New York – Brooklyn Independent Television Profiles ‘Our Place’


    New York – Our Place: Where do Orthodox Jewish youth go when they stray from the fold and get involved with alcohol or drugs? In many cases, their families and the community won’t even acknowledge the problem. In Midwood, we find an organization that offers these young men a safe haven, food and recreation, counseling, and training. From Brooklyn Independent Television’s Healthbeat Brooklyn, episode 52. ;Original air date: 5/3/2011.

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    Watch below.

    Credit: Brooklyn Independent Television, a community media program of BRIC Arts.

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    1. Is there a place for young women to go to as well? Our place does a service, but we need to expand it so that girls who need a place have a safe, nonjudgemental place to go to.

    2. They certainly have a girls place. Trust me, these guys really care about these kids and make sure to get help to all people who need it. The bigger question is where is the community on this. Do they support them in a big way? If they are in a financial situation, is the community doing everything they can do support them? I know several shuls have opened their doors to “appeals” and from my understanding people are donating nicely. But is it enough? This is the nisayon of this generation and it’s up to us, the general population to do what we can to help them.

    3. our place orh naava and similar organization are doing a great job AFTER THE FACT but when are we going to try to stop this from happening what is going on in our elitist yeshivas that they are not picking up this problems why arent professionals being brought in i am sorry with our children leaving home by 7AM and returning after 7PM its time to evaluate our so called educational system get to the root cause

      • Not saying that it doesn’t happen in the elitist yeshivos, but it is happening much more in the non elitist yeshivos. Also, who says that boys should not be in yeshiva from 7-7? I think that they should be there as long as possible. Homes today are not equipped to deal with kids and especially tougher kids.

        • no its the same per centages actually the more modern yeshivas have a lower rate of drop outs meet the kids at our place they came from the who s who yeshivas very few dfrom flatbush live in your dream world

      • Ohr Naava is not the same as Our Place- it is a seminary, as well as giving shiurim and has evening programs like challah baking, dance ect. It is not a hangout place for kids who are off the derech. so is there a place for women? we only hear about our place which is for men.

    4. MOney is hard to come by. i know a mother in Montreal, who cried on my shoulder.
      There was a guy who ran such a program for 20 kids and closed cuz he couldn’t pay the rent.


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