New York – Tonight on The Zev Brenner Radio Show: B’derech


    New York – Tonight there will be a special Zev Brenner show, from 12 midnight until 2 am. Tune in on your radio to 570 on the AM dial or to and hear a special Live B’Derech Broadcast hosted by Ruchie Freier, Esq. She will discuss B’Derech’s latest activities which include a unique GED/Vocational training program exclusively for Chassidish young men at the Bramson ORT College.

    You will also hear from Rabbi Paysach Krohn and Rabbi Eliyahu Bergstein, both of whom are member of B’Derech’s Board of Directors as well as prominent social workers and educators such as Rachel Schmidt, Shaindy Zimmerman and Mordechai Weinberger, who will be live at the studio taking questions from listeners.

    Join the progam, be up to date on B’Derech and hear from some special surprise guests as well.

    Call in with your questions at 347-985-1080 or email them to [email protected]

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    1. Any program that seeks to provide frum bochurim with education and vocational training deserves the support of the entire tzibur. The growing numbers of functionally illiterate and no- job skill boys and girls coming out of the yeshivot is a real problem that is growing exponentially.


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