New Square, NY – Police: Hasidic Man Badly Burned In Religious Dispute


    Police investigatingNew Square, NY – Police say a New York man has suffered severe burns during a fight over a religious dispute within his all-Hasidic Jewish village.

    The altercation happened early Sunday in New Square in suburban Rockland County.

    Police say the 43-year-old victim fought off a village resident armed with an incendiary device. Ramapo police arrested 18-year-old teen on felony counts of first-degree attempted arson and first-degree assault. The suspect had serious burns to his hands and arms and has been hospitalized.

    No information on an attorney for the teen was immediately available.

    The victim also is hospitalized.

    Police told the Journal News that the victim’s family had been targeted before because the victim prayed outside the main synagogue used by the community’s grand rabbi.

    The Journal News is withholding the victim’s name.

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    1. I couldn’t understand it from reading here either the article is very confusing as to what happened exactly. But I read it somewhere else and the controversy is about the nursing home near new square where some people dave against the rabbis wishes so one of the chassidim tried to kill one of the guys who daven there. Here we go again terror for religion unbelievable

    2. Police said they are aware that the Truman Avenue family had been targeted before with violence and protests by religious zealots because the victim prayed outside the community’s main synagogue used by the Skver Hasidic grand rabbi, the worldwide community’s dynastic leader.

    3. The victim davens outside of skver and a few bochurim decided to take matters in their own hands. They attempted to firebomb the house but were caught in the act. There is camera recordings that caught him doing it, so it was easy to pick him up.

      • Its not bucherim taking matters in there own hands… its a well known fact here in NS that although they’re not directly sent by the leadership, they have the fully support and backing from them. 90% of New Square will admit that to you, the other 10% also knows that, they’ll just deny it.

    4. Reports are still very vague,but reports are coming in that a young yesivah boy of New Square attempted to burn down a house in New Square this morning. There were 4 people sleeping in the house. The owner of the house refuses to pray in New Square and prays in Freidwald, a nursing home outside the community. This was done to teach him a lesson.The victim Chaim Aaron Rottenberg had to be hospitilized with 3rd degree burns.There is confidential information that the surveillance video tapes were handed over to the Chassidishe Sheriff Koenig, if that’s in fact true, then according close to the investigation that the tapes “may disappear.”

    5. There is an official rule from the founding Skver Rabbi that everyone should Daven in the Main Beis Medresh. A few years ago a Minyan was started in Friedwald Nursinghome, OUTSIDE the community – which is according to the rule. The community decided that this is a threat (meaning ppl would start going there), so they made a new law, that Davening in this place is forbidden. When the participants didn’t obey, they started all kinds of terror tactics to get them to obey. Happenes to be that this attempt to burn down this house did not workout. You can rest assured that if it would workout well, and the house would be down in ashes the community leaders wouldn’t even blink – if nobody would be caught. In the past there were windows shattered and tires flattened on a regular basis. I hope this will serve as a wakeup call. The problem here is, that politicians turn a blind eye because they love the block-vote the Skver provides every time.

      • waiting for all the apologist to come up with some amazing excuses.

        He did not try to harm anyone or burn the house there was a tree that was infested with the Asian beetle on the property and the only way to solve that problem is to burn it.

        he was doing a miztvah

    6. wow every one who went with terror had a bed end lets wait and see when they will have its not normal what boys can do even to attemped to kill

        • The rebbe most certainly knows. I have long time experience with New Square and its Rebbe. He is either turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed in ‘his’ shtetl–which won’t work for long because he is the leader and leaders can’t be excused for ‘not knowing’. Especially a leader who demands ‘no other shul or minyan shall stand before mine’.

          Another explanation: the Rebbe is following the ‘mesorah’ from his saintly father too rigidly. A leader must have the sense to know when it is time to change things for the sake of a greater good–in this case–an individual’s choice to daven, Daven, for Heaven’s sake, at the place of his choice–we’re not talking about gambling or worse. We’re talking about praying to the One G-d (Who is not necessarily a Skverrer. Just kidding).

          At worst, the Rebbe is complicit in the acts of terror taking place in New Square. There are several instances of violence and heavy-handed dealings within New Square that are either sanctioned by the Rebbe or ignored by him. You will get arguments going either way depending on which ‘chassid’ argues the case.

          Either way, corruption is rampant.

      • so true!!!! its rediculous! when u r a public figure you can not get away with saying ich veis nisht……
        it is a responsibilty of EVERY jew especially a rebbe to stop machlokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can mashiach come??????????????
        the acts of shalom MUST start from the top! they must show us laymen how to act….since they are our leaders..when we will see rebbe’s make peace with their brothers then we will see and learn how important it is to make peace with eachother… especially in sefira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!! don’t we all want & need mashiach????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        when it comes to accepting donations a yeider vaist ya….

      • The Rebbe veist perfectly well. A true Rebbe knows exactly what’s going on with his Chassidim. Of course, it doesn’t mean he approves but he for sure knows.

    7. Are these people crazy? No wonder Eretz Yisrael is in such trouble. We have a bunch of lunatics involved in, at best, narishkeit, and at worst, criminal activity. So instead of paying attention to matters of importance in the world, they’re busy burning down houses, or endorsing the burning, or turning a blind eye to it. Instead of getting involved productively in EY interests, or even at-home interests of significance, they resort to violence. For what? For what urgent cause? A bunch of meshugannehs, and now they are ALL responsible for a man’s serious injury. I don’t envy ANY of them come Yom Kippur.

    8. The victim Rottenberg is responsible for this outcome.
      He knew all the time that there are crazy youngsters around that can do dangerous acts, & decided to be “brave” & keep on living there without fear.
      So this “wise guy” learned a Lesson.

      • blame the victim

        It is an old ploy excuse to make the criminal look not guilty or not at fault with their action.

        Sorry, only the uneducated the feeble minded by that stuz

      • all this just because a person decided to daven in another shul.

        however if this victim was caught molesting a boy the whole community the leaders will do whatever to protect him.

        something is seriously wrong in that community

      • Are you an idiot?! How can you blame Mr. Rottenberg? My father is a close friend of his and I happen to know that because he has been terrorized by skver people he would love to move out of skver. He just cant sell his house because people are giving him a hard time. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone, especially someone who is supposed to be a frum Jew to hurt another Jew. I blame the Rebbe in this case since this boy lives in his home and obviously hears things there to give him such ideas. The Rebbe must be really full of himself if people davening outside his shul threatens him.

      • What did the previous skvere want? That yidden should !e killing yidden over where to daven? This is a democratic country. Even if a rebbe decides everyone in his community must daven in his shul if a person wants to do otherwise he has the right to without having to be scared for his life!!! I honestly believe that the previous rebbe would rather want people to daven in another place instead of terrorizing them to come back to the main shul.

    9. Unbelievable! Why isn’t the victim moving out of New square? If he didn’t suffer enough till now, from now on he’s gonna be a mussir and they will be thrown rocks at him.. He should leave N.S. and start a life some place else.. Save your family and yourself and move out!!

      • I totally disagree! He was doing nothing wrong, only goods. He shouldn’t move out of his home town, rather others should learn a lesson.

        And these are the chosen people………

        • did i say that he did anything wrong? i said that for his sake and for the sake of his family he should leave this evil place ASAP (like others have done in the past) and “these are the chosen people” your quoting from some “goishe” paper

    10. This is unexceptable. There should be zero tolerance for violence and terror. No matter the supposed crime, you don’t resort to burning houses and injuring people. There is no excuse for such behaviour. I have zero sympathy for the young man arrested, or his family. The community needs to learn to raise their children bderech hatorah, not with all those supposed frumkeits that end up violating many torah laws. To all the Skverers please wake up before it’s to late. Don’t let these barbarians terrorize you in the name of frumkeit. Don’t pretend that the Rebbe wants or ordered this. Please, there are better ways to ensure that the Rebbe’s will is followed without resorting to terror tacticts, without harming other jews, or their property.

    11. aren’t you supposed to do “al tifrosh min hatzibbur”?
      Not that i’m judging or anything, but to me, this guy seems to be one of those “l’hachis” types, that he likes doing whatever he wants, so this is part of it. he knew what the results could have been!!
      just move out of ns and live your life the way you want if that helps the situation!!!

      • You really are an idiot. Your advice is for someone to pavck up and move, sell his home, just because criminal masquerading as frum Jews assault him?

        Sit down, shut up, your advice is as credible as your eName.

    12. Anyone who was willing to buy the Rottenberg home at fair market value would have had an instant deal. I know that he wished to move out for a while but was unable to. The Rebbe had to have known what was going on in his town. If you deny that then his gabboim certainly had to have known about the broken car windows, house windows, and demonstrations. The rebbe certainly could have put the word out to have the violence stopped and certainly refused to. All these actions were to defend the ” kavod

    13. These people really need to have their heads examined. For every bit of pain they caused the victim, Hashem has ways to avenge their horrific crimes and make THESE THUGS AND THEIR ENABLERS feel the pain and yesurim tenfold. – Who said……. “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends?”

    14. Its a very sad situation that we find ourselves in. I fear we will see more and more of this extremism amongst us. Its a sad day for Judaism. Unfortunately frumkeit is nothing like what it once was. Sickening what I see happening. Sorry to say it, but, we better wake up soon.

    15. I cant believe this is true – Jews trying to kill other Jews because of where they daven. I hope they catch the perpertrator and put him in jai and feed him treyfe. Why keep kosher if you are a killer.

    16. Welcome to Al Qaeda and the Taliban of New Sqare (nothing new) they follow the same doctrine, from the leaders to the bombers, “Kill anyone that does not have the same beliefes as we do”. and yet there are still these comments that justify the vicious actions, and even blame the victim… I cant believe how many “Ipcha Mistabras’ there is out there plain twisted minds…

    17. If what is being reported in these comments is true, then the world has indeed gone crazy. Not only do Jews have to worry about Muslim terrorists, Ku Klux Klansmen, rabid x-tians, now they have to worry about their fellow Jews.
      I am not Jewish, I am a Noahide, who is just trying to do the best I can in this world, and here, reported for the world to see, are the people who are supposed to be a light to the nations behaving worse than the redneck hicks I was raised with.

      • when Jews forsake or mis-comprehend the torah they are much different than the rest of the 70 nations. After all, our “light” stems from the torah and its commandments.

      • Steve,
        As a fellow “goy” I come to the defence of jews and say this is a rare isolated incedent

        Needless to say that chasidim in generel need to get rid of all the scum(and they have a lot) the city at night is full of them in the red light districts

        But jews are holy people and if they can take out the trash (the guys that went to iran included) they will be in good standing but they need to do something quick because the world is not as understanding as other jews are and are very quick to judge

        This kid is a product of his upbringing and this” imam” of a rabbi needs to make a drastic u-turn
        In his politics and policys

    18. last time i checked loy sirtsach is one of the asares hatibres and if a rabbie cant make sure his chasdim adhere to it what is he good for? it does not say if somebody davinens in a diferent shul thats loy sirtcach doesnt apply thes guys are just like Al quaeda

      • The Satmar Rebbe said “Halvay that Lo Sigzol was a minhag and not in the Aseres Hadibros. Then everyone would keep it” I guess the same thing for murder. If murder was considered as bad as watching the internet or eating cholov stam or listening to Lipa Shmeltzer, then this arsonist would be in real trouble.

    19. Sadly, this animal will be bailed out within hours after the town holds an emergency fund raiser to raise the 1 million dollars. There will be cries of anti semetism, strings pulled, connections used, and there will be no jail time.

    20. Am I reading this correctly: He davened in a shul that was not approved and so they attempted to burn down his house?????
      Is that really the punishment for davening in a shul that the community disapproves of? Was it reform? A church?

      • “ Am I reading this correctly: He davened in a shul that was not approved and so they attempted to burn down his house?????
        Is that really the punishment for davening in a shul that the community disapproves of? Was it reform? A church?”

        He was davening with a few others in an Chasid nursing home in the community. He was doing a mitzvah but the Ruv requires the entire community to daven in his Shul. The family tried to leave New Square, but the Rabbi would not let them sell their house, so they were forced to stay.

        • Those of us who live outside the community don’t understand what you mean when you say:
          “The family tried to leave New Square, but the Rabbi would not let them sell their house, so they were forced to stay. ”

          What are the details?

          You mean to say that the Rebbe would not allow anyone to buy it from him?

          Do you mean that the Rebbe decided that no one is allowed to pay him the market price?

          Whoever has specifics, please say so.

          • The Rebbe must approve all sales in the community. The victim had tried desperately to sell his house and protect his family, but the Rebbe would not approve the sale. This happens frequently when the Rebbe does not like a family for whatever reason. Rest assured, the bochur will take the blame for the Rebbe and the politicians in Rockland will protect the Rebbe and all those involved. It’s about the vote for this year and foreeverafter. Please, everyone, say a meshebarach.

    21. First where was hazhola where they called or they where called and decided not to show up?

      more stupid and dangerous behavior

      The attack came on the first night of Lag B’Omer, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish celebration involving dancing around bonfires. Fire departments in Hillcrest, Monsey, Tallman and West Haverstraw responded to 17 trash bin and garbage can fires between 8:01 p.m. Saturday and 12:35 p.m. Sunday.

      Ramapo police were later assisted by the Rockland Sheriff’s Office Bureau of Criminal Investigation fire unit and the Rockland County Computer Crimes Unit.

      idiots where are the parent of these hooligans

    22. This is why so many of us don’t respect our rabbi’s anymore, they fight with each other, allow such behavior and just have there priorities MESSED UP. I become sicker by the day hearing such stories.

    23. i will tell you one thing these people have to lose they’re authority and ownership of the shtaitel they dont deserve to have a shtaitel after they’re name its a shame for the old rebbe a charpe in a bishe

    24. Rabboisay we gotta daven harder for a lot more ahavas yisroel within us, – we the readers of these posts, all the posters, and of course the people of this wonderful shtetl.

    25. This has me so depressed. We have failed horribly if this could even be a hava amina to any heimishe bachur. I hope the Rebbe goes to make bikur cholim and ask mechilah – I used to have a lot of respect for this rebbe – I cant believe he approves of such a thing but he needs to fix this and throw out these bachurim – this story turned lag bomer into a less than happy one for me today and I havent been to skver in many years

    26. The rebbe should go and daven in the other shul because of this to show he is against this terrorist attack. Sorry I hate to say this the rebbe knew and should throw out the BUMS

    27. Lets get the facts clear:
      This boy had no plan to burn the house or to do any harm to the family. His plan was to make a fire near the house and immediately call the fire department just that this family will have to run out of the house and hopefully run out from New Square. To their bad luck this guy noticed that something is going on and came out and started chasing after the boy who got scared and threw away the burning towel which incidentally landed on this guy.

      • so all lets go and have a rally to release this holy misunderstood holigie yigel

        I hope you joking

        the excuse one make for frum people has hit a new low

        • In reply to posts: 19, 20, 29, 30, 31, 50, 59, 60, 76, 77, 86.
          Can you please stop spewing your hatred in public? your comment was heard once, you don’t have to repeat your hatred so many times, it makes it look like you have an agenda, for which you lose credibility.
          Besides, I would recommend you do better with your life, go to college, learn at least basic spelling & grammar, and get to work.

      • let’s get the facts clear:

        You are posting anonymously, and stating facts that are 100% unsubstantiated.

        Why would I believe you when you not only offer no proof, but are a coward to boot? You won’t even give your real name to stand behind your excuses.

        You are probably the only person who read this article who might believe this excuse, if you didn’t fabricate it yourself.

        So let’s get the facts REALLY clear:

        A criminal committed arson and assault, and was caught.

        In addition to the ordinary charges, since this was motivated by religious beliefs of the victim, it should be classified as a hate crime, and the perpetrator should be charged accordingly.

    28. spitzer is the 18 year Gabbai, suspicious if you ask?

      In addition this boy must have head thing from the rebbie to do such a a thing.

      one of the problem in skver and some other chasidish groups is that the rebbie position is inherited instead of earned like his farther or grandfather etc.

      • Excellent point #133. The position is inherited instead of earned. Skvere is is need of strong, spiritual leadership desperately for a long, long time. The results of this weak and corrupt leadership are beginning to grow and grow into despicable and terrorist acts such as this and unfortunatley many other such acts r’l.

    29. Until I feel confident that the leadership in New Square has and will continually to properly address this very troubling issue, I will redirect my maaser money elsewhere (with probably some of it going to assist this burn victim and his family).

    30. To #75- Don’t try to minimize the seriousness of this offense. What difference is the act of arson which that young hoodlum committed, and the Ku Klux Klan burning an object on someone’s lawn? Each incident attempts to harass, and intimidate an individual, based on their religious or ethnic beliefs. The hoodlum responsible should be treated as the predator that he is. Incidentally, this incident really looks terrific to the outside world!

    31. What a joke. The term chasid historically has meant extremely scrupulous in mitzvah observance. The application of this term to this cronies is a error. Its time to close these clowns down

    32. honostly I dont understand the victim, he heas been victimized for a long time, he recently had the cameras installed because they broke his windows, why the hell does he still live there?

      • Because it is not as simple as you tihnk to move your life when your kids are in school and you work where you work, not to mention that he will not get market value for his house in such a restricted neighborhood when every other resident is trying to punish and damage him. anyone who offers him a fair price will be similarly ostracised by this self-righteous hypocritical community.

      • why? don’t you realize that these people don’t care what you or I or other outsiders think? He is just as delusional and self-righteous as his followers.

      • I have gone to the rebbe several times for a bracha. Until he himself stands up and denounces this disgusting behavior, i will never, ever go seek his counsel again. This just proves to me that he is not better than the taliban – forcing everyone to daven in his shul. last I checked, we daven to hashem, not to rabbi twersky. he cannot sweep this under the rug and make it go away. let me see this “holy” man be a real man and stand up to these thugs. make an example of this 18 year old thug. make sure he stays in jail for a while.

        • If you went to the rebbe for a bruche you must of believed in him that his bruche has a meaning. Why now because some bucher took the law in hiw own hand does not make the rebbe not wirtwhile going to…I am sure the rebbe is very disturbed about this terrible incident and i know the rebbe has been fasting since yesterday night becuase of this horrible chilil hashem…The rebbe is against this violence and he strongly condemed it this morning in his emergency meeting with kehila leaders.

          • Maybe the Rebbe should be fasting not just for the Chillil Hashem, but also for the fact that two people are now in the hospital with serious burns: One, the victim and the second, the knucklehead who went and did this.

            You’re saying that the Rebbe is against the violence — or is it that he’s against the Chillil Hashem — which means that he’s not against the violence per se, but against the GETTING CAUGHT part of it.

          • and by the way, considering he demands that everyone daven only with him, i no longer believe in his bruches. i realized long ago that the heilige rebbe has plenty of time for wealthy people. the rest get a minute or two and are ushered out. the whole thing is a scam. sorry, but thats my opinion.

          • r’ yid have’nt you learn the gmure “EIN SHLIACH LIDVAR AVEIRE” there’s no messenger to be sent to do a sin. whoever does it is fully responsible!

            • If you give ‘fire’ to a koton then you are to blame. This boy thought he was doing a big mitsva and i suppose still does and thinks he even gets more ‘schar’ for having himself burnt as well. No different to a suicide (fire) bomber. No its the ones who sent him or told him how great the mitsva is. Theyre the ones to blame.

          • i cannot believe what i just heard a 5 yr old came home from “SKVER” cheider saying that the teacher said that the victim deserved it! if this what they teach in school let them burn down the whole school, what am i supposed to answer to all the goiym asking whats goin on with you jews, and guess whats gonna happen now the bucher is gonna become the victim ‘nebach er ken yetzt misht tin a shiduch oh vey’ what a messed up community

    33. How dare this rebbe or ANY rebbe try to tell a yid where to daven? This is a democratic country and even in NS they cannot impose their views on other yidden. Either he is delusional or his chassisdim have no idea what they are doing in his name.

        • I’m not sure if this is a joke or not. Assuming you were serious… here is the concept: Everyone is America has a right to freedom of religion. You cant harass/assault someone because you don’t like their choice of house of worship. There are serious laws against that. As there should be. What I wonder is why they didn’t charge this perp with violations of federal civil rights laws (a “hate crime”). Once that comes into play, you are looking at even more prison time.

        • My husband, who grew up in New Square, has one word to describe it. “Communism!” Since his father grew up in communism, it’s not a word said lightly.

    34. If these chassideshe behamos truly believe in a literal reading of the torah, than there should be serious consideration to imposing the same punishment on this bochur as he sought to impose on the man for davening at the shul of his choice. At a minimum, the police should investigate whether there were others who encouraged him and they too should be charged with assault. Anyone with information has a duty to call the police to help in the prosecution.

    35. Hatzolah was NOT called to this incident. The guy called 911 and they sent an ambulance as well. Apparently he didn’t feel the need to call Hatzolah for whatever reason. If Hatzolah would’ve been called they would’ve responded just like they always do and rest assured that the paramedics in the Village (especially the new ones… – you gotta be an insider to understand this comment) would take care of him just like they would take care of any other person.

      To insinuate that Hatzolah would refuse to treat him is maybe worse than the tacit support some terrorists in the Village are giving this wayward teen.

    36. I live in NS, believe me I’m really ashamed of my self. Every time after such a story i want to pick myself up and leave this place. People don’t realize how difficult it is for someone who was born in NS, raised in NS, has all his friends & family in NS, has his job in NS & sends his children in “their” Moisdos, to move out and leave everything behind. I’m not saying its impossible, just saying that its very difficult.
      P.S. To all Profassinals: Sorry about my Grammer, remember I’m just a Skver kid.

      • Skverer Resident… You know and I know that you are not alone. There are many I know who wish to leave but to leave means to cut off all ties with family and friends, not even to mention possible retaliation against their families. B’H that things will change, although it is doubtful. It is up to the authorities to fully investigate and not let this be pushed out of the headlines in return for political favor. As an aside, your english is good, keep practicing and reading, and soon you will achieve mastery.

    37. (Reply to #88): Wow #88. Aren’t we feeling holier than thou? Where did you pick up your condescending attitude?
      What to you is “spewing hatred,” is actually the rest of us lesser mortals trying to figure out how a member of a religious community felt compelled to act in so vile and criminal a way. In 2011. In America.
      What particularly horrifies us is the realization that he could not have done this on his own. Whether by openly encouraging him or quietly supporting him behind the scenes, others in his environment enabled this young man to commit an act so egregious he literally burned the flesh of another human being, scarring him physically and causing him indescribable pain for the rest of his life. We are therefore asking questions. Where were his parents? Who was advising him? Who are his friends? Who assisted him? What does the leader of the community say?
      And we will continue to ask questions. And you, #88, will not shut us up. Because we have the right to know, so that this massive Chilul Hashem never happens again.
      Comprendez vous?

    38. Whenever or wherever terroristic acts are committed in the name of religion, the first response has to be public condemnation, and the second, punishment of the offender.
      If that is not done, the inference is that the leadership is complicit in the crime.

    39. Trying to murder a man because he davens with another minyan is insane.
      Attempting to burn his wife and children to death while they’re asleep at night is pure evil.

      The perpetrators are terrorists. It really is that simple.

    40. Arson against a dwelling.
      Attempted aggravated murder.
      Assault with a deadly weapon causing grievous bodily harm.

      Those are just a few of the State crimes. If the Justice Department decides to get involved we could see them get out the Big Hammer. If that’s what it takes to get justice, I hope they do…

      Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
      Conspiracy Against Rights
      This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

      Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, OR AN ATTEMPT TO KILL, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned FOR ANY TERM OF YEARS, OR FOR LIFE, OR MAY BE SENTENCED TO DEATH.

    41. BS”D
      ATTENTION FELLOW YIDDEN-Has anyone even TRIED to look through the lens of the ABISHTER on this issue? Please read this thoroughly. This man in New Square insisted on DAVENING in a different place. I know “Al tifrosh min HaTzibbur” but please! Davening because maybe he didn’t feel connected where he was with the rebbe, maybe the davening at the nursing home provided him with a BETTER and CLOSER connection with HAK’BH! Now here we have a whole Oilem “well he should have known what was coming”
      Can ANYONE just OPEN THEIR EYES and see this crime against humanity? How not just a Yid, but a Shomer Shabbos Yid with Yiros Shomayim! So people with black hats burned him,people with black hats can also c”v burn in gehinom. The point is all of this is governed by politics. This is NOT Yiddishkeit. This is NOT Derech H’, and nobody should turn a blind eye to this. I am sick to my stomach, and I Daven that this Ben Odom Ben Sarah has a Refuah Sheleima bimherra, and that all the sick people that turn a blind eye to such things also receive. There is only one Melech. Ovinu SheBOshomayim. The Fire, should be our Mitzvos, melting the ice wall that has kept Moshiach out of our way for so long.

      • “BS”D
        ATTENTION FELLOW YIDDEN-Has anyone even TRIED to look through the lens of the ABISHTER on this issue? “

        In a word: no.

        No self-respecting, genuine, adam yiras shamayim would even dream of having the effrontery to second-guess the Almighty.

        And you have the gall to call yourself “TorasEmes!

    42. Wow. This story is frightening for so many reasons. Have we really devolved to this kind of animalistic behavior? First, the act itself- attempted murder, because the guy went to an ‘unauthorized’ minyan. Are you serious? Then to see the comments on this thread blaming the victim. Again, are you serious? He should have moved out? Are you serious? I have a better idea. Maybe, just maybe, people should not be bullied or terrorized to daven only where purported spiritual leaders want them to. This is not Yiddishkeit. This is not Judaism. This is not Torah. This is not behavior that our forefathers would have appreciated, much less condoned. This is the Jewish Taliban, and it has no place whatsoever in our world. Saddest of all, Osama bin Laden, sorry, I meant the Skverer Rebbe, bears much of the guilt in this matter, if not directly supporting such behavior, definitely by not condemning such violence (including many similar acts of violence and intimidation in the past). Personally, I think that we as a Jewish community as a whole should put Rabbi David Twersky in chairem for his implicit, unapologetic role as a rodeif. He is a danger to his community and the Jewish nation.


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