Washington – Late Friday Night Deal Halts Government Shutdown


    Crowds stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Saturday, April 9, 2011 in Washington. President Barack Obama visited the memorial  Saturday after he and the Republican-run House split their spending differences late Friday night, staving off a federal shutdown, which would have closed the nation's monuments to the public. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)Washington – President Barack Obama says a last-minute deal with congressional leaders to avert a government shutdown happened because “Americans of different beliefs came together.”

    Obama says some of the cuts will be painful but the White House protected its priority projects.

    House Speaker John Boehner announced the agreement with the White House and Senate Democrats less than two hours before the money would officially run out to keep many government services in operation. A shutdown threatened to affect affects millions of people, endanger the recovery of the economy and embarrass the administration and Congress.

    The deal will cut billions of dollars in spending through Sept. 30, the end of the budget year.

    The House and Senate were to rush through a stopgap bill until the broader bill could be finalized.

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    1. It was a joy to watch Obama and Reid play the Teabags like the fools they were and “negotiate” away all their crazy social policy demands like restricting EPA’s rulemaking authority or taking funding away from Planned Parenthood. They came away with a few crumbs and made Obama look like the only grownup in Washington. Next week they will try to undo Medicare and Medicaid which will be the last nail in the coffin. I was worried after the Health care fiasco that Obama would be a one term President but these rightwing nutcases in the Republican party have all but assured Obama’s reelection.

      • Did someone switch your shabbos soda with kool-aid? Or are you still shiker from Purim? They came away with more than they origionally asked for! Dems said nothing, Repubs asked 30. They ended at 38.5 slashed I believe. Planned Parenthood was slashed! Read the facts!So who won in the end really?

        • Whether you post as “anonymous” (no. 3) or as a “Jewish Patriot” (no. 4) you say the same thing and worng in both matters. Not a dime was cut from the HHS acounts which fun PP. As to the overall size of the cuts, the Dems are laughing at you and your fellow “patriots”.

          The only way to fix the deficit is a combination of both spending cuts and eliminating the tax loopholes which allow billionaires to pay bupkis in taxes.

    2. Tea Party wins! the Boener said 30 to start, Dems said 0. Tea Party and Repubs reconsidered and said 60. They ended at over 38 billion struck! Planned Parenthood was slashed too!
      Now, to slash another 200 billion! (just get rid of agencies that redo the job that other agencies and we save 150 or more (something like that according to a few studies).

      • Read the bill (its posted on the House budget committee website). Planned Parenthood (which is really buried in a health care account for local health clinics) is funded at 100 percent of the level in the two prior continuing resoultions. The $38 billlion in budget cuts is less than 0.8 percent of the total budget. Obama rules!!

    3. Folks,
      Let’s not forget that it was your Socialist Liberal Democrat Party that failed to pass a budget NINE months ago – before this fiscal year began on Oct 1! The reason they didn’t is simply because they were afraid to show their true hand – their grubby hands reaching deeper & deeper into everyone’s pockets as they spent more money which we don’t have while continuing to tax and regulate us to death!

      Paul Ryan & the Republicans put forth a budget that will have to be passed by Sept 30. I am looking forward to the fights already.


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