? Takes a lot of guts to speak the truth when millions of your own feel act differently. Too bad the numbers of Muslims with realistic, open minding thinking towards Israel are few, and probably less who are willing to take on their own in public.

    5. Butterfly, were you flitting around the room during English comprehension lessons or are you just ignorant. The other emails have pointed out the obvious – the woman is on OUR side. Go back to adult ed. classes.

    6. What the lady voiced is the crux of the matter that a peace agreement cannot be achieved. It is the same as I witnessed in Vienna by Nazi propaganda. Dehumanize your intended victim, tell lies again and again and eventuallhy some will believe them. Arab propaganda targets children and forces on them a distorted view what an Israeli and Jew is

      • If Arab propaganda targets children and seeks to portray Jews as less than human and worthy of, chas veshalom, extinction, shouldn’t we be focusing our efforts on reaching and educating Arab children while they are still young? Think internet…..

    7. This woman is a heroine. She is righteous among the gentiles. She has the guts to speak up for the truth and for us, even at the risk of her life, and even if she must then live under constant threat by so called “peace seekers” i.e. “tomorow’s killers”.


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