Rockland County, NY – Journal News Editorial: Feds Must Probe New Square Arson As Ramapo Police, Local Officials Are Blind


    Ramapo Police Chief Peter Brower at a news conference with Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence. / Ricky Flores/The Journal NewsRockland County, NY – Aron Rottenberg of New Square has long complained to Ramapo Police that he has suffered for his decision to pray outside his community’s synagogue. Now he is in critical condition with burns over half his body, and an 18-year-old New Square resident is charged with attempted murder, arson and assault. Federal authorities, better positioned to inquire where local officials will not, should vigorously investigate the attack, and the systematic harassment that preceded it, as a civil rights violation and hate crime.

    The federal probe is warranted because of the pattern of wrongful conduct alleged and the local officials’ seeming willful blindness to it. Village leaders and Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence summarily dismissed the notion that Rottenberg was the victim of a campaign of intimidation, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. St. Lawrence, who heads the town’s Police Commission, on Monday merely parroted representations from New Square officials that the violence was an isolated incident between Rottenberg and his accused attacker, Shaul Spitzer of nearby Adams Lane.

    More rigorous inquiry is clearly warranted — and by an outside agency unencumbered by the dictates of local politics. Bloc voting in New Square makes the religious community a potent force in the conduct of town business. Clearly, the parameters of this dispute, rooted in religious expression and First Amendment protections, commands an assessment by impartial authorities.

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    1. The “Journal News” comment that:

      ‘According to the Department of Justice’s Criminal Section “making violent conduct against religious property and those exercising their religious beliefs [is] a federal crime.”‘

      is highly significant.

      It would be beneficial to all concerned in this parasha – the Skverer Rebbe, his gabbaim, the accused person and the injured man and his long-suffering family – if the investigation was taken out of the hands of the local police and given to a (relatively) unbiased and objective investigatory team.

      But above all the sooner justice is done – and SEEN to be done – the better. The last sentence should not be construed as inferring or implying that the accused youth is guilty. That we must all leave to a Grand Jury and ultimately to a trial judge.

      One thing is certain: the Skverer Rebbe would be VERY ill-advised to try and place political pressure on anyone to interfere, or to impede, the course of justice.

    2. The Egla Arufa ceremoney was performed when a Jew was found murdered in the Land of Israel and the murder was not found. The Rabbis of the nearest town had to do repentance for the possibitity of being somewhat responsible for his death such as not providing him with food for his journey and ensuring that all of his safety needs were provided for. The Skvr community must learn a valuable lesson from this mitzvah that the leaders and the community must take responsiblity for this action and fix it. They must say that we do not allow such behavior in our community. The leadership should visit the injured man in the hospital and ofer to provide the injured man and his family with all of their needs as taught by the mitzvah of Egla Arufa. if they fail to do this then they are guilty themselves as the Torah teaches.

    3. A Federal Anti-Religious Discrimination lawsuit should be brought against this 18 year old alleged attempted murderer and arsonist and his helpers immediately.

      • Nice thought, anonymous #6, but this bochur is probably completely penniless without even a pot to **** in.

        That being the case, what good would come from such a lawsuit?

        Or have I misunderstood you, anonymous #6? Perhaps you are talking about criminal proceedings against this alleged arsonist?

    4. Remember what happened when the Romans were called in to help the domestic dispute between two brothers who wanted to be king, we all ended up as victims. So although local justice needs to be meted out, be very careful what you wish for because once the Feds stick their noses in Jewish business, they will look for any excuse to make everyones lives miserable, even when nothing is found wrong. Also look exactly at who is calling and screaming for Federal intervention, the same people who really cannot stand the sight and presence of Jews no matter how law abiding the majority is. Please think long term.

      • It was New Square that invited Hillary, not the other way around.
        Yesterday, in Washington, we saw the best of America, as Bibi rallied the Congress to stand with Israel. If we stick to following the ways of Hashem, by defending Eretz Yisroel and being an Ohr Lagoyim, we will be fine. If we light our brothers on fire, the Romans will be happy to join in the fun.

        Come out on June 5th. to stand with Israel at the parade in Manhattan, show real Jews in Chasidish Begudim joining to applaud Israel and counteract the Monsey Neturei Kartah nuts who have the date circled on the calendar, to make sure to get back from Iran in time to get a good position in front next to the Arabs.

      • yup that’s proof positives the analogy of Romans to the USA.

        maybe you are just worried that will find out about the massive fraud that is going on in skver with no real estate tax and section 8.

        they will get in trouble not because they are Jews no because they did a criminal act

      • “Also look exactly at who is calling and screaming for Federal intervention, the same people who really cannot stand the sight and presence of Jews no matter how law abiding the majority is. Please think long term.”

        Why is it when the Journal News prints anything about New Square or Monsey crime that people claim the Journal News is against Jews? Would you want this attempted murder covered up? Don’t blame the newspaper for printing the truth about this horrendous crime.

      • St. Lawrence will never allow anything to happen to the Ruv. St. Lawrence controls the police and will control what information they are allowed to release to the public. That is why the Feds must get involved. With all the shady deals between this bloc and St. Lawrence, we can’t have the locals investigating. This would not be fair to the poor victim lying in pain in the hospital.

        And while the Feds are investigating, they need to investigate why the former VP of the East Ramapo School Board was taking pictures of voters and talking on his cell at last week’s election. He was arrested for this and is represented by the expensive attorney from Long Island. Where did he send the pictures he took of the voters he thought were not voting for the “right candidate?” Was the Ruv involved?

    5. והייתם נקיים מה’ ומישראל. There needs to be complete transparency. If someone is guilty, it should be addressed properly. If innocent, they should be vindicated. It seems, from the reports reaching us through the media, that there is a bigger problem than is acknowledged by the Ramapo Police. Having an outside agency without the inherent biases investigate is a great idea. If the claim of this having nothing to do with a bigger issue of intimidation and harassment is true, the investigation can find this. I usually detest outside interference, but in this case it is definitely needed.

    6. please do whatever it takes to stop this insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to burn someone?????????? where is this rebbe???????????????
      why is he silent? why has he been silent fori years untill now???? that silence encourages such behaviour!!!!! when u dont denounce something and stay quiet it is as though you are agreeing to it and saying this behavior or chas veshalom- kavod shamayim!!!
      the only kavod shamayim is shalom!! & burning a human being is not kavod shamayim!!!!! re read the torah all you jews if neccesary!! im an FFB and is famkrumte chassidim and farkrumte jews ( litvish…or any other..) that tuen me off from this religion!!! you r not kanaim- like pinchus!!! protecting a rebbe’s kavod…thats not what Hashem wants… sure im not the only one you r turning off….all you thousands of baheimas are causing a massive chilul HaShem to jews and nonjews alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. That’s what happens ‘religious communities’ with ‘bloc voting’, vote for politicians with anti-Torah views, Cuomo, Clinton, Obama, etc. who have repeatedly professed their anti Torah views, such as abortion, gay marriage etc. All for what ? for a few more welfare dollars.

      This attitude is symptomatic of a disregard of Torah values and disproportionate embrace of Jewish culture (Levush, Rebbes, and petty Minhagim), while Gezel and Shefichus damim go unchecked.

      This will all be swept under the rug, and undoubtedly the arsonist and attempted murderer will be declared legally insane and unable to stand trial.

    8. prosecute to the full extent of the law and prosecute those that stood idly by and encouraged this retzichah……pure evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while the rebbe continues his daily activities and his children continue to live off their chassidim this poor guy will have to suffer through tremendous pain……where r the mass tefillos for this guy for a refuah shelaimah? whats his name?
      mashiach will never come this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      teh rebbe should go to this persons hospital room and apologize for having any indirect involvement into this heinous crime!! now that would show us some ahavas yisrael!!!
      not everthing is about kavod and money……..
      take off teh boots bec. we r not in russia now…..we dont drive horse and buggy and ask mechila!!!
      di velt is nisht hefker in di himmel is nisht a boidem!!!!
      yesh din v’yesh dayin- doesnt matter how much yiches you have!!!! mind you i have tons of yichus and it means nothing if i dont live up to my ancestors standards…
      this is NOT what the baal shemtov had in mind!!!!

    9. Dear Mr. St. Lawrence,

      In the current days following a brutal and hanis burning of a New Square man by his fellow community member, there is substantial concern that the very community of New Square will come together to back the accused individual despite the strong potential of his guilt. I ask that you, as our town supervisor, not act in this case they way you do regarding zoning, multi-family housing and other larger community projects, where you act without decency and concern for ethics but rather for votes. I ask that you please not intervene to help the accused in exchange for votes in the New Square community the way politicians have been doing for years. I ask that you please allow justice to play itself out and allow for the acquittal or conviction of this man in accordance with American judicial system. It is precisely the purchasing of votes and other questionable favors that has led to this act which was caused by a community believing that it is above basic standards.

      • the only people to blame is yourselves and the other in skver.

        you turn away from all the scams your leaders where and are doing as long at it benefit you. You also voted as a 95% rate for a politicians that would allow and look the other way so that the in gotten money flows into the community and trickle down to you (save with KJ and others)

        you must blame yourselves, the community, who for to long followed blindly as your leaders where involved in major scams.

        Now the blind faith and voting for politicain who would allow the scams to go unchecked is coming back to haunt you.

        maybe a lesson can be learned from this

      • Well said. Unfortunately, we have no control of the outcome. However, we now know the extent of the control of Ramapo Town Hall by NS based on that ridiculous press conference and our esteemed Supervisor’s parroting of the Deputy Mayor’s statement. Ramapo Town Hall must be an uncomfortable place to be now that the FEDS are in town. Sad.

    10. I do not believe the Rebbeh was obvious to the situation, the policies of harassment, intimidation, financial sanctions (in form of not allowing anyone to purchase a house), physical assult and outright murder came from the highest order.
      Nothing happens in new square without the rebbes blessing.

    11. sounds like a community on Kool-Aid
      I hope it has a Badatz hecsher
      next time we get somebody collecting for New Square,remember this incident
      I do not believe that they deserve any support

    12. The spin coming out of NS will be either :

      1)The boy was mentally disturbed and had a long history of mental illness.

      2) We are all victims, and have been victimized by this boy who ‘at random’ chose a family and indiscriminately set them ablaze.

      3) Some combination of the two

      4) Just remember you heard it here first.

      • This boy is safer inside. They will stop at nothing to silence him. What can they offer him to keep quiet. It doesnt look like he will get a chance to get married. 70 in the next world!. A seat next to the old rebbe (and his son) in gan eden. I am not sure the son will get there anyway.
        The boy was not on his own but had two with him.
        No one will be that it was at random. I bet even the boy wont come up with that.

      • The boy and his family need to be asked to leave New Square. However, they must be allowed to sell their homes at fair market value! Anything less than this shows an entire community that has been involved in this evil and a rebbe that condones evil!

        • “The boy and his family need to be asked to leave New Square”

          The boy will be leaving New Square. He will be going to prison for a very long time. As for his family, they are better off staying in NS, where they will probably be treated as heroes – much like the parents of Palestinian suicide bombers. If they try to move to another community, they would probably be shunned.

          • I would wager, this young man learned some of his thinking at home. The family should be asked to leave New Square and if they are shunned in another community, so be it!

      • Bubbele were in 2012 just doesn’t go like this. There will be investigations over investigations. There’s no such a thing that “Oh I’m mentally ill and I’m not going to jail”. They will be going through medical records etc etc. And let’s say he will be mentally ill then he will go away in a mental institution for a long long time which for a normal person is no better then jail.

    13. This crime needs to be dealt with. It must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet. Rottenberg wanted out of New Square and New Square likely wanted him out as well. So why wasn’t he allowed to sell his home at fair value? What is this!!! This is the second time New Square is involved in a chilul Hashem of collosal proportions! I am still reeling from all the radio commentators and call ins in connection to the Clinton pardons. If New Square is not made to pay for this crime, there will surely be other massive chilul Hashem’s. If New Sqaure is not made accountable, I am afraid all American Jews will come to suffer for her actions. I encourage the Rottenberg family to seek justice and never give up!

      • It’s not just the “second” about when NS was caught taking federal education money for people that were not going to school (and there were trials, escapees, and a whole shanda).
        This appears to be a civil rights case – how can a community impose where someone worships? Does the Rebbe own the land? I think not! (and even if he did….)

    14. WHO are the main yellers to bring in feds and try to destroy skver. Its the apikorsim THAT WHEN THINGS ARE QUIET they post pro atheistic articles on evolution. Whatever these anti frum devils have to say DO THE OPPOSITE. In the good old days a king had the right to destroy any opposition to maintain his rule. If someone is a threat to the tzibur we must expect something to happen. Some of these posters are anti Torah and are looking to destroy yiddishkeit. To my fellow brethren in skver,dont give up. There are individual people there, as everywhere else ,whos emunah is weak and are shaken by anything drastic. I want to be mechazik them and they should realize that the Rebbe of Skver is a very nice person. As far as this incident I can tell you that the boy did not seek to kill anyone but the problem was he was confronted by the homeowner who happened to be a plumber. Plumbers are strong so what happened was an out of control confrontation. The boy panicked and thats why both got hurt. SKVER HAS TO DIVIDE TO TWO AREAS AND ALLOW THE ELITE TO BE IN THE ORIGINAL SQUARETOWN. Everyone in Skver should unite against the forces of evil ,the apikorsim and the evolutionist.

      • your just bringing up your stupidity that was already posted on another article.
        please let me know where this suspected murderer should live. should he be with the elite or with the apikorsim?

      • thats funny i didnt see anyone say anything against GOD or say anything pro evolution. Sorry but y sound very backwards and clueless please bring some logical proofs to back up your point of view i am very interested in hearing more of what you have to say…. what exactly makes you “elite” compared to the rest of Jews i was always taught that all Jews are equal. chasidish, Litvish, modern ortodox….. all serving hashem in their own way

      • I am sure he just wanted to roast some marshmallows or maybe he was confused and was doing bidikus chumatz and that would prove he is insane

        what do you think happens when you start a fire in a house when people are sleeping

        • Not sure why you think he has to do bedikas chomets on pesach sheni. This was lag b’omer where a fire is in order. The rebbe even celebrated his farbrente chasidim the next day with a big seuda.

      • Wow. This sounds authentic. You are scary people. The “Gra” methinks was absolutely right regarding Chassidus, and I daven in a Chassidshe shul. Exactly what the “Gra” feared has come to fruition. I am disgusted.

        • It’s not chassidim who are scary, it’s the frummaks/ Taliban who have taken over our generation and their so-called “Rabbis”. In my town, mostly Litvaks, they burnt out a frum family from their house. It didn’t make national news because noone was hurt. But with attitudes like yours, we definitely won’t see Moshiach in our times. Refuah Shelaima!

        • Seems from your comment that exactly what the Chofetz Chaim feared and wrote about has come to fruition, and is personified by your hateful comments.
          Not to take away from any of the horror of the act committed, given the opportunity you sound like you commit the same act against any chasid that would get you upset.
          Now get your hatred off this forum and go learn some Shmiras Halashon.

      • tzvi, if you truly believe all the bulldrek that you wrote, I suggest you crawl right back in to the hole you crawled out of. We are just as frum as you are, just not as krum. How dare you refer to us as devils, anti-torah, apikorsim, etc!!! The only people who are anti-torah are you and this kid and whoever sent him to try and murder someone. Please stop making up fairy tales, we are not robots like you, who are completely fooled by that “very nice person”. ELITE?? you guys are the dregs of society. Sounds to me like you are one of the people who put the kid up to it.

        • in my mind its clear you are truly mentally disturbed, this spitzer trash comes to his private house with a flamable shamta to burn the place down and you find the plumber guilty of confronting him you are truly evil.

          • if you’re going to attack someone, have the decency to check who you are yelling at.

            #42, whom you are calling mentally disturbed, was criticizing #26, whom you appear to be angry at. #42 was on your side, and you owe him an apology.

      • If Tzvi’s view of chassidus in general, and the Skver in particular, are shared within the community, we are lost. He wants to be “mechazek” to lunatics who believe that resorting to intimidation or violence is an appropriate means of enforcing the view of a “very nice person” (aka the Skver Rebbe). This whole episode is an aberration of everything chassidus stands for but unfortunately has been a pattern over the past few years as the Skver have become increasingly arrogant and ignored laws and building codes for their summer camps in the mountains etc.

      • So the reason rottenberg was injured was because he clearly made the mistake of leaving his house. I guess he should have stayed inside and G-d forbid burn to death along with his family. You are none too bright my friend…. putting blame on anything and everything except where it belongs.

      • Are you drunk or something? Do you have any self-awareness at all? 99.9% of the world thinks something is wrong with you. Elite? What are you screeching about? What elite? What evolutionists?

        Boys and girls, never go off your meds.

      • thank you for your explanation of why this happened.

        I didn’t realize that this victim was a plumber, and that plumbers, as you mention, are strong, so there was a fight.

        I thought the victim was right, but now that I read your comment, I see should never have become a plumber, and the attempted arson of his house was his own fault.

        I was waiting to hear a New Square chossid’s explanation of what happened, and your comment was pretty much what I expected. Keep up the good work. I hope you will testify to this plumber issue at the arsonist’s trial to explain why ithis was the victim’s fault.

    15. B’yh, this tragedy will be the catalyst to cleanse the filth in New Square and restore some sense of moderation and respect for all views. Yes, they are entitled to their minhagim and hashgacha but not to the point of intimidation and assault that has resulted.

    16. May I quote a story from the chumash and you can make your own application. Shimon and Levi went and killed the whole town of shchem because they had abducted a girl their sister. The reason the whole town was put to death was because no one had complained about it. Yaakov complained to them about the chillul hashem (or worse) since the goyim would not understand (which it later proved they didnt) and would wage war against him. They replied its still more important than letting our daughter be a harlot. In other words some actions even killings are more important than chillul hashem. They went on to attempt to kill yosef. We are talking about the holy shvotim, and of course cannot claim to understand their actions but we do know that Yaakov Ovinu did not accept them and did not bentch them but cursed them.

      • This whole town agrees to this boys action. Have we heard anyone saying anything against it. This rebbe instead of calling a taanis for his two hilige farbrenter chasidim made a lag b’omer seuda instead, as though there was no cause for alarm. Yes there are times when people are chayav meesah like when someone is moired bmalchus beis dovid (twerski). But even if they are all right to murder him, which I believe they all sincerely think so, Yaakov ovinu did not agree because of the goyim who will rise up against them. Do they also think they will have ‘chitas elokim’ and they wont go after them. This town is no different to shchem, sdom or givah and deserve the same fate. A girl is killed at her fathers house to show look what you have brought up. The father is to blame. How can anyone honestly say the rebbe is any different here.

    17. the new square leaders would’t condem the violance claiming that Mr. rotenberg went against the Takunas. according to the letter signed by the kehila and badetz of new square, they’ve always been against violance. why isn’t the bocher spitzer expelled for going against the takuna?

    18. how could the rebbe still be silent about this? doesn’t he deliver a shiur or say torah to his chasidim where he can mention anything about this?
      my guess is that on shabbos, when there’s no recording of his speech, he’ll vaguely throw in a word about violence and the chasidim will be able to say: look what a strong leader we have and how he condemns violence.
      that’s not good enough, rebbe. we need an unequivocal statement from you that this behavior is unjustifiable by all means and will not be tolerated.

      • Actually, he does not speak publicly. In Skver, the minhag is not to say divrei Torah at the tish.

        Despite that, I believe that it is in the best interest of everyone that a public statement should be made. Written and recorded, and circulated widely.

    19. It’s a loose loose situation. If the Feds get involved and if they don’t. The best thing will be if it stays local and the locals get scared. Next time it might be federal.

      • What do you mean by “Next Time”? you mean next time somebody gets burnt to death it will be a federal crime??? well lets see who should be the one for “Next Time” umm wanna volunteer?

        • That’s part of what scares me – next time? Do all frum Yidden need to be looking over our shoulders because of what one of our own might do??

    20. This story is beyond horrific. I honestly feel that it is everyone’s achrayus to react to this. We are forever having Asifos for all kinds of causes – what will it take to gather an Asifa to protest this murderous act and say Tehillim for Reb Rottenberg, may he have a refuah sheleimah? I don’t think we have an option to stay quiet.

      • Why have we not heard one rov speaking against it. If anyone has ‘mfarsimin oisai mitsva’. Please report them here. Can it really be that everyone agrees with the skver rebbe. At the time of the churban the gemoro says that the tsadikim were killed first for not being moiche. And their reply that is would not help was not accepted. I guarantee gan eden for the first rov the nachshon ben aminodov who is moiche in public.

        • Sadly, I also did not hear of any Rav protesting this atrocity. But this is exactly my point: – if there is no one among the leaders to speak (halevai I should be wrong!) it becomes everyone’s achrayus to protest.

            • thats because its proof positive that (sadly) we have no real leaders today. when it comes to serious issues, they run and hide. its easy to ban concerts, performers, trips to florida, etc, but hit them with a real issue like this or child molestors or wife beaters and they all become houdini.

          • I really think we by that that other yidden, Jews, no matter what the affiliation should show support for the Rottenberg family by going to his house on Sunday at a prearranged time. Say tehilliem collect money for the family or whatever.

            We the people need to show our support the family and displeasure for our leaders who are silence.

            i would go but one person really would not do much a few hundred will make a statement and really help the family emotionally.

            Sometimes when leader do nothing the masses have too

            Can this be arranged

            • you are 100% right we need to do something to show the world thats this is not the vision of real jews and against the torah we must protest let the world see that yidden are against this behaivior lets organize and do something lmaan kavod shumayim

            • maybe vin can set up a sign in sheet to see it we have the numbers to pull it off.
              the family needs support from Jews frum, secular whatever

    21. Am I the only one who has a growing sense that NS is rotten to its core? Of course there are plenty of good people there, but I’m talking about the community in general. I’d like to think otherwise, but all the news out of there points that way. And I probably don’t even know the half of what goes on there in terms of finances and government support. How very far “chassidus” has strayed from its founding principles. May Hashem have mercy upon them and bring them back to the ways of the Torah.

    22. First of all the boy who did the crime did not act entirely on his own, so the people who incited him have to be found and dealt with accordingly. So maybe even though he did a terrible thing, he shouldn’t take the entire blame for this heinous act.
      Second of all, bribery blinds judges, and since New Square votes as a bloc, the elected officials won’t do anything to upset that vote.

    23. Perhaps its time to go back to daas torah when we consider appropriate punishment fo this crime….an “eye for an eye, a burn for a burn, etc. comes to mind as the torah-based response to this horror. Unfortunately, civil law does not provide for torah-based punishment.

        • too bad…there is not enough money to pay for such a crime and besides, a Skever bochur like this is probably “judgment proof” since he is probably penniless and has no parnassah. Thats why a painful physical punishment seems much more appropriate.

      • Ribboine shel oilem!!!

        My dear friend, please read the Rashi on the passuk IMMEDIATELY. I don’t know if you’re 10 years old or just plain ignorant, but you must always know what you’re saying before you say it.

    24. once a rebbie has to resort to threats, intimidation to get his chassideim inline he has lost control and is not and did not do his job

      a leader and more so a rebbie should lead by example and inspire people to be better people and if a few do a few things different against his will (as long as it is not against halacha) he should be the better man. when you inspire someone the person themselves becomes better because they want to as does better whether someone is watching or not.

      when you rule by fear, the people follow because they are afraid and once no one is watching they do what they want.

      Go back in memory to your yeshiva days.

      there where two type of rebbies one inspired you to learn and was did it by fear .

      the difference was as least in my class when the rebbie left

      the class were the rebbie inspired we still keep on learning (and had some fun)
      the class were the rebbie ruled with fear the second he left we went wild and did not learn word

    25. The best joke I have heard. After not finding anyone who will talk to the FBI they gave gone to the fish store instead. (remember the talking fish).

    26. For sure this bucher deserves real punishment and there’s no way to justify what he did. But mr. rottenberg is not so innocent either skver left the city and founded their own shtetl to live by their own standards and yes their tekunes and away from all of us who don’t like their standards And if you don’t like their standards don’t live there that’s one of the reasons I don’t live there. and anybody undermining a mura de’asra and a kehilla from within is a mechutzef and should be ready to take whatever is coming his way. and by no way do I justify what this bucher did but rottenberg definitely brought it upon himself. And its hard to believe that skver didn’t allow him to leave because if they have any common sense they should have paid him to leave since it would only benefit them bottom line he knew exactly what he’s going into by publicly defying the rebbe and the kehila while being there many people who didn’t like it found their way out and so could he have done. but by staying their and undermining the leadership is a disgrace and he deserves to be dealt with again I don’t give any right to the bucher on what he has done but I don’t really feel bad for mr. Rottenberg either

      • so let me understand… you are saying that the rottenbergs got what they deserved? they deserved to be burned out of their home in the middle of the night? you find it hard to believe that skver didnt let him leave? wake up, my friend. this only proves that the skverer rebbe is a tyrant. you’d think this poor guy really did something awful – all he did was choose to daven elsewhere. wow, what a crime. and tell me, where is your holy rebbe now? hiding in his private room? why has he not said a word? You and anyone else who think the rottenbergs “deserved” this are not jews. You should all shave off your beards and payos, remove the yamulke and levush. you are disgraceful.

      • “… rottenberg definitely brought it upon himself”.

        Any you sir definitely brought upon yourself as well the punishment which hashem (or his agents) are certain to impose on you for further victimizing the victim of this horrible crime. Hashem yarachem on your family since they will also suffer.

      • you’re very positive with your statement that mr rottenberg is wrong and he deserved to be punished like this. did you ever hear of Din Torah? was he ever sent a hazmanah or that isn’t one of the tekunes?

      • “he knew exactly what he’s going into”
        if i come to you with a gun and demand you leave your house or else i’ll kill you and you refuse and get killed (ch”v) shouldn’t anybody feel bad for you because “he knew exactly what he’s going into”?

      • You are out of your mind. it is people like you that make this story truly sick. you walk around thinking that this guy had it coming. This is exactly how the Taliban operate.

        We live in a land where everybody is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. So everybody outside of NS will think he is innocent. Even though you believe that he was just a pest who was a thorn in your side.

        Imagine for a minute if a Jew lived in an all christian village. And everybody in the village tried to intimidate him to leave because he didn’t pray with them in their church. And eventually one of the church members took it in his own hands to burn the Jew’s house down and the Jew ends up getting burned on over 50% of his body. Would you feel the same way? Would you say that he deserved it because he didn’t move out when there were protests on his front lawn, slashed tires, broken windows, and all sorts of intimidation??

        No, there would be outrage from everyone!

        Especially if the Town supervisor would get up and say that it’s just a random dispute between 2 individuals of that village!!

        This is just ridiculous. I don’t think calling in the feds is the answer, but something has to be done.

      • “but I don’t really feel bad for mr. Rottenberg either”

        So, when you (G-d forbid) have burns to over 50% of your body, I won’t feel bad for you either. What an insensitive statement to make. It certainly doesn’t show any frumkeit or mentchlichkeit.

      • you are an am oretz, and simply saying you don’t justify what happened and then immediately justifying it is disgusting.

        It is not up to you or skver to decide it is founding its own “shtetl” as you call it on public land. They have no right to dictate anything to anyone.

        If they want to buy a huge ranch and THEN only let their followers live there, fine, but as long as they are taking my tax mney to support them and are a PUBLIC town or village, they have none of the rights you claim.

        your opinion is not even worth the two cents in your name.

    27. To 69 and 71. All I said was that he got himself into that situation and yes by undermining a leadership from within is a major chutzpah. And I clearly said burning him is wrong and retzicha and whoever has done it deserves punishment to the fullest. but mr. Rottenberg is a mechitzef and deserves punishment as well and he knew he’ll get into trouble. I’m not from skver and I’m not here to defend them but the truth should no be missed here. Mr. rottenberg is a major mechitzef and he got himself into all this. skver was the ones who left the city to live their own way of life and if somebody doesn’t like it leave them alone don’t follow them. and again I’m not saying he deserved all this but he’s the one who started the machloike by breaking the tekunes. Tell me one place where you can come in and break the leadership and they will just turn the other way. Its low and chutzpah

      • allow me to reply to your response. davening in another shul is neither low nor chutzpah. we daven to hokodosh baruch hu, not hakodosh dovid who? the fact that he can order everyone to daven in one shul is the biggest chutzpah of all. Is he bigger that the ribbono shel olam? and you know an even bigger chutzpah? the fact that he hasnt said a word, nor as he gone to visit the victim shows that he really is not a gadol. just a puppeteer who controls all your strings. And you sheep will still flock to this dictator and wait for hours for a phony bracha and shtup him with money.

      • Ridiculous. Why would they tell him to leave and then make it impossible for him to sell his house? If someone breaks a takana, is there an obligation to bankrupt him as well? It is utterly inexcusable to blame the victim.

    28. What most likely happened is that they expected the house to be burned with or without the people in it. The fire department would have been paid off to say it was a tragic accident and that would have been the end of it. It just went wrong because the bochur was caught in the act. There have been fires there before and no one has ever been blamed.

    29. This is America and we NOT a theocracy. You cannot tell someone how to pray and with whom they should pray. You cannot govern to whom you sell your house and at what price. NS is a New York State municipality in the United States and therefore the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights govern not taliban mentality.

    30. I am rethinking my current affiliation with Square. I need answers to the following questions.

      1. Was A. Rothenberg warned that night that his house will be burned down and he should evacuate?

      2. Was the Square Hatzoloh called and refused to come?

      3. Was Mr. Rothenberg prevented from selling his house for regular market price?

      • 1) No. And if he had been that would have been evidence of premeditation of the crimes of denying a person his civil rights, arson and attempted aggravated premeditated murder

        2) That’s still unclear. Some say yes, some no. When phone records are subpoenaed we will know

        3) According to several stories from reputable news sources, yes.

      • 1 – there was no plan to burn down the house, this bochur wanted to make a fire near the house. that for sure teror, but its a different thing than burning down the house.
        2 – Rottenberg refused to come in to the Square Hatzolah ambulance. they begged him he should not waste any time as he must be rushed to the hospitol.
        3 – Mr. Rottenberg was offered $350,000 for his house, way above the marke value, but he was asking $500,000.

        • he has an additional lot adjacent to his house which they wouldn’t give a permit to build on. thereby, they are indirectly making it imposible for him to sell at FMV

          • When Rottenberg bought the house (for below market price) he signed a document that he is aware that he could not expand this house or build on the adjacent lot.

        • OK. it seems like you have all the info, so why was the soaked rag trown on the poarch???? I thought he was just going to make a fire next to the house . And by chance do you know how fire works? It doesnt usually listen when you tell himto stop.
          I know for a fact that he was not askig for 500k and was not offered 350k.

    31. NEW SQUARE – Shaul Spitzer, 18, of New Square, remains in the hospital suffering from burns, but he is now in the custody of Rockland County Jail authorities. He was arraigned in his hospital room at Cornell Medical Center in New York City on charges of attempted murder, attempted arson in the first degree and assault in the first degree.

      Spitzer allegedly tossed as gas drenched rag onto the back porch of a house owned by the Aron Rottenberg family, also of New Square. Rottenberg and Spitzer argued and fought on the porch when they both caught fire during the Sunday morning incident.

      Rottenberg is also in the hospital, suffering from third degree burns over 50 percent of his body.

      Meanwhile, his family has retained the services of civil rights attorney Michael Sussman of Goshen, who said Tuesday that Rottenberg and Spitzer had “no personal issue,” but rather, he said the incident “culminated months of increasingly violent and coordinated religiously-based attacks on Mr. Rottenberg triggered by the victim’s choice of synagogue and religious leader.”

      I hope Mr. Sussman names Rabbi Twersky as an accomplice and takes him to the cleaners.

    32. wich skverer chusid is reporting evrey comment as inappropiate ??
      looks like your problem is not what the teen did just the problem is that we all know about it !!


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