Monroe, NY – Town Appoints Gedalye Szegedin to Handle Kiryas Joel’s Marriage Licenses


    KJ Village administrator Gedalye SzegedinMonroe, NY – Apparently some members of the Monroe Town Board were left out of the loop regarding the appointment of a new deputy clerk and satellite office.

    Gedalye Szegedin was sworn in as a deputy clerk to issue marriage licenses for Kiryas Joel’s residents, the task previously done by Monroe’s Town Clerk, Mary Ellen Beams.

    The Monroe Town Clerk has the capability of deputizing three deputy clerks.

    Beams explained to the town board what prompted her to deputize Szegedin after councilman James Rogers raised the issue of the new clerk.

    “There is no room in the town hall since it has been renovated,” said Beams. “It is too narrow,” she said, describing the public space.

    Over the last five years, she said, there have been about 75 percent of the marriage licenses a year involving residents from Kiryas Joel at the town hall.

    Town clerks, but not village clerks, can issue marriage licenses under state law. In this case, the licenses will be signed by both the town and the deputy clerk..

    The solution was to move the function of marriage licenses from the Stage Road town hall to Kiryas Joel’s village hall.

    Rogers did not take exception to Beams move.

    “You have the right,” he told her. But he queried, “Whether the Town Court will be the next one to have a satellite office?”

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      • This is very dangerous and could bring terrible publicity to us. Some gay activists may go to KJ specifically to push buttons and demand a marriage license from this man. This can end up causing huge chillul H”, obviously NOT because he would reject the license, but because the public spectacle and rioting that would no doubt follow.

        Hopefully, my gut feeling will be proven wrong.

        • The article say’s that he will issue licenses for KJ residents. If they are the only ones he will have to deal with then the gay marraige issue will not come up. If his job will cover area’s beyond KJ then you are probably correct and all hell could break out.

          • Hopefully the gays and Lesbians will have the sensitivity not to bother him. And hopefully he will suggest that they go to another village or town clerk and they won’t make a stink. My wife used to refer patients who wanted an abortion to another physician. We don’t need more headlines.

            • But we know the nature of some of those groups (Sorry to generalize, but this the reality of the situation.) who will provocatively seek a gay marriage certificate to be signed (Or the refusal to do so.) by that village clerk. And they will have some elements of the media tailing them in order to make a big stink about the refusal.

          • actually, anyone can get a marriage license there – you don’t even need to be a NYS resident, as long as you are getting married in NYS

            i hope this clears up the myth that chassidim don’t get married legally

    1. 75 percent of marriage licenses issued in Monroe are to Chassidim. This makes it all easier, both for the Town of Monroe and for the Chassidim. It should have been done a loooong time ago.

    2. good luck in your new job but are your ready to compromise or will you resign as a women town clerk did recently because she did not want to marry gays

    3. Just to clarify for all of you. This is NOT a new thing, this happened long before the Gay Marriage Bill passed. It seems to me that some Town of Monroe Official just found out about it now, and it didn’t suit him so he went with it to the Photo News. Photo News is not a “real” newspaper like the Times Herald Record…. this has been advertised in KY, for a while, and it “IS” the right thing to do! (and yes… I WISH the next thing would be the (traffic) Court)

    4. How will he handle marriage license with couples who got married in Ateres Zvi ?
      Supposely those marriages are Pusele Kedisihin.
      Will the Cong. Yetv Lev allow him to sign those marriage certificates.?

    5. It’s not a good thing,cuz if a gay or a lesbian couple will come asking for a marriage license,this yungerman will legally have to provide them,and what’s a bigger chillull hashem then a Jew, a asken, that is close to the satmar rebbi & daunim rom Monroe should sign a gay/lesbian marriage certificate, it’ll be a busha & charpa
      זאל ער זיך זיכען אנדערע גליקן
      Thanks and good shaboss

    6. I must comment even tough this news article for itself doesn’t get my attention SO much to comment on it, sine I see most comments are just a Po’el Yotzah of ‘Kinnah n Sinnah’! In the Yemai Bain Hamtzurim we need to work on these ugly Middos to minimize or totally discard them, not to bring it up more n more! (And after this tragic BP story its even more reqested)
      So that’s why I wanna comment a “positive” comment: very nice of you KJ village leaders may Hashem help it should only be Simchos by you! And by WHOLE Klal Yisroel! Uman

    7. Am I missing something, or is there really something worse about having a license to engage in תועבות than doing it without a license? Let us not lose sight of the fact that it is the מעשה עבירה which needs to be eradicated. Unfortunately, there was plenty of that going on before it became legal. And although we were right to take a stand and fight against the legalization of gay marriage and it’s a shame we failed, I am not sure whether issuing a marriage license (which in today’s day and age is almost meaningless) constitutes a halachic מסייע ידי עוברי עבירה. I suggest that, in the event Mr. Szegedin is confronted with this situation, he would do well to ask a שאלה before resigning.

      • Since the law was passed by the State Legislature, the issuing and signing of any such certificate would constitute approval by the issuing clerk. So, he will have to decide whether to put his name to that document or refuse and suffer the consequences or resign at the outset.

        • You are right. I have since spoken to a major posek about this, asking him for his thoughts on the matter. Without hesitation he answered: “אין לך חילול ה’ גדול מזה”. So although there may be no technical violation of “מסייע”, the implicit approval of the clerk would constitute a ‘חילול ה. I therefore fully retract my earlier post.

    8. If a gay or lesbian couple legally applies for a marriage license he has a choice. Do his duty or quit. It really is that simple.

      In Louisiana a Justice of the Peace was forced to step down when he refused to marry interracial couples. If an antisemitic clerk refused to issue licenses to Jews we quite rightly be up in arms.


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