Petach Tikvah – Joseph’s Tomb Terror Victim Out of Danger


    FILE - 2 Israeli troops are seen as they raid near the Joseph's Tomb site in The West Bank City of Nablus on 24 April 2011. EPAPetach Tikvah – The “mortally wounded” Jew who was shot at Joseph’s Tomb late Saturday night is no longer in mortal danger, hospital sources report. The family of Ben Yosef Livnat began sitting shiva, the traditional mourning period that was delayed by the Passover holiday, on Monday night.

    Dr. Boaz Tadmor, Deputy Director of Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikvah, said this morning that the wounded victim in the terrorist incident “was operated on over the night, and his condition is now termed ‘serious.’ I am happy to report that his life is not in danger.” Another victim is listed in moderate condition, and two others were hurt lightly.

    The names of the two above-mentioned victims, for prayer purposes, are Uriel ben [son of] Ahuva and Yitzchak ben Sheina Malkah. They are both 18 years old, from Tiberias and Jerusalem, respectively. “Both of them must recite the HaGomel blessing for having been saved from death,” Dr. Tadmor said. “The bullets missed vital organs by only centimeters. I hope that they will be able to return to their families speedily.”

    The IDF. Israel Police and Shabak are continuing to investigate the shooting. The PA claims that the group did not abide by its men’s calls to stop, broke through a checkpoint, threw rocks at the PA policemen and tried to run one over. IDF sources stated that initial findings do not support these claims.

    25-year-old Ben Yosef Livnat, who was murdered in the attack, is survived by his wife, four children, parents, and two siblings. A grandson of Lechi fighter Azriel Livnat and nephew of Science and Culture Minister Limor Livnat, he was named for Shlomo Ben-Yosef, was the first Jewish fighter to be hanged by the British, in 1938.

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    1. While its a real tragedy and b’h the wounded will recover, they should NEVER have gone to Hebron without following procedures. Its too late to blame the victims for exposing themselves to the dangers of violence but hopefully others will learn from their experience.

        • It’s the same: it’s, unfortunately, in territories controled bt the Arabs. Holy site or not, a yid should never put his life in danger. And in that case, this is precisely what they did out of fanatism. They are plenty of religious yidden who think that if they put their lives in danger “for G-d and the Torah”, G-d will pritect them and nothing bad will happen. So as sad as this story was, I agree with comment #1: why did they go there at the first place and without any security involved? It’s a sad lesson for us all!


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