Rockland County, NY – Clashes With New Square Burn Victim’s Family Played Out In Front of National Television


    Shulem Sofer of New Square argues with attorney Michael Sussman, who is representing burn victim Aron Rottenberg, during Wednesday's news conference in front of Rottenberg's home in New Square. Peter Carr/The Journal NewsRockland County, NY – Relatives of a man who was severely burned in an arson attack were shouted down by a resident of this Hasidic enclave Wednesday for going against the will of the community’s grand rebbe.

    A lawyer for Aron Rottenberg, the 43-year-old plumber who suffered burns on half his body Sunday, held a news conference in front of the Rottenberg home to call for state and federal investigations into the arson attack.

    Lawyer Michael Sussman, joined by Rottenberg’s son and son-in-law, said that Rottenberg was harassed for months by the Skver Hasidic sect that runs New Square because he would not pray at the main synagogue, as required by Grand Rebbe David Twersky.

    “This is nothing other than religious bigotry,” Sussman said. “If it doesn’t stop, it will get worse.”

    Early in the news conference, a six-year New Square resident, Shulem Sofer, began screaming that Sussman was lying. He yelled out that Rottenberg broke the community’s rules and that it was justifiable to try to burn down Rottenberg’s home, but not to injure the man.

    “The rabbi never said to do fire to people,” Sofer screamed in a high-pitched voice. “It’s anti-Semitism. It’s anti-New Square.”

    Sussman countered that people in the United States are free to pray where they want, but Sofer said he followed the grand rebbe’s rules.

    “I am from Jew land,” he said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

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    1. How sad that we have stooped this low. This event in no way represents chassidus, and not even Skver. It is the zealousness that should be part of avodas Hashem run amuck, to where it legitimizes damaging and injuring another Yid, indefensible by any aspect of Torah law. I feel so bad that chassidus has been pillaged and diverted from fervency in Torah and tefillo to this. I can’t blame the hecklers for the fears about the consequences that are likely to be met by the bucher, which could be quite serious and damaging to his life. But he will have earned every long year in prison. I hope that justice is done, and I hope that every chassid in the world sees this as a symbol of what happens when the teachings of chassidus and ahavas Yisroel are corrupted to allow behaviors like this.

    2. “i live in jew-land.” best line EVER!!!

      but seriously, for that “chussid” to be saying it’s against judaism, yada yada, HELLO?!?!!!!!! like burning someone isn’t? attempted murder?

      • Not exactly. This Rottenberg pretty much went into New Square with the intention of going against the Rebbe. It’s like voluntarily joining the army. You chose to do it, now you gotta listen to your generals and commanders. Same here, he can live anywhere else in the world. He chose to live in New Square, well then you gotta listen to the general there – the Rebbe. I’m not saying what the boy did was right, but what Rottenberg did was DEFINITELY wrong.

        • who are you to say what’s wrong or right?
          the skverers had the option of calling him to din torah, yet they refused. now it’ll be up to the court to decide.

        • You say it so strongly! Well, i am glad to tell you that you are wrong.
          They are living here for 38 years if i am correct (or 28) with no problems. He recently started davening in a diff minyan OUT OF SKVERE (true that there is a rule you are not allowed to make another minyan in skvere). So what was wrong here? What did he do wrong? That the Rebbe now decided that it is a threat to him, is that his problem?

    3. Reply to #1 The Rambam says in Hilchos Daos that the Torah requires that we observe the Torah using the middle road. This incident clearly shows the results of violating this important principle of Torah. This incident should be a lesson to all Jews and Jewish leaders who have drifted into the camp of extreme observance in recent years that we must be normal and moderate in out Torah observance. Maybe Hashem is letting us know that we have neglected the basics of Judaism for too long and we should throw out the extremism that has no foundation in Torah observance and return to the basics. This includes working for a living and not depending on goverment programs as this community has. The Talmud endorses that in order to have a normal life one must do normal things like have a job etc. So #1, this community has lost its way and does not live a normal lifestyle which has lead to such behavior and thinking. The Talmud says that if one doesn’t work it could lead to mental illness. So it is a matter of these people going to work to save their sanity and not because the Chasidic path has lead to this terrible situation.

      • why are you giving a drosha here? Are you a rov? a posek?

        This is a simple issue: a NS man attempted arson at 4am at the house of a sleeping family for religious reasons and persecution. this is not only criminal, but a federal hate crime. there is no question or argument about the attempted arson, even from NS supporters.

        the arsonist and his supporters admit it was for defying the rebbe’s edict not to daven where they want, even outside of the town.

        The only question should be whether others should be charged as well as co-conspirators, or accessories before or after the fact.

        I hope the arsonist rots in hell and is imprisoned for the rest of his life. this is not only NOT how Jews act, but is one of the biggest chillul Hashems I have seen in a long time.

        This reflects on ME when I deal with non-Jews, who now think Judaism is not much better than rabid Moslems. Or maybe it is- at least the Moslems attacked strangers, not their own!

        • as much as i’m against this would-be murderer and the leadership for not condemning this, i certainly don’t hope he “rots in hell and is imprisoned for the rest of his life”. what i do want is for him and all those involved to do tshuva but they still should be punished, to send a message that this behavior will not be tollerated.
          i beleive that 1 year in prison with 5 million dollars compensation will do the job

          • glad you aren’t the judge.
            Here are some of the things they can charge the “poor little boy” with.
            -attempted arson (and monetary damages associated with it)
            -hate crime
            -attempted murder of all the people in the house (I think the total was 6 counts).
            -physical attacking Rottenberg
            The prosecution can come up with more than that… this is just off the top of my head.
            1 year is not enough for that. not enough for the crime, not enough to scare off future attackers. Money cannot bring back health. It can help with medical bills, but the state will try to get much more time than 1 year.

            • you’re telling me what they “can” charge him, while i’m talking about what i beleive would suffice to deter others from going in this direction.
              i don’t know if you realize, but this buchor will have a major problem doing a normal shiduch . even amongt the skverers who might consider him a hero (although very few think so), i doubt anyone would want to live with such a hero. in addition, he’ll have a criminal record and will have problem doing shiduchim with his kids.
              that said, i think that 1 year prison for a frum jewish person plus monetary compensation is equivlant to 30-40 years for a non-frum jewish person.
              i know that the justice system doesn’t consider that for a factor, but i was referring to #14 who writes “i hope the arsonist rots in hell and is imprisoned for the rest of his life.”

            • who cares about his potential shidduch chances when he almost killed a whole family?
              If this was a goy, you would be asking for life imprisonment at minimum. who cares if he is a “frum Jewish Person”. I don’t consider him frum at all, I question his Jewishness and even am reconsidering calling him a “person”. He tried to murder a whole family! Burning to death- like the Spanish inquisitors tried to do to us- burn us at the stake. If he could try to violate one of the 7 mitzvos ben noach can we even call him a human? He willingly did this- this was no accident like in a car crash or whatnot.
              How could money pay for the pain and suffering? It doesnt cover medical bills and increased medical insurance. What about the family’s psychological welfare?
              Why would blood money be “equivilent to 30-40 years for a non-frum Jewish person”?? You would judge someone not-frum less than this guy? I wouldnt.

            • The attempted murderer is worse than a goy, much, much, much worse.
              Many people no longer consider him to be a Jew, because a real Jew would never do such a horrific act.

            • Check the 14th amendment. You know the one that protects Jews by offering us Equal Protection of the law. Well In this case it means a criminal who tried to murder a family will also get the equal treatment of the law.

              And Last I checked New Square was still part of the state of New York and subject to its laws.

            • Not to mention I don’t think this guy has $5million.

              I am not a lawyer, but I did take a look at the NY State criminal law that I found via Google.

              Really Arson in the first degree (which by my reading of the NY state law this is) is a Class A felony. Attempted murder is at least a class B (I wasn’t able to find it on the site) . For a Class A felony according to the law this kid could be facing life in prison as a worst case.

          • Yeh you know why you think that “1 year in prison with 5 million dollars compensation will do the job” is because they didn’t burn your son or they didn’t burn you. If they would burn your son or your father with 3rd degree burns you would speak differently. Stop being selfish think about others for a change

        • I think no.6 is addressing the core of the issue, rather than the tragic effect, which is the most publicized of a series of many unknown, that came as a result of it.
          When the Rabbonim and poskim sit quietly on the sidelines, it is a breath of fresh air to hear a simple jew speak the truth.
          Now, for all those who beleive that they have to be frummer than the Torah and make an ‘ikkur’ out of the “tuffel’, know, that it is dangerous and brings tragedy and chilul Hashem.
          Now, chewing over the details and how we feel about it and who should be punished will not take care of the underlying issue. And the issue is, Fanaticism.
          George Santayana defines fanaticism as “redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim.”
          The Torah is a guideline for life and is intended to bring happiness and joy to those who learn it and keep it the right way.

      • It is much worse than what you say about not working etc. I would say just the opposite, that I would hope that people who learn all day would know that this is pure evil to try to be mazik another person’s property bmeizid – all the more so another heimishe yid – all the more so when his family is home and could be hurt or killed c”v – I doubt that most people in NS support this nezek but the fact that even one bachur had a hava amina to do this and all the more so that people defend him makes me sick to my stomach literally – I dont know if I can go visit skver again until I hear that the Rebbe went to visit Mr Rottenberg in the hospital or at least made an effort to do so or to ask mechillah

      • Excellent points. This behavior is not Chassidis. It’s not even Yiddishkite. It’s a totally misguided and distorted view of both. These people are lacking in the most basic and important fundamentals of Yiddishkite. How can they call themselves Chassidish — which demands their behavior in both Ben Adom L’Adom AND Ben Adom L’Makom is “Lifney Beshuris HaDin” — beyond the basic halachic requirement — when they’re lacking in the very basics of Yiddishkite?! Somehow, someway, these Yidden have lost their way. How and why this came to be is a lengthy discussion of it’s own. It’s clearly time for a change. Perhaps some “good”, something positive could come out of this horrible incident. Perhaps it’s time we examine our ways and return to the basics of Yiddishkite, and acknowledge that only from such a starting point, only from such a foundation, can we honestly talk about Chassidis.

    4. #4 – The problem is that world doesn’t understand the difference between this nut and us. Many people out there will just view us all the same. We know we’re different, but they dont. The scary part is that this guy might not be alone. Hes the only one who came to the protest, but how many people in Skver agree with him?

    5. i don’t think that the the Erloi Rav Shlita woud agree. There is a thing of called Beth Din. why all of a sudden isn’t Beth Din valid? i am sure the Erloi Rav of Eretz Yisroel Shlita would be angry about someone taking Din into his own hands!!!!!! Shulem, learn Shulchan Aruch and show me where does it say, that mand can take law into his own hand with out Beth Din?????? Don’t tell your Grandfather shlita what you think, because he will set you straight.

    6. i don’t think the Sqver Rebbe shlita, the Erloi Rav agrees with Shulem’s Sofer’s remark.
      There is a group called Beth Din for Disputes!!!!!!. Burning down houses is a Mazik.

      Learn Meschta Baba Kamah & some Choshen Mishpat. a man has no right to to penalize anybody. It ghas to go through Beth Din. Sreifah, is only through Sanhedrin Bzman Hamikdash!!!!!!! Living in in New Square doesn’t mena they hae the Sanhedrin!!!!!!

      • Neh! – Why the need to ho all the way to Bava Kama or Choshen Mishpat? Park your car in Parshas Mishputim, where it is clearly spelled out: ישלם המבעיר את הבעירה. Now, assuming the rebbe warned him not to do any such thing, and the gabbai echoed the rebbe’s words, you got התרעה as well, and if any one would have died, he might have gotten pretty close to capital punishment! Knowing this, and shunning the life of an 18 year old, the rebbe cleverly refrained from warning him not to do it.

    7. If the story isn’t ugly enough, this guy sure made it uglier. Is it not enough that the story is in every paper and every channel, he had to make it worse by talking such nonsense. The only good thing he said was that if one person does something wrong don’t blame the group. Don’t blame all of Square for this idiot’s talking just the one’s that believe like him. A real chilul hashem. At least Rottenberg’s side had the brains to stay quiet and let the attorney handle it. He sure added fuel to the fire.

    8. The last person I can remember that encouraged burning people alive was Adolph Hitler. How quickly they have forgotten. Their grandparents were thrown out of their homes and burned alive in the ovens of Auschwitz. It is a sad day in the Jewish world when yidden can violate one of the three aveiros

    9. It is high time to clamp down on your diatribes. I’m no fan of what this kid did and he is being held responsible, but stop blaming the entire Chassidus for this issue. Enough is enough. I read these comments and some come from those who are quick to admonish anyone who bashes Arabs as a whole because many are terrorists, but when its one isolated violent incident from their own brothers they go on a rant how an entire sect is wrong. This double standard against your own people is preposterous! We are all shocked because this does not happen in our communities. So one incident should tell you that clearly this was an anomaly. Stop bashing Skver and stop bashing Yidden, the kid will be held accountable. Moshiach now.

      • Moshiach now – I believe you are wrong here, I think, and I may be wrong, that this act was caused by dint of the entire communities’ tacit support of harrasing a resident who davenned OUTSIDE the town’s limits.
        To me, this is no different than comminist Russia dictating what religious Jews could or couldn’t do.
        I can wrap my head around not having competing shuls in a “Skver” town, although I don’t agree, but at least I can see some logic, but to prohibit someone from walking outside the town limits and davening in a nursing home?! This is plain wrong.
        I am not a fan of Skver, I don’t understand their “shittah” they think they can run away from the world, but their system is flawed, their is utter poverty there, the town is unkempt and dirty, those kids who might be fine chassidishe yidden otherwise are thrown out if they don’t conform,
        Since they are so isolated (except when it comes to govt grants and political backing) their children grow up in a bubble where acts like arson and attempted murder are not that big a deal.
        This kid is nebach nebach gonna go away to a maximum security prison (attempted murder is not white collar) for a long long time, the hundreds of thousands in legal bills will come from somewhere, the media will rightly have a field day it is so sad

      • Your point might have some credibility if there would be a clear, unequivocal condemnation – by the Rebbe himself – of the incident, of all of the harrassment leading up to it, and most importantly, of the whole mentality and value system that could lead to such a state of affairs. That half-hearted statement by the bais din – with no names attached – is utterly meaningless, especially in a society where the only opinion that matters is that of the Rebbe. Until we see such an unequivocal condemnation from the Rebbe, with calls for introspection in the community where such a thing could occur, people will be left to draw their own conclusions.

      • This is isolated. And there is reason to move on and let law enforcement take care of it. There is no need to make a big deal in public about this affair if everyone gets hurt. What are we gaining? People get burnt all the time in New Square?! No! Were on the same boat so don’t make a hole on your side. And yes! U better believe Moshiach now! Don’t punish every person cause of a few nut jobs!

        • however the elders of skver have permitted this to happen

          this is the issue the boy action did not come from nowhere, the harassment has been escalating for a few months now

      • It is not an isolated incident, it is a mehaleich. Although the attempt to set fire to another person’s home is a chiddush, the sickness underlying this action has existed for some time. Look at this young man who, after years of ostensibly studying Torah, is unable to express a coherent thought or process the information necessary to understand that disobeying the community’s internal law does not constitute an offense for which the punishment is sereifah. As far as he and many others are concerned, the victim deserved it and that is sick.

    10. Question of the day. Imagine the scene had this been a non-haredi who committed this act? It would be a political media circus the likes we have yet to see in our “beloved” harmonious Ramapo. The silence of the politicians and the religious leaders is very telling and increases exponentally with each passing day. Oh wait, today is the Rockland Boulders’ first away baseball game. I guess our esteemed Supervisor has more important matters to attend to than the protection of the civil liberties/rights of the citizens of this town. It surely shows were his heart it. Keep talking residents of NS. Each sucessive video will be introduced as d*mning evidence that will ultimately evolve into a Federal case. Signed: Disgusted and frightened in Monsey.

    11. Wow. The lawyer couldn’t have hoped for a better press conference. Here we have a Yid who admitted publicly that the Rebbe sanctioned arson. He said that it was “justifiable” in the words of the article. At this point, the Rebbe will now have to either call this chosid a liar, or admit to sanctioning arson.

      Either way, something is very messed up in a place where people consider that to be normative behavior.

      Seriously, ruining someone’s property is ossur. Creating sakana and injuring people? There shouldn’t even be a question. Yet, these chassidim are engaged in these behaviors like it’s normal for them. Something is very wrong here.

    12. Appalling. #6 pretty much sums up what the Gemara says, Torah study alone with no parnassah will not be productive study and will lead to moral breakdown. Here we are.

    13. The Media had this Sunday Night on onle of the TV channels – the chillul hashem is that the Yiddish world today has fogotten that the Hitler did not make a difference what jew believed in what – they are a Jew and had to be eliminated.
      What good is it if one davens, and is shomrei Mitvos – but looks down on his fellow man. It’s time to wake up and change. You may not agree with one’s way of observing the mitzvos – but look at yourself first.

    14. This chilul hashem is of tzunami proportions ! What happened to our mission as “Atem Edai” to bear witness to Hashem by enhancing kvod Shomayim – respect for Hashem ? All this is lost when we are viewed in any negative way because of our wrong, stupid and, at times, criminal actions. HashemYeerachem.

      • ppl listen up, yes I am very bothered by what occured and that it came to this…and I feel sorry for the Rottenbergs and for the Spitzers 2…obviously this kid was pulled in2 this….and if u ppl have jewish hearts and chas vesholom if would happen 2 a family member of urs u would b talking differently. and no I don’t reside in New Square nor am I a chusid, bt I jst want 2 inform u that theres more to the story then the media is reporting, and in regard to chillul hashem whatever happened unfort. happened but our job is to stop the chillul hashem and by all this gossiping and bashing we aren’t getting anywhere!!!! What do u ppl have out of this loshon hora talking , yes we have to learn a lesson from each story but where is the heter to bash a rebbi, congr. town…..chassidus…and besides we unfort. all do averios through the year and when it comes to Rosh hasana we beg hashems forgivness and hope we are now that this occured y can’t some of you accept the fact that these ppl can do teshuva???? and y do some of u bash out that this boy should sit for lots of years c”v… its urbrother after all 2????hashem should help every1 should have a refuah shelaima

        • I’m sure that everybody here will accept true tshuva. True tshuva would mean first, to unequivocally condemning this act and secondly, making certain this doesn’t happen again. This would include teaching tollerance to different people.
          As far as punishing the would-be murderer, I believe that somebody needs to pay a price be it money or prison. We can’t afford to let this just fly by.we’re living in a crazy world and it will send the wrong message: you can do whatever you feel like without facing the consequences, as long as you do tshuva.

            • No one – except YOU, Gartel – has described Shaul Shpitzer as a “murderer” because he most certainly is not.

              If you want to describe Shpitzer, “alleged a t t e m p t e d murderer” might be better. Thanks to chasdei HaShem, no one died because of his alleged crimes.

            • he is not an “alleged” attempted murderer, he admitted that he did it to terrorize the victim and his family. Actually, he is not only an attempted murderer, but also an admitted arsonist and terrorist.

    15. Let us face the facts that week after week events such as this casts a bitter picture of our faith. Burning our own people, violating children, attacking a woman on an airplane, and speaking so badly on this and other web sites about Jews who are not up to “our standards.”
      These actions only make it worse for everyone who feels that we ourselves are delaying final redemption.

    16. This story was on channel 7 news several months ago with vandalism as a response to other minyanim. The tape of that story is on youtube and mentions reports to the police. So this was not an isolated incident.

    17. Dear Sofer;
      For us chasidishe people that work in the free world and deal with all kind of people, you have NO IDEA the chillul Hashem you created. You embarrased your holy ancestors and all of us Yiddin.

    18. shulem, don’t embarrase your choshover grandfather, one of the Gedolim of our generation. if you don’t have what to say, sometimes keeping quiet is better. it says in Pirkei Ovos, Syog l’chochma shtika. also, “im milah b’chad, shtika b’tray!!!!! did you evr learn mesechta Baba Kama?????? did you evr learn Parshas Mishpotim? just because you wear the boots all year round, you have no authority!!!!!!

    19. Hopefully, all of those ehreliche yidden in New Square who say this episode is a horrible aberration and not condoned by the rebbe, are cooperating with the police investigation. Clearly, it would be a great mitzvah, rather than messirah, to identify and put in jail, anyone else who was involved with this attack.

    20. nebach….this is happening in sefirah, days that remind u to treat your fellow Jew with respect and love. the students of rabbi akiva died because of lack of respect to one another and now this happens….what a shame. is he considered a chosid shotah, amongst other things?

    21. this jew-land guy has surrendered his brains to the rebbe.
      with such an attitude it’s no surprise to me how it has come to where it is. hopefully, this has brought enough embarrasment to new square (or jew-land) for them to realize that some drastic steps need to be taken to stop this.

    22. If ever there was a time for a rebbe to lead it’s now. The Skver Rebbe must announce a significant drasha on Shabbos afternoon, demanding that EVERYONE, “ravrevayeh im zeirayeh taflah uneshayeh” attend. The Rebbe must address the question of how the spritual values of some of his chassidim could have become so corrupted that such a tragedy ensued. Now is a time for intense cheshbon hanefesh on the collective soul of Shikun Skver. And the Rebbe has to lead it.

    23. I don’t think Shulem is all there…seriously! He comes across as being a bit off. So why is the media and fellow Jews exploiting this? Not sure exactly what, cuz I am not a psychiatrist, but something is definitely off with his demeanor. He should have been ignored or at least definitely not exploited like he was. Horrible, Horrible.

      Granted some young hot heads over reacted and yes the should pay the price for it. But how in the world does someone justify such a disrespectful behavior coming from the Rottenberg family and their friends. Granted this is America and you could do whatever u like. Who in the world even cares how they wanna live or behave. Just GET THE HACK OUT OF THAT COMMUNITY! who forces them to live there. This a community that was built with blood in sweat for one reason and one reason only. So those who wanna live in a community that their Rabbi would be their leader and should decide for them how to run their lives should have a place to live. Regardless of how stupid it may sound, but it is still thier right. A long as they dont force anybody to live there. In fact if i heard correct they dont even allow everyone to move in there in first place and those who do end up there are committing them selves to such a life style.

    25. And by the way looking at the lohud interviews with his wife Ruth or his Daughter and son in law it is quiet obvious that in no way are they dressed according to the new square accepted dress code, again Nothing wrong with the way they are dressed its just very obvious that they dont belong there in first place they r just there to spite them and to rebel against them and proof their point.
      My heart goes out for Mr. Rottenberg and his family because even they acted stupid they certainly didnt deserve this. But to say that he is an Innocent Tzadik is totally insane

    26. Oy vey. My heart breaks reading so many posts here blaming the victim. This is America, not Afghanistan. People have the right to live wherever they want. Last I heard, New Square is still part of the Unites States, and it is our tax dollars that go to help with their town infrastructure. It is not a private estate, where a person would have to abide by their rules to live in. To even insinuate that in some way Mr. Rottenberg is to blame for the cycle of intimidation or harassment that he endured, and now attempted murder, is in and of itself a symptom of the deplorable mental state of many in our Jewish communities. The culture that has developed here over many years is the very definition of religious extremism and fanatacism. We should have no tolerance for this kind of behavior, or for those that are complicit in its perpetuation. Come on people, let’s call a spade a spade. (And by the way, the Rottenbergs tried to move out, but the rebbe would not allow anyone to buy their house for a reasonable price. )

      • “Last I heard, New Square is still part of the Unites States”

        I got news for you. According to a resident of NS, “New Square isn’t America; this is jew-land”

    27. The one common factor among anti-Semitic authorities, all over Europe, throughout the ages, was to concentrate all the Jews in one place. Those places were known as ghettos.

      Why, therefore, now that we are “free”, do chareidi sects insist on living in self-imposed ghettos?

    28. jews dont do this to other jews. i am ashamed at how much sinus chinum there is in this world. we are are own worst enemies and we show it to the world. how shameful. a person should be allowed to daven where he wants and not to be told where to go and what to do. if he/she are shomer shabbos and present themselves in the fashion that is required to live there then so be it, but to force someone to daven in a particular shul is just not right. Didnt we learn enough from the HOLOCAUST — SHAMEFUL

    29. The truth is that both sides are right… it is the tactics that are offensive and shocking. It is true that as American citizens people have every right to open and Daven in any Shul that they want. At the same time when people live in a K’hila they are obliged to follow the P’sak of the Rav of that K’hila. However, the tactics are what is wrong… If someone chooses to to go against the P’sak of the Rav the mechanism for addressing that is Cherem if the Rav so chooses… not gangster tactics like burning down his house.

      • Even a rebbe cannot make his own Torah up. No where in shulchan aruch does it say one must go to a certain shul. Cherem can be applied for certain things davening in a different orthodox shul isnt one of them.

    30. The attacker and The victim did very wrong. Victims sin wasn’t just praying in a different Cong. rather him leading a group of 20-30 people to denigrate and disappoint the hope and desire of all 1000 families who live together like brothers, in n.s. The fact that he was up all night expecting action to happen, shows how he was totally asking for trouble, who wouldn’t think that a teenager can get overexcited and do trouble in such a case. But butler did something really wrong even though the butler claims that he had a cellphone in his hands and he wanted to put fire on the house and call in to let know the family to leave immediately, but still “men shpilt nisht mit kein fire”. anyone familiar with religious Jews don’t suspects that he was attempting to murder, or that this teenager was advised or sent by any religious Jew. And every one Who lives in that area knows how strong their Rebbe reacted against this matter.
      Their comments aren’t posted on the web because “these ultra orthodox Jews avoid access to any internet connection because of all the immodesty which is available on the web.
      unfortunately what happend was wrong from both sides.
      By all means
      Skokie IL


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