Brussels – Europe Votes to Label Kosher Slaughter ‘Unstunned’


    The plans were supported by members of The Environmental and Consumer Affairs Committee of the European Parliament Brussels – The European Parliament in Brussels voted through an amendment to a new European Union food-labeling bill that would require animals not stunned before being slaughtered to be labeled on food packaging.

    The Environmental and Consumer Affairs Committee of the European Parliament voted through the amendment necessitating kosher meat to be labeled “unstunned before slaughter.”

    The amendment was carried by a slim majority of 34 to 28.

    Following intensive lobbying by community campaign group Shechita UK, many of the main groups in the parliament allowed a free vote – but the amendment was carried on the back of Socialist bloc votes, led by the group’s UK Labor Party MEPs.

    The regulation on the provision of food information to consumers will now be voted on by the entire parliament at the second reading in July.

    “The fight to stop this amendment is far from over,” said Shechita UK’s chairman, Henry Grunwald. “In recent months we have highlighted to a number of MEPs that this amendment does nothing to improve animal welfare, fails to fully inform consumers and is clearly discriminatory by design – and most have now chosen to reject it.

    The fact that the vote took place on Tuesday, the first day of Pessah, was not missed by the Rabbinical Centre of Europe (RCE), who called the timing “problematic and a source of inspiration” to overcome the legislation.

    Read more in Jerusalem Post

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    1. Will the word “Unstunned” be displayed within a 6-pointed star?

      The Europeans have this delightful habit of repeating history. They’ve just chosen a very contemporary (read “PETA-ish”) vehicle this time.

      • No. Yidden won’t stop buying the meat, but goyim might, and most of shechita cuts end up in the treifa market. Without treif consumers, kosher meat becomes extremely expensive.

      • Kosher consumers will not stop buying kosher meat, however a large amount (perhaps a majority) of animals killed by the Shechita method are not Kosher for one reason or another, and are sold into the general market. My fellow non-Jews have been fed a diet (pardon the pun) of misleading information about Shechita, and many believe it to be cruel to animals. As a result of the meat being labelled “unstunned” it will be incredibly hard to sell. This results in Kosher meat production becoming prohibitively expensive, or simply untenable!

        The non-Kosher slaughter methods are varied, and sometimes fail to be humane, for example when an animal is miss-stunned, and yet these are not going to appear on any labels. Only Kosher and Halal slaughter will be effected. I think that is clearly discriminatory.

      • The problem is for the kosher slaughter-houses. The parts of the animal that can’t be used by the kosher consumer are sold to distributors of non-kosher meat. If the public shuns the “unstunned” meat and doesn’t purchase it, the distributors won’t buy from the slaughter houses. It changes the economics of kosher slaughter and may drive up the price of kosher meat or, worse, make it so expensive to run a kosher operation that they go bankrupt.

      • You don’t understand the issue. Labeling our Kosher meat as being “unstunned before slaughter” means that Jews are behaving in an unhuman way toward animals, because for the goyim, when an animal is shot by a gun, it’s a more humùan way to kill it. It’s bad for the image of the Jewish people. Second, that means that the price of the Kosher meat will be raised by the industry, especially those meat we sell to gentiles, but also the Kosher meat, because if gentiles raise the price of the meat, Jews won’t have any other choice than raising their price when selling Kosher meat to fellow Jews. It is a broader issue.

    2. I’m unstunned. Not even a bit surprised.

      “the amendment was carried on the back of Socialist bloc votes, led by the group’s UK Labor Party MEPs.”

      The Left and the Right anti-Semites are truly the same.

    3. why not just label meat that is stunned “animal stunned before slaughter” Just like one labels organic food. We do not label non organic food “non organic”

      The consumer has a right to know since many or some feel that stunning is more humane regardless of what you think.

      If you feel that it can be scientifically proven that schechta is more humane prove it

    4. Same old antisemitism!
      Why don’t you label your meat “stunned” or “killed with the bang of the hammer” or “shot to death”?
      They call themselves humane!?


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