Manhattan, NY – ‘Rent Too Damn High’ Candidate Faces Eviction


    AP FileManhattan, NY – A candidate who ran for New York governor because “the rent is too damn high” says he’s being evicted from his rent-controlled Manhattan apartment because his landlord wants to charge a new tenant more.

    Jimmy McMillan tells the New York Post ( he pays $872 for the rent-controlled East Village apartment.

    He says the landlord wants him out because “my rent is too damn low.”

    When he’s not busy planning his 2012 run for the White House, McMillan says he’s drawing on years of expertise to advise his lawyer on how to handle the eviction case. “I told him to file a counterclaim for $70,000,” McMillan said.

    Building owner Lisco Holdings said in court papers that McMillan violated his lease because the apartment is not his primary residence as required by rent-controlled rules. It says he lives in Brooklyn.

    McMillan says that address is his office.

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      • “Cantor-Lawyer”. You’re not going to love his anti-Semitic statements so much when you hear them. When he “Ran” for Mayor recently, he dropped a statement that “The Rent is too Damn High” because of the Jewish landlords. Also, one of the things that helps not getting evicted is holding a regular job. Not living on hyperbole (And possibly collecting a government relief check in one form or another.).


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