New York – Rockland County Executive: New Square Attack ‘Very Disturbing’


    New York – Rockland County executive Scott Vanderhoef has raised his voice and says the whole situation with the New Square attack is very concerning.

    “It’s very disturbing when violence takes place anywhere. That’s the purpose of this country, to allow freedom of religion, so something needs to be worked out and yes I am concerned,” said Vanderhoef.

    The attack happened on Sunday when cops say a new square teen was trying to burn down Aron Rottenberg’s home.

    Meanwhile, the teen has been charged with attempted murder, attempted arson and assault, and was ordered held on $300,000 bail during his arraignment at Cornell Medical Center’s burn unit in Manhattan, where he’s being treated for burns to his arms and hands. Late Tuesday afternoon, he posted bail, Sheriff’s Department Chief Louis Falco said. The teen also had to surrender his passport.

    According to the Journal News the teen remains hospitalized, but because he posted bail, the Sheriff’s Department will not have to deploy its plan to have the six corrections officers guard him 24 hours a day — two per shift in three shifts — at a cost estimated at $4,000 per day, Falco said.

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    1. That’s the purpose of this country, to allow freedom of religion, so something needs to be worked out and yes I am concerned,” said Vanderhoef.

      this statement is shocking who would have ever thought that such a thing could happen A Jew who cannot freely practice his religion because of other Jews.
      who needs antisemitism when we could do it ourselves

    2. “It’s very disturbing when violence takes place anywhere.” Right he is, and it’s even more disturbing when it is a member of a peace loving people – whom G-d saw fit to entrust with His precious Torah – who commits such violence. For shame!

    3. The teen should have been remanded, and held without bail. It would have cost less to have him incarcerated, than to have to post guards at his house.

    4. Pidyen sheveem is a mitzveh no matter what the person did..Ein udom choyte elu im necnes boy reeach shtis…At the time he committed the crime it was a reeach shtis and now he is remorseful and will have to face the attempted murder charge and pay a price for his shtis..but till then he is entitled for bail and yes its a mitzveh to help him get released and get ready to stand for trial…..

        • Do you really need to speak to him to find out if he is remorseful..? ony u think lying in the burn unit , being charged with many serious charges that will probably put him behind bars for many years and not being able to do a shiddich makes a person remorseful…Maybe you are right i should go to the hospital and have an interview with him to find out if he feels sorry….

          • right. as long as he’s burned and being charged, he must think that it wasn’t worth it. that’s the whole point of law & order. this also sends a strong message to all others that if you disgrace Hashem’s name in public, you’ll get punished from above and below.
            however, what message would it send, to this guy and all others, if he’d not have been burned and not prosecuted and not imprisoned… would he still be remorsefull?…

    5. the skverers hired a PR firm who worked for Clinton to improve their image to the outside world. they also have to pay big attorney fees to defend the suspected murderer and the ones that sent him. i’m sure that they won’t be able to do any fund-raising in the near future.
      all of this adds up to alot of money (not taking into account the 300k bail). had they used some sense to begin with, they would buy Mr. fromowitz’s house for market price and wouldn’t have to deal with this shmutz
      i’m sure the skverers regred their stupidity even from a financial point of view.

    6. there was this meshugener today at the press conference infront of Rottenberg’s house, that shouted: “this isn’t america, this is jew land. we can do whatever we want.”

      • it was reported in journal news that shaul Spitzer worked for rebbe as butler. .whatever that means. So yes i think its important to know who posted his bail. also to see if its possible to find out more info, as to how he came about to think that this would be a good idea, what he did. Then maybe we could find out who really is behind all this. But now that he is lawyered up, who knows what will ever find out.

    7. I don’t know why but I feel bad for the bucher. He was pushed into it by adults. He’s young and still has a life ahead of him. He didn’t mean to cut it off at such a young age, I feel bad fpr his family too. I’m sure he didn’t mean to burn the man. He was just defending himself while the others ran away.

      • I’m sorry, but I completely disagree with you. “He was pushed into it by adults.” He IS an adult. An 18-year-old is more than old enough to realize that burning down a house is NOT something you do. “He’s young and still has a life ahead of him,” how about the young lives he tried to END by burning the house down? Is that okay? Yeah, I feel bad for his family, too. It must be terrible to realize that you raised a rasha. And how can you say he was DEFENDING himself?! Nobody came at him with fire, he was the one who brought it. You say, “I’m sure he didn’t mean to burn the man” Um, pouring a flammable substance on a person’s house is not meaning to burn him?
        Having mercy is a Jewish middah, but I think you have it misplaced. Shaul HaMelech was punished for having mercy on Amalek.

    8. This story will die down soon and all will be forgotten. At least we see how respect for a ROV IS ENFORCED. iTS A KIDDUSH hASHEM in my opinion. A frum yid from Brooklyn. I wish the same should be done to those who talk in shuls.

      • Retzicha is a Kiddush Hashem??? Talk about mitzvah haboo b’aveira, ever heard of that??? I guess you must’ve graduated Yeshiva Am Ha’artez with Honors…

      • Is this what Hashem wants? Are you on Hashem’s side, sticking up for the Torah?
        Did Hashem assign you or anyone else as messengers to punish his people?
        It is a middah of Hashem to wait for his people to do teshuva, He has a lot of time and patience. You, obviously, feel like you’re smarter than Him, or maybe, like some people in New Square, feel that He’s ch”v not capable of doing a good job on his own.
        If you are so “frum” maybe you tell me where in the Torah it says that “frum people” should punish those who talk in shul or those who pray in “unnaproved” shuls?
        Or maybe you are from the “Frum Reformists” that decided that Hashem and his Torah aren’t “frum” enough.
        In my Torah (which cannot be changed ever) it says 1. Anochi El Hashem Elokechu 2. You shal not take another G-d . Making a G-d out of a Rabbi is idolatry.(I am not saying skverer Rebbi is doing it, but maybe some of his people are.) 3. You shal not kill 4. You shal not steal and that includes property like car windows, skin and flesh.
        Let’s all learn from this unfortunate event and come together as children from one father and help and love each other despite all our differences.

      • TZVI Says:“ This story will die down soon and all will be forgotten. At least we see how respect for a ROV IS ENFORCED. iTS A KIDDUSH hASHEM in my opinion. A frum yid from Brooklyn. I wish the same should be done to those who talk in shuls. ”

        You are not a well person. you are mamash an idiot, not a frum yid. You may as well go out Saturday and have a cheeseburger, because you only have this world to enjoy yourself in. no way your insanity will allow you into olam haboh.

        You believe it is a kiddush hashem to burn a family to death out of “respect” for a rov who decrees that no shul is good is enough to daven in but his? You and the rov both are imbeciles.

        A rov has to deserve respect, and a rov that condones burning a sleeping family to death because they didn’t daven in his shul is an arrogant piece of garbage of a human being, not a rov.

        You wish the same done to people who talk in shul? Firstly, you wouldn’t have enough people left to make a minyan.

        Secondly, if you think burning people in their sleep is the proper reaction to someone talking in shul, you are mentally deranged and should be committed to an institution immediately.

    9. at $4,000 a day that comes to $83.00 per hour. Glad to see that Skver is contributing to the US economy in their own way. They seem to do little else.

    10. I hate to say it, but this is the reason so many Tzaddikim were misnaged to chassidim. An emeseh chassid could be oiver al kol issurim sheba’Torah all in the name of hisbatlus tzum heiiggeh Rebbe. Or tun mitzvos tzu gebben nachas ruach tzum Rebbe. Or perhaps believe the Rebbe is some form of kaveyochol, r”l min den u’dekavasei. Just read some of the post written right here on VIN news and you can see the krumkeit fun a zelchenah chassidim. Chassidim fun alleh kreizen have potential to be nichshal in this, in fact I can think of two Chassidic groups who are detested by Skver yet suffer terribly from the same malady.

      • You should be ashamed of yourself. Countless “chassidim” risked their lives for true kiddush Hashem, rescued thousands of Yidden from the holocaust and other troubles, are moseir nefesh for the same mitzvos that others look for heteirim to skip. Shame on you. You have no right to judge anything from this event besides that which happened here. You have investigated nothing. I can describe situations in which products of Litvishe yeshivos continued on to commit some of the vilest and most disgusting aveiros. Should that reflect on the talmidei haGro? Chas Veshalom! I can’t even keep within the limits for comments on VIN if I were to list those “chassidim” that have directly benefited you, made your life as a Yid easier. The same zealousness about a rebbe exists about some of our famed gedolim of Litvish extraction. If you’re truthful, you know I’m right. In this generation, worse than ever in history, Yidden deify their leaders. That’s a problem for everyone. Be smart, abandon your “hisnagdus”. Most of the Litvishe gedolim trace their yichus to chassidim.

        • Sorry I offendedd you. My best friends are chassidish, and Ilove chassidim and shtam from them as well (though I do have Litvisha ancestry as well). My point is that there were Gedolim in previous generations who opposed chassidim for such reasons and now it is now it obvious and apparent to all their keen foresight.

          • Not all chassidus have been brought down to the level of the Skver. I have spoken with several friends who are chassidim from other groups and they are as repulsed by what happened with the Skver as everyone else. Obviously, Twersky is not typical of the many great rabbonim from Lubavitch, bobover, visnitz,belz, and even Satmer.

          • Litvak,

            The opposition to chassidus was not because of fear that people would deify their leaders. There were several issues that were problematic to misnagdim, among them that the poshute ‘amei ha’aretz’ were being elevated simply because of their emunah p’shuta as opposed to elevating talmidei chachamim. In fact, Chassidus has something for everyone–the ‘poshute yid’ and the very brilliant learned ones such as the Ba’al HaTanya, and many others.

            Chassidus, as I understand it, according to the Ba’al Shem was meant to have leaders love their fellow jews and guide them spiritually and help them find their shoresh neshama and connect to HaShem. What happened in New Square is a leader gone awry, with consequent little spiritual guidance for the community, gross mismanagment and overly rigid application of ‘minhagim’ and ‘mesorah’ (from the Rebbe’s father–a truly saintly Jew). Sadly, corruption resulted and deteriorated to gangster-type enforcement of overly rigid rules in a desparate attempt to maintain control over the community.

            The ‘cultish’ worship of the Rebbe by some unfortunate souls is more akin to followers of the Shabtai Tzvi y’sh and other cult-like leaders.

          • The offense was not the diatribe about chassidim. It is that single events are used to cast aspersions about groups, even an entire derech. I have friends in all circles, and I have encountered some of the nicest people in all of them, as well as some of the most detestable. The actions of this bochur are intolerable, and have nothing to do with chassidus. They are not acceptable to any Torah observant Jew, and chassidus is no different. Zealots do not represent any particular chassidus, and the rebbes I know have no connection. These kanoim “believe” they are fulfilling their rebbe’s desires. Again, I could list specific events that occurred in various chassidishe courts as well as the finest of Litvishe yeshivos, both in Lita and in America. Likewise, I could expound on the extremes of tzidkus and yiras shomayim found among chassidim as well as among the Litvishe/yeshivishe communities. My point is, never judge a group. Generalizing is never okay or accurate. You only get an aveiro of lashon horoh by making these general accusations. And then, how can you ask mechilah? I was not offended personally. All of Yiddishkeit was.

    11. two per shift in three shifts — at a cost estimated at $4,000 per day

      do the math, each guard is making $83 an hour, for 5 day a week for 8 hours a day these guys are making over $170,000 a year for watching a kid in a bed.and I’m sure there are benefits involved too

      some people I know are in the wrong line of work

    12. #8 and #10… you guys are missing the point big time. This guy did a SERIOUS crime… attempted murder? If it was your family I don’t think you’d want him out on bail at all especially as there is a real fear of further intimdation of the vicvtim

    13. No one pays 300k cash as far as I know.. Was probably bailed out by a bail bondsman. Besides, if they laid out 300k in cash the IRS would swoop down

      Either way, the rebbe needs to say something

    14. The investigators are now in New Square trying to gather as much info. as possible and they found out that …………
      The only ones who are talking are the FISH!!!!!

    15. Sad sad sad. Whatever he did shows he is a misguided individual. He must now pay the price. He, himself, being burnt is a great punish. Maybe they both have a GREAT REFUAH. What to do with him is a big problem. He first needs psychological to see what would cause somebody to go so far. Even if he wanted to burn down the house; but with people in it; shows he has no sensitivity to life.

      • ” He first needs psychological to see what would cause somebody to go so far.”


        Shaul Shpitzer first needs to stand trial in a federal court of law so that it can be established whether or not he is guilty of the crimes of which he has been accused.

        • אין אדם חוטא אלא אם כן נכנס בו רוח שטות. We are all aware that it takes a form on insanity to commit a sin (crime). However, it requires certain standards (differing, but relevant in secular law and in halacha) to be determined sane enough to be held responsible for one’s actions. The fervor attributed to being a chusid dedicated to preserving the honor of the rebbe and his takunos would definitely not qualify for criminal insanity, neither in halacha nor in secular law. Might this guy need psychiatric help? Probably. His judgment was certainly off the deep end of poor. Will his predicted consequences leave him in a miserable state of guilt and depression? Probably. But without clear psychiatric disorder that impairs judgment, stopping him from distinguishing between right and wrong, he should not stand a chance with the insanity defense. This means, he could be expected to stand trial, and the news reports suggest there is enough evidence to get a conviction. Call in the therapists after that.

        • I agree with you. He does not seem to fit the defense of “Not responsible because of mental disease or defect”. Before people start jumping that he obviously has psychological probles, this has little to nothing to do with such defense. It is statutory and quite hard to show.
          One correction, unlike Britain these charges are state charges and will be brought in the county the incident happened in. It is a sad day.

    16. @ #63-64:

      I bow before your greater knowledge of!

      Best wishes and – above all – a peaceful Shabbat to all yiddn, irrespective of where they live and which rebbe they may or may not support.


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