Haifa – 109-Year-Old Gets New Nose at Rambam Hospital


    Haifa – Having lived through two world wars, endless historical events and 109 birthdays, Meir Korner learned, on his own flesh and blood, that there are new things under the sun. At his impressive age, Korner has received a new nose, after a tumor there necessitated amputation and immediate reconstruction with skin from his forehead.

    It is hard to surprise 109-year old Haifa resident Meir Korner. After he beat the statistics with good health, a clear head and a great sense of humor, Korner, who was born in December 1901, knows how to prolong life.

    Korner’s secret recipe is simple: do what makes you happy. He has a set daily routine that includes sleeping well, resting, reading, regular talks with the Almighty and the activity he most enjoys, going to the beach. For sixty years, Korner hasn’t missed his walk on the shore, where he meets friends and enjoys the sunshine.

    Although Korner has followed most of the guidelines for good health, including sleeping enough, exercising, having a good sense of humor and holding “frequent conversations with God,” he did expose himself in his nearly record lifetime to too much sun.

    The 109-year-old, who developed skin cancer on half of his nose, has had a new one fashioned from the skin on his forehead by skillful plastic surgeons at Rambam Medical Center.

    The skin flap from the forehead and the attached blood vessels were turned around and moved below to cover the skin on the half of his nose that had been removed with the tumor.

    The gap in Korner’s forehead was closed by sewing up what remained, also apparently reducing wrinkles and making him look younger.

    Korner, who was born in 1901, said he can’t wait until he can again swim in the Mediterranean.

    In my conversations with God, He promised me I would have many more years on this earth.

    The moment I can go to the beach, I will, but with protection against the sun.”

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    1. A big clue of his longevity is spending alot of time by the beach. Clearly, the Vitamin D he gets from the sunshine has kept him from getting many deadly diseases.

    2. as long as he stays out of the nursinghome’s minyan outside swerr he will not get burned from enyting besides the sun bezras hashem yisborach !!

    3. You all really think that all this recipes for a good long life is what’s behind? Don’t you know people who had a healthy life style and didn’t make it? There are no secrets only one! Hashem Meimis Umechaye.


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