London – Shomrim Keep Order in Golders Green and Stamford Hill Amidst Riots


    FILELondon – The Shomrim (“guardians”), a volunteer-based Jewish organization, has been keeping London’s Jewish neighborhoods safe in cooperation with the Scotland Yard for years. Now, with the riots in the British capital, their work has become doubly important.

    This week they have already managed to thwart looting attempts in one of the Jewish neighborhoods, in an operation befitting of a Hollywood blockbuster action movie.

    “We decided to go out and show a presence in the streets,” chief executive of Shomrim North-West London Gary Ost told Ynet. “We realized that people start riots when there is no police presence on the scene, and then it is hard to control them, so we wanted to stop it in the Jewish neighborhoods before it gets started.”  

    Ost says since the riots erupted, however, the phone has not stopped ringing.

    The Shomrim decided to expand their operation, work around the clock on two 30-men shifts that patrol the Jewish neighborhoods in north-west London including Golders Green and Finchley. “We sat down with the police chiefs on Saturday night and on Wednesday and exchanged information,” Ost added.

    Since the start of the riots, the Shomrim callers have expanded to include concerned citizens outside of the Jewish community.

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    1. There was a similiar story in the NY TImes yesterday describing a similiar “self-defense” effort in several of the Turkish and Pakistani neighborhoods of London where a strong local ethnic group united in a show of force to defend their homes and shops against looting. Good for both of them.

    2. @Anon Why do you bother reading that leftist rag called the NY Nazi Times?

      There’s an article on VIN today about how the Times published misleading information during the Crown Heights pogroms, just like they failed to properly cover the Shoah, and nearly every day, they publish something negative about the State of Israel.

      • Ignorance is a bliss and you are the epitomy of it. I was in Buchenwald in the teenager and children block 66. Communistas, Seven Day adventists , Germans, Czech and French risked their lives to save Jewish children and gave their own rations to help starving children. This website accepts any malarkey and it is full of it.

    3. Groups of vigilantes – you can call them whatever you like – are not the way to preserve law and order in any community.

      We pay taxes to support legal and lawful police forces; they should be more than adequate. Vigilante groups always put their own private agenda before those of the larger communities in which they live.

      • You are funny. Don’t do anything, allow yourself to get hurt because you pay the police to do the work, as long you are not gonna be called a Vigilante.
        You got to be out of your mind.

      • But the police are failing MISERABLY. There are even pics of the police running from the rioters! They’ve been begging – for days! – for police protection. What should the common folk do?

        • Do you even live in the United Kingdom, awacs #6?

          Or are you yet another foot soldier in the American army of ignorant commentators who only know what they read on VIN?

      • you are obviously not well informed or in the know just “shooting from the hip”, as most shomrim groups only work with the consent and in tandem with local authorities and act as the eyes and ears of local law enforcement .
        you can pay taxes all day long but history has shown crown heights riots etc that when their is mass looting and riots there isnt enough police to be in front of every store or neighborhood 24/7 hence the police welcome civilian patrols that free them to concentrate where their efforts are most needed

    4. We have not heard from the GB Jew about this situation. He always enunciates his barbs of the USA, regarding its sociological problems. Therefore, I’m wondering if he would kindly car to comment on the situation in the UK, pertaining to the riots, and the weak response to them?

      • interesting there was a op ed written by a british prison official and MD- psychiatrist claims that the violence in britain is larger and worse then in america see police in britain do little if anything and 95% of all crime goes unpunished

      • As I have noted here before, GB_Jew is dangerously ill in hospital after an emergency quadruple heart bypass operation last Thursday. I am sure that if he could he would most definitely respond to YOUR barbs.

        Nevertheless, when I go to visit him tomorrow (he is my father) I shall pass on your “good wishes”, Ari. He will no doubt be both amused and flattered that you appear to need his take on things.

    5. I wonder what does the achronim NWCP on the young man’s vest stand for. Curiously, one of the two patrol organizations, is called by the same achronim and in ours it stand for Northwest Citizen Patrol.

      Anyway, the brave men are doing the great service in London. I know, as long as we are here, nothing like this will happen to our neighbourhoods in Baltimore.


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