Brooklyn, NY – National Organization Adds Profile Of Missing Child, Reward Up to $100K; Call For More Volunteers [video]


    Police searching on 13th Ave on July 12 2011. Photo: EliBrooklyn, NY – As the search for Leibby Kletzky passes the twenty hour mark, volunteers from all over the New York metropolitan area are doing everything in their power to bring the nine year old home to his family. Assemblyman Dov Hikind has announced that the reward for the missing boy is now up to $100,000 as two anonymous community leaders join community members in opening their wallets in the hopes that the large sum will entice someone to come forward with information that might lead to the safe return of the child.

    Leibby was reported missing yesterday after failing to meet his mother after leaving the Boyaner Day Camp on 44th Street between 12th and 13th Avenues in Borough Park. Leibby has light brown hair, black glasses and was wearing a grey and light blue striped shirt, navy pants, black sneakers and a knapsack bearing the words “Nechmod Day Camp” when he was last seen.

    Chaim Deutsch of the Flatbush Shomrim told VIN News that the joint Shomrim forces have put out a call for volunteers from all over to join in the massive search. Volunteers are asked to report to 61st Street, between 15th and 16th Avenues at 5 PM. Busloads of volunteers from many areas including the Catskills, Lakewood and Monsey are expected to join the search later today.

    Meanwhile, VIN News has learned that the case has come to the attention of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Alexandria, Virginia based organization that was founded twenty seven years ago to help find missing children and they are hoping to put together a profile of Leibby Kletzky to add to their registry.

    Anyone with information regarding Leibby’s disappearance is urged to contact the police at 718-851-5641 or Shomrim at 718-871-6666 immediately.

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind talking to Shimon Gifter of VIN News about the situation.

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    1. While the reward is useful, if it gets too big it may encourage bad people to take advantage of this, and kidnapp kids to get the reward (like what happens in Mexico) when they “find” the kid.

      • Thought of it and it is a valid point; but criminals know that this won’t work for ransom, as then the entire equation changes. We now have a child to find and we can’t afford to speculate the what ifs. If more money will get someone to squeal then lets pour in more money.

    2. Is there any evidence that throwing more money into a reward for information elicits a greater public response? If anyone has seen anything would an additional $25,000 make a difference? I suspect the real answer here may not be what everyone is assuming?

    3. I’m sure s/one couldve thought of this, but did a/one check ALL THE BUSES (private, frum ones) that travel b/w BP & ALL OTHER FRUM BOROUGHS? I read that he was last seen around 50th, I’m pretty sure most of the buses leave from there. Could be he got on one, & even got left sleeping by a driver unnoticed?? They should check ALL the buses used in the last 48 hours, even if the same ones aren’t currently in operation today and parked at lots. They should also probably check ALL PARKED SCHOOL BUSES in the neighborhood, its possible he got on one of them for some reason.

    4. ALSO – Did all the STORES in the area check all of their BASEMENTS, STORAGE SECTIONS, etc? I’m not even saying the kid forsure got lost there, he could have (chas v’shalom) been Dragged there by a questionable worker! There are so many ‘outsiders’ in BP all day – not to say that an insider unfortunately isn’t capable of such too…

      If Leiby DID get on a BUS (frum, or city) then all the destination neighborhoods need to be on the LOOKOUT seriously for him, I hope PRINTHOUSES have printed HUGE COLOR POSTERS to put on every single pole, bus, & storefront in ALL frum neighborhood

    5. can i ask y they r still searching bp? im sure if he was still in bp by now he would have made his way home… there is obvious foul play involved here and he is most probably not in someones backyard at this point…. he could be in another country by now! they shld really start working on another plan… thats just my opinion…

    6. Nebbich. If they haven’t done so yet, the police should also put out a photo of how the boy would look without peyes and a yarmulka (this can be “photoshopped” very easily). I would think that’s the first thing kidnappers might do to make him less recognizable.

    7. Who ever can’t join the search at least take few minutes to say some tehillim. we can’t imagine the way leibbys parents and family members feel. Big thanks to the nypd,shomrim and all the volunteers.

    8. What were the circumstances??! How could he disappear right on 13th Ave. in the afternoon with so much traffic and people, and all the stores open? It all sounds very bizarre. What were the situations on previous days of camp? What about his friends? Who was he walking with?

    9. dont they have a better picture of him? y r they sending around a side profile? u can hardly see his face… why dont they ask the parents for a face forward picture or something more identifiable?

      also someone mentioned in another comment that the picture shld b photoshoped without his kappel and peyos… thats a good idea they should send that around too….

    10. Dear VIN please publish the folowing heart wrentching poem
      וואס נאך באשעפער דארפסטו פון אונז אז יודעלע זאל אהיימקומען בשלום?


      דארפסטו וואסער? נעם די טויזענטער גאלאנען שווייץ וואס טראפן שוין פון אידישע קערפער זייט נעכטן אווענט ווען מ’האט אנגעהויבן די זוך אקציע; נעם די פעסער טרערן פון אידישע מאמע’ס וואס וויינען פארן וואוילזיין פון דאס קינד; נעם די טויזענטער וואסער באטלעך וואס גוט-הארציגע אידן האבן מנדב געווען פאר די וואס לאזן זיך ארויס אויף די מיסיע.


      דארפסטו בלוט? נעם צוזאם די בלוט פון די עסקנים וואס זענען בלוט’יגע שונאים איבערן יאר, אבער יעצט אין דעם צושטאנד האבן זיי זיך אלע פאראייניגט ארויסצוהעלפן מיט די מאסיווע זוך אקציע.


      דארפסטו שטיינער? נעם צוזאם יעדעס שטיינדל פון בארא פארק און ארום וואס איז שוין אויפגעהויבן געווארן דורכאויס די לעצטע כמעט 24 שעה.


      דארפסטו הארץ? שטאט אפ א באזוך אין בארא פארק, אידישע הערצער וואלגערן זיך אין די גאסן, יעדער האט מיטלייד און פרובירט צו העלפן מי בגוף, מי בממון ומי בתפילה.


      הייליגער באשעפער! א בית המקדש קענסטו דאך בויען פון די אלע דערמאנטע באשטאנדטיילן וואס מיר האבן דא אויסגערעכנט, טא וואס בעטן מיר שוין כל יכול? איין זאך! קער אהיים יודעלע פריש און געזונט, און קיינער זאל מער נישט דארפן קענען דעם יודעלע קלעצקי אזוי ווי עס איז געווען ביז נעכטן זעקס מיטאג.

    11. May I suggest that we all take a hachlota toivah such a something small (or big!) in tznius, tefillah, ahavas yisroel, etc. I’m out of town and this is something I can do..
      May we see a yeshuah now..

      • How about machsom Lpi in other words watching what we say 24 hours round the clock till he is found. I am taking from 5-to 7 now. Any one willing to join
        May it be a zechus for yehuda Ben Ita Esther

    12. My suggestion: Check all rooftops, and false ceilings of stores, schools,, well as dumpsters and garbage can,,sounds horrible, but lets do it !!

    13. Post a picture of his sneakers – although we all hope he will be home soon, we should be proactive and although they may cut his payos, they won’t usually change his shoes

    14. There is a known, tried and proven segulah to find something lost to give some tzedakah leilui nishmas rabbi Akiva frankfurter, please do this even a coin, hopefully it will help

    15. This is a worthy cause and whoever took off work and cares is praiseworthy, but you should’ve figured the traffic division of the nypd did not take off, and parking laws are just as strict through tragedy and simcha

    16. “There should be absolutely no regard for the law WHATSOEVER under such circumstances”

      The search for the bochur can and should be done legally. Don’t obsess about traffic tickets or fines for illegal posting but don’t ever say to ignore the law. It will only make a bad situation worse.

    17. We all pray Leibby is safe but my head says perhaps not, if and I stress if this is a case of child abuse in the chassid community it needs to be dealt with by the authorities not the Rabbis. Also if he is lost and afraid to ask a goy for help we need to ask ourselves why?

    18. since it was during the day on bust streets I am afraid it might be someone from the neighborhood or dressed the part.

      otherwise someone would have noticed something.

      I would start with the camp personal.

      I am afraid that to many hours went by to say he just wandered of or something like that. It is not like the cases where someone gets lost in the woods and can find them days later

      • They have him on film leaving the day camp building at 5:02; making a left in the direction of 13th Avenue. They say that this film is confirmed that it’s really him; so that’s where the search starts.

    19. I actually do not know the specifics of this segulah and where and why it was started I just know a old couple in wiili mentioned it to me a few years ago and it worked everytime
      when I did it, if anyone knows more please tell us…
      Also please parents this is a proper time to get all your kids together and tell them to never get into a car of a stranger even if dressed as yid and right Away to scream police help loud and let others know right away so that they don’t go to another target

    20. For G-d’s sake, all these deah-zoggers, shame on you. Either volunteer to help or (I’m 3000 miles away) say tehillim (which I have been).
      Nobody has the right to suggest the worst, or to speak of child abuse.
      And I am sure the nYPD Shomrim etc. have all thought of checking rooves, buses, do me a favor. Do you think you are the only “chochomim” around?

      Less talk, more action, less judgement.

    21. imagine how his mother and family is feeling! gevald! there is a great segula for all tzaros-when women cover their hair in the way that the eibishter meant for us to- ie, tichel, hat, etc. it is hard when we feel out of place, especially “in town” where everybody wears shaitels and we feel different when we wear a “shmatta” on our heads. but it is a tried and proven segula for all different sorts of yeshuos. Please, lets get together and make it a community project, and in the zechus of this tremendous mesirus nefesh, may he return home safely.

      • I am sure you are saying this out of ahavas yisrael and a sincere desire to help, but please be sensitive to the fact that not everyone agrees that we are “meant” to wear tichels and hats. Plenty of rabbonim feel that shaitels are preferable to other head coverings.

        • first of all, who says I don’t wear a shaitel. as a matter of fact I do. but, this is not the place for debate. please note that although I wear a shaitel, I still have gone through the poskim and realize that when I’m ready to switch, this is the prefferable way according to all poskim who have done thier homework. please tell me which poskim hold that a shaitel is better than a tichel, and I will look into it more.

          I’m not saying everyone is on the level, including me, but Harav Elyashiv, shlita, told many peiple that even one time is a great zechus. I’d like to work in this direction and may we see yeshuos very soon.

        • It’s very commendable to daven, and I hope Hashem sends him home safe, whether you chose to wear a tichel or not, or give tzedaka or not, or any other zechus.

          I did not mean to insult anyone or make this into a major issue that has not much to do with the problem at hand. My point was only to point out another zechus that could help. Especially if we take it seriously.

          May Hashem send him home soon and safely.

      • Tried and proven? Did you do a double-blind study? Do tzaros only happen to shaitel people? Are you everone’s appointed posek? Are you so wonderful in other ways? Is that what BP is weak in?
        This is not the time to preach. Get off your soap box. Now is the time to take action through hishtadlus. It is also not the time to be an armchair detective/blogger. Help with the search and daven. Period.

        • wow u said it ! who cares what u wear on ur head? its whats in ur heart and in ur prayers that matter! i know people that dont cover their hair and are more frum than others. so please…this nonsense gotta end! im gonna say some more tehillim rather than worry about wearing a “shmatta” on my head! take the “shmatta” off your eyes and face the truth!!

      • I have a better idea. Women should lock themselves up in a house 24/7 and never go out in public. That will also be a huge segulah and thereby all women being tenuah

      • Mrs. G…you are a very sick woman to blame this tragic situation on yiddeshe women not wearing the right kinds of hair covering. All these “experts” here telling us why hashem has caused this bochur to go lost. Please get help with your own problems and don’t add to the tzoros of the family by your stupid speculation of cause-effect.

        • Actually, she isn’t saying that at all. She’s just saying that this particular “hiddur” is a segula for yeshua.

          I don’t agree with her (the point of covering the head is not to minimize beauty) but you took her completely out of context. We may have a sinas chinam problem here, Mr #78…

    22. Get some big rav to do goral hagrah! Over here in eretz yisrael rav Moshe
      Shmuel shapira did it to find someone lehavdil maybe a nother rav knows how to do it! We should hear good news soon!

    23. They have surveillance of him walking down 44th street and 17th ave walking towards Dahill from 520 on Monday………..doesnt look good but miracles do happen……..lets keep on doing what we can……..we are in this together

    24. There is a video showing Leiby walking at 5:27PM (Monday) on 44th Street towards Dahill Road. Detectives and people who know the child have watched the footage have confirmed that it is him. Footage taken three minutes later shows him at Wheels To Lease (at the corner of Dahill and 45th Street) speaking to someone – in what appears to be asking for directions and walking back towards Dahill Road.

      Police are now trying to continue down the route and trying to find security cameras that may show where he went after that.

    25. In the video the man with Leiby appears to be Jewish. Then it seems he is going ahead of him to give directions. I cant image any excuse to keep the man from notifying someone this child needed to get home!! (Logic dictates the boy did express a need to find his way). So Leiby has made contact with this man and one woman in another video that we know of and still he is not home! People always just too busy to be bothered.

    26. I have watched the Surveilence video on youtube a few times and i must say, while everyone is saying the boy is following the man, it seems like he is following the woman too! watch as the boy moves back as the woman is approaching and looks like she is tripping or something, the boy moves back, (notice how the woman stops just then talking to those people in orange shirts) then the man comes and the boy starts following the man, and in the next part of the video you see the woman (first) then the man (2nd) and then the boy all walking in the same direction at the same pace together (in a way they looks like hes following them across the street or maybe even into a car?

      i dunno i am just saying what i think i see

    27. all of you guys sicken me!! stop putting down other people and STOP coming up with these stupid ideas how to help find this boy. There are retarded people out there who prey on young children. Telling the police what to do, will def not help, nor will cameras, asking the mother if she went to “50th street”, or ghosts. Do something right and pick up a tehillim. You people really have no life. It’s so pathetic and sad. Most of you feed off these bad situations that happen in klal israel – it gives you a drive, something to finally blab about, to fight about. Not only are the comments written here immature and pitiful, but in addition it’s extremely unhelpful to the situation. Literally, I’m disguted by you people, and I truly hope that you guys shape up. Do something useful for a change.


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