Germany – Demjanjuk Attorney: My Client Suffered Like the Jews


    Sitting in a wheel chair former guard of the German Nazi death camp Sobibor, John 'Ivan' Demjanjuk (C), is brought into the court room of the state court in Munich, Germany, 05 May 2011. Demjanjuk is accused of the assistance of murder in 27,900 cases.  EPA/SEBASTIAN WIDMANGermany – John Demjanjuk’s attorney has compared his client’s suffering at the hands of the Nazis to that of the Jews and insisted he should be acquitted on 28,060 counts of accessory to murder.

    Ulrich Busch said Thursday in his third day of closing arguments that Demjanjuk and other Ukrainian prisoners of war “were considered subhuman; Jews, Ukrainians or Gypsies did not count” for the Nazis.

    The 91-year-old Demjanjuk was a Red Army soldier who is accused of agreeing to serve as a guard at the Nazi’s Sobibor death camp after he was captured. Prosecutors have called for a conviction and six-year prison sentence.

    Demjanjuk denies the charges and insists that he was never in a Nazi camp.

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