Forest Hills, NY – Leonard’s Dealings Not Kosher, Says Local Caterer


    Forest Hills, NY – This bitter breakup just wasn’t kosher, claims a Queens caterer who once worked with one of Long Island’s most popular banquet halls.

    For 20 years, Leonard’s of Great Neck had an exclusive arrangement with Glatt Gourmet Cuisine Inc., of Forest Hills.

    Glatt owner Aba Ibragimov claims Leonard’s was in trouble when he first met owner Leonard Sessa in the 1990s — and that it was hooking up with Glatt Gourmet that saved the wedding factory.

    A handshake deal secured Glatt as the exclusive kosher caterer for the huge Northern Boulevard hall, with Ibragimov raking in $3 million a year.

    But the marriage soured in 2008, when the banquet hall allegedly began harassing Jewish guests, Ibragimov claims in a lawsuit filed last week in Manhattan Supreme Court.

    Sessa and his son and co-owner, Robert, began telling employees “to be rude to Jewish guests at events,” and “to spill drinks on Jewish guests,” the caterer alleges.

    Ibragimov is seeking more than $6.2 million in damages from Leonard’s

    A lawyer for Leonard’s slammed the allegations as “untrue, self-serving, unfounded and desperate.”

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    1. Who provided the hashgacha at this place? I thought they only did yiddeshe weddings but the article suggests they also had goiyeshe customers who were not targeted for mistreatment.

    2. I had my chassunah there. The current Kosher caterer there is Lettermans and they’re really great. And the place is stunning. Not 100% tznius though (the statues).

      • Hilchot tzinius do NOT apply to statutes and pictures….only people. Find somthing else to kvetch about. There are some really top line chassideshe mashgichim who work there full time and some heilege rabbonim who have attended simchas at Leonards without any concerns.


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