Kiryat Arba – Rabbi: Encourage Bedouins to Move Back to Libya


    Rabbi Dov LiorKiryat Arba – Rabbi Dov Lior, rabbi of Kiryat Arba and head of the yeshiva there, chose to use the platform of the fourth Ramla conference to state that the State of Israel “must encourage Bedouins to return to their native land in Saudi Arabia and Libya”.

    Rabbi Lior made his statements at a special plenum devoted to the problem of the unrecognized Bedouin settlements in the Negev in the Halachic view following the Goldberg Committee recommendations which called for the regularization of the illegal Bedouin settlements. Rabbi Lior presented the considerations and decision over the questions raised by the committee decision in detail.

    “With regards to the Bedouins I say that incentives should be nurtured, including financial incentives, to encourage the return to their countries of origin,” the rabbi said.

    “Today there is a great deal of land in Saudi Arabia. Libya also has some available land. They have enough land. I’m not saying that we won’t help them from a humanitarian perspective – we’ll help them there. If they are left here, there won’t be any solution as they work against the people of Israel and the State of Israel.”

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    1. Perhaps we should encourage the Rav to move back to Brelau (in Galicia) from where he emigrated to EY. What chutzpah to make such racist statements. I would have expected this from Kahane followers. Lior has generally shown more common sense.

    2. I agree completely with #1. What chutzpah… To offer humanitarian aid. Get off your high horse and stop being a self-hating Jew and an Am Haaretz. I suggest you learn a little about that Halachos of a Ger a foreigner in EY. Try learning Rambam on the subject and then come back with your misguided comments.

      • Rav Lior is NOT a self-hating jew but his judgement in this case is clearly wrong and you are correct he is misguided.. You make the case very well. The heilege Rambam teaches us the importance of hachnasas orchim, whether in EY or elsewhere.

    3. the guy needs to read history books they the Bedouins where there for who knows how long if anything he is the newcomers so maybe he should move.

      Today they are great lands in NY, and Europe what not move their Rebbie.

    4. don’t Bedouins serve in the Israeli army? I think so, what about Rabbi Dov Lior and his follower, probably not.

      I wonder who most Israelis would want to leave the country?

      One who helps or one who only takes?.

    5. It’s racism and not what Torah says. Shemeful statement form the mouth of a Rabbi. Next time, don’t cry and raise the accusation of antisemtism when you here people saying things like “Jews, go back to germany!”

      They are plenty of unworthy Jews who live in EY and don’t bother about what the Halacha and the Torah say. Read what the Torah says about such Jews in the very last parshiyos of Sefer Devorim, and tell me if they are more worthy of living there than bedouins.

    6. he might have a point,

      I say all gentle countries should persuade all Jews to leave their country and go to Israel and do not complain or accuse them of antisemitism since some of us are doing the exact same thing


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