Switzerland – Anti-Semitic Poster Shocks Geneva Jews


    Switzerland – A poster showing a Jewish figure shot by an arrow is spurring outrage in Geneva.

    The ad for a Swiss national day party planned for Aug. 1 by the extremist group GNC shows a doll wearing a skullcap and an Israeli flag with an arrow in its forehead, evoking the legend of William Tell, with the slogan, “Save Switzerland: Shoot Straight!” in French.

    “This is a call for the murder of Jews,” Jonah Gurfinkel said.

    A GNC member said the ad was directed against the Israeli government, not Jews.

    Jewish groups say they are considering a lawsuit.

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    1. The Swiss are not known for their love of foreigners, but with today’s rates of immigrants to Switzerland, Jews are no longer the foreigners!

      In my opinion, such a poster will not be tolerated by the Swiss populace, even if only by a “show” of outrage….

    2. So save Switzerland…by killin israel? Hmmm. Not directed at Jews. Typical cloaked anti semitism. Millions of Muslims storming Europe and trying to turn it in to an Islamic country and it’s the Jews we have to worry about. Amazing.


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