West Bank – Masked Palestinians Kill Suspected Spy for Israel


    West Bank – Masked Palestinians shot dead a West Bank man suspected of spying for Israel, the second such killing in the occupied territory this month, security sources said.

    They identified the victim as Omar Helwan, 32, of Beit Dajan village near Nablus, and said he had previously been held in a Palestinian prison on charges of working as an Israeli agent. Palestinian police were investigating, security sources said.

    Such killings have become rare in the West Bank since a bolstered police force, supervised by Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s government, has largely restored law and order in recent years.

    Under Western scrutiny, Abbas has withheld the presidential approval required by law for carrying out death sentences against Palestinians convicted of treason.

    Ignoring him, rival Hamas Islamists who control the Gaza Strip on May 4 executed a Palestinian found guilty of spying.

    That move underscored continued tensions between the factions despite a power-sharing deal sealed with Egypt’s help.

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    1. There may be a few Palestinians who resist the relentless indoctrination of hostility and hatred towards Jews. When everyone around you, including parents, teachers, relatives, media, leaders, etc. tells you that Jews are the enemy, it takes an unusual person to see past the fog of deceit and recognize other truths and realities. If these people risked their lives to help Israel, Hashem Yenakem Damam. Tarek Fatah wrote a great book called, “The Jew is Not My Enemy.” Of course this courageous Muslim has received death threats, but he persists in spreading his message, and should be commended by our community.

    2. From a third world country view that’s how it was all the time they just think you spy they get rid of you no billion dollar court cases and then giving them lifetime jail


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