Israel – PM Benjamin Netanyahu Refuses to Meet ‘J Street’ Delegation


    Israel – Despite enjoying a hearty welcome at the US Congress recently, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to meet with a delagation of representatives organized by J Street, the liberal Jewish lobby said Sunday.

    Congressmen cheered Netanyahu on enthusiastically 50 times during his speech, 29 of those being standing ovations. However when five of those same Congress members planned a visit Israel, requesting a meeting with the prime minster or any other official representative of the state, not a single one complied.

    The delegation, composed of Democratic Congress members, was set to arrive in Israel on Monday. The trip was initiated by J Street, considered a controversial group known for its fierce criticism of Israel, particularly over the issue of West Bank settlements.

    The delegation includes five representatives: Steve Cohen from Tennessee, Betty McCollum from Minnesota, John Yarmuth from Kentucky, and Sam Farr and Lynn Woolsey from California. Two of them are Jewish.

    They plan to tour Egypt and the Palestinian Authority in an attempt to become familiar with Mideast realities and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

    The US delegation could not conceal their disappointment, adding they feel the Israeli leadership is demonstrating ingratitude towards them.

    J Street executive director Jeremy Ben-Ami said “It is impossilble to understand how it is in Israel’s interest for the Netanyahu government to show no respect to Members of Congress visiting Israel as guests, who vote year in and year out to provide military and other assistance to the state of Israel,” he said.

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    1. I love it when sonei Yisroel try to play both sides of the fence. On one side, they bash Israel. On the other side, they become indignant when someone does not show them ‘Kavod’.

      Mybe we can learn to play both sides of the fence, also. For example – J street does not like the Jews in Israel. On the other hand, they also do not like the arabs there either (they have the most rights of any Mideast country, but if there is a 2 state solution, then they will lose their rights and go back to serfdom under a feudal land system).

      Or maybe this – We should help J-Street boycott everything Israeli made. Then we can taks away their cell phones, computers, medicines, etc.

      See how it works? Easy!!

      • “Then we can taks away their cell phones, computers, medicines, etc.”

        What on earth has “taks” got to do with things? What “taks” are you talking about? Sales taks, income taks, tin taks, thumb taks?

        • I think the word was supposed to be “take” and not “taks.” Either way, why did a typo evoke such a passionate response from you? Relax, will ya?!?

    2. Good for Bibi! The J Street liberal extremists would gladly sell out the jewish state to advance their twisted agenda. They may have Obama’s ear but fortunately no one else with any sense in Israel.

    3. If J Street subsidized this trip, they did so with an anti-Israel agenda. No member of the Israeli government should acknowledge their existence. If these are “friends”, who needs ‘enemies”?

    4. This just goes to show the danger of J-Street. In my opinion, it is not their liberal views which are so abhorent, since many Israelis hold similar views. It is their insistence that the US government should punish and threaten the State of Israel which makes them so dangerous and really merits our contempt for them. In this episode, they probably figured that either the Prime MInister would meet with them (and the five Congressmen) thus raising the prestirge of J-Street OR that the Congressmen would be insulted by being denied a meeting and bear a grudge against Israel. I would appreciate them more if they were intellectually honest and said that they are anti-Israel, not pro-Israel.

        • Pacifism is Self Hatred. Really. Don’t let the “peace” sounding name fool you. To pacify you try to Appease ALL. Liberalism tries to SATISFY. There in is the difference.
          If you want to appease, you will be like Neville Chamberlain. You give concessions without consideration of the feelings of others. Its a horrible ideology and I dare tell you that most of the people we really dislike are pacifists. That they are now called liberals is a CRIME.

    5. does any one see a real difference between the natuar karta and j street both receive their support from arabs and both seem to call for its destruction

    6. Why can’t you respect another’s opinion?
      The left wing believes in their heart that their path is the one to true peace and ultimate security just as much as you believe it’s crazy.
      You don’t have to agree with them..but you dont have to vilify them either.

      • respect the members of jstreet?! who cares what they may or may not believe? the facts are that they have relentlessly sought to undermine israel and it’s relationship with the US while shamelessly championing the arab agenda.


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